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Everyone knows it, everyone hates it: far too often, jackets, bags, belts or towels lie around in the flat or are thrown over radiators, stair railings or simply into the next corner. It looks untidy and is a nuisance, but there is often not enough space for a whole shelf or a large wardrobe. Door hooks offer a space-saving, inexpensive and visually appealing solution. They are easy to attach to any door and bring order to your room. Put an end to your chaos! In this product comparison, we have compared several door hook models and worked out the advantages of each product.


  • Door hooks are easy to attach to any door and are ideal for hanging clothes, bags and bathroom textiles. They are space-saving and inexpensive to buy. They are therefore a perfect alternative for large wardrobes and shelves.
  • It is important that you buy the door hook that fits your door rebate. The right size is essential, otherwise the door hook won't fit on your door and it won't close.
  • Door hooks come in every colour and size. There is also a wide range of materials. The selection is much larger than for bulky furniture and you will certainly find a door hook that not only fulfils its purpose, but is also a real eye-catcher and fits in perfectly with your interior.

The Best Door Hook: Our Picks

Below we have compiled our favourites to help you choose the right door hook.

Buying and evaluation criteria for Door Hooks

In order to find the right door hook, we have compiled the most important buying criteria that you should consider when buying. The criteria should enable you to compare different models and thus make it easier for you to choose the perfect door hook.

For a better understanding of the criteria presented, we have explained them all again and given you a detailed explanation.


Door hooks come in many different sizes and lengths. Think about how much you need to store and whether individual door hooks or a whole door hook strip is better suited to you and your project. Long door hook strips have the advantage that you can hang up several jackets at once. Smaller individual door hooks, on the other hand, are great for guest towels next to the washbasin.

Rebate thickness

Find out the rebate thickness of your door. That is, how wide and how many cm it is stepped. If you don't have any information on this, you can easily measure it yourself. Door hooks are available in every rebate thickness. If you know the thickness of your door, you can easily find the right door hook. Be sure to take this criterion into account when buying, otherwise the door hook will not fit and your door will no longer close!

Maximum carrying weight

Find out about the maximum weight of the door hook! Single door hooks and door hooks for gluing have a disadvantage here - their maximum load-bearing weight is often significantly lower than that of door hook strips or door hooks for drilling and hanging. Depending on what you want to use the door hook for, you should pay attention to the load-bearing weight!


There are also big differences when it comes to mounting. You can find door hooks for gluing, hanging or drilling. Door hooks for gluing have the advantage of easy installation, but are often not as "strong" as their competitors. In contrast, hook-in door hooks are easy to install and can be removed at any time. And door hooks for drilling are the most time-consuming to install, but they hold the greatest weight.


Door hooks differ again in terms of material. Everything from aluminium to wood can be found here. Door hooks made of metal are much more stable and durable than those made of natural materials such as bamboo or wood. They are also more suitable for your bathroom, as water and moisture do not harm them. Door hooks made of rustproof material can also be used outdoors without breaking.


The door hook you choose will be seen every day. Choose one that matches your interior and that you like! Starting with the colour of the door hook: Do you like colourful? There are sets of 10 door hooks, each with a different colour! You'll definitely find what you're looking for. If your budget is a little bigger, you can also find very elegant and individual door hook designs that will attract attention.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about door hooks answered in detail

Below you will find our answers to the most important questions on the subject of door hooks.

What is a door hook suitable for?

A door hook is the ideal alternative to large coat racks or shelves. You bring order into your rooms without taking up much space. You can attach door hooks to any door and hang what you want on them.


Door hooks bring order to your room. Easy to install and without taking up space, they eliminate your chaos. (Image source: Blake Wisz / Unsplash)

Door hooks are most often used as coat racks, but you can also use them in the children's room or bathroom to hang not only jackets, but also small bags or towels. Some models are even suitable for outside or in the garage. Of course, you can also find door hooks for hanging wreaths on your front door.

What types of door hooks are there?

Door hooks differ mainly in the type of doors they are suitable for. There are door hooks for doors that open inwards, for doors that open outwards, for the back and the front. There are also door hook strips or individual door hooks. There are also differences in the material of the door hooks. Depending on the material, the door hooks are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

What does a door hook cost?

You can get door hooks for very little money, starting at one euro. Door hooks in this low-price category are usually single and have a low load-bearing capacity, as they are often only glued on. The design is usually simple and classic. If you pay a little more, you can get a door hook for around 10 euros or more, often made of durable and well-made material. Most door hooks are also found in this price category. If you are looking for a special and eye-catching door hook with a unique design, you will have to dig a little deeper into your pocket: such door hooks are usually more expensive and cost from 30 euros. We have summarised all price categories for you in a table:
Price range Available products
Low-priced (1 - 10 €) Mostly single door hooks, low load capacity
Medium-priced (10 - 30 €) Often door hook strips, mostly made of durable material
High-priced (from 30 €) high-quality material, special and eye-catching design

As you can see, door hooks start at very low prices. Price differences are mainly due to differences in the high quality and durability of the material and the simplicity of the design.

How can I remove and replace a door hook later?

If you want to remove your door hook again, this is very easy with hooked-in door hooks. Simply open your door and lift the door hook upwards. Removing door hooks that you have drilled into is somewhat more difficult. You first have to unscrew the screws, then the door hook can be removed or replaced. If you do not want to fit a new door hook, you may need to fill the holes again. If your door hook is glued on, you will need a wire or sharp spatula to remove it. Use this to detach the door hook from the wall or door. If there is adhesive residue, it can be removed with a cotton pad soaked in oil.


Door hooks are ideal for bringing order into your home in a space-saving and inexpensive way. They are available for every door, in every size and colour. With such a large selection, it's easy to lose track of what you're looking for, which is why we've put together some important buying criteria for you.

First and foremost, pay attention to the size, the door rebate and the weight of the door hook. Then you can decide which door hook you like best according to the type of mounting, the material and the design. Door hooks can be purchased for very little money. Nevertheless, you should make sure that the material is suitable and that the load-bearing capacity of the door hook is not too low. Let our featured models inspire you in your search! (Cover photo: Carola68 / Pixabay)