Last updated: August 6, 2021
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One of the most important elements in life is the feeling of security, especially in one's own home. To ensure this, having a door intercom system is of great importance. It gives us the power to decide who we let into our homes.

In the course of time, the technology and the functioning of door intercoms have changed and modernised enormously. The market offers various models of these systems, which can also be networked with the Internet and mobile phones, among other things, making control more convenient.


  • Due to the further development of door intercoms, they can also be controlled via internet connection and the specific app on the mobile phone.
  • The most important criteria when buying a door intercom system are the intercom system, the installation variant, the material and the protection. In addition, the resolution and the range of the recording must be taken into account for a video intercom system.
  • The prices of door intercoms differ depending on the system.

The Best Door Intercom System: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for door intercoms

To ensure that the door intercom system fulfils its purpose properly, it is important to buy the right product. Through the following criteria, we offer you a guide to make your purchase decision easier:

To better understand these criteria, brief explanations follow.

Intercom system

Due to the further development of technology, there are three door intercom systems to choose from. The first system, the wire system, is either a wall-mounted system similar to a house telephone, or the outside area can be viewed through a monitor.

There are 2 types of wiring. One is the 2-wire technique and the other is the 4-wire model. The more cables, the better the performance requirements, as the number of cables determines the number of monitors. However, it should be borne in mind that with more cables, the installation becomes more complicated.

The IP system is a modernised model of the wire system, with a recording function.

In addition, the door intercom system is coordinated via a WLAN connection. This means that you can use a certain app on your mobile phone to see who is at the front door and open it accordingly. Some of these systems allow you to open the door even if you are outside the living area.

However, if you want to avoid wiring, the radio system is an option. The indoor system works either with electricity or with batteries.

Installation variant

Door intercoms are installed either flush-mounted or surface-mounted. In the case of flush-mounted installation, the system is installed inside the wall, which means that a hole must be made at the location.

The advantage here, however, is that the system lies flat and looks good. This is in contrast to surface-mounting, where the system is simply mounted on the wall. Although it is not necessary to drill a hole in the wall, the appearance will be uneven.


The material determines the quality and, accordingly, the length of time the system will function. Intercom systems are either made of plastic or stainless steel. This makes it more difficult for disturbers of the peace to destroy the system.


Since the outdoor stations of the intercom systems are installed outside the building, they must be waterproof and rainproof. It is also advantageous to consider protection against theft.

Video intercom: resolution/angle of vision

On the one hand, the video intercom must have a good recording quality in order to recognise the person outside. The recording range must also not be forgotten, because you want to have the entire necessary environment in view, even if it is around a corner or blind spot.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about door intercoms answered in detail

In this section, questions are answered that most customers ask before making a purchase and therefore represent basic knowledge on the subject of door intercoms:

What is the function of the door intercom system?

The door intercom is a security device that allows you to decide for yourself who you want to let into your home. Depending on the type of intercom, you can either hear or see the person at the front door. The door is opened by pressing a button on the system or on your mobile phone.

Are you at work and worried about missing your postman? Don't worry, because with the Doorbird system, you can use your mobile phone to check for his arrival and open the door. (Image source: Dzianis Apolka/ 123rf)

There is an inner and an outer insert. The inside insert allows you to hear the bell, in advanced models to determine the ring tone, and to communicate with the person ringing the bell. The outdoor unit forwards the ring tone, the speaker's tone and the video recordings, if a camera is integrated, to the indoor station.

What types of door intercom systems are available?

Probably the best-known door intercom system is the audio system. Here, the ring tone is forwarded to the indoor station and the occupant of the house has the opportunity to find out who the visitor is via the loudspeaker.

Due to the further development of technology, there is also the option of transmitting the moving image of the visitor in addition to transmitting the sound.

The models differ depending on the quality of the camera recording and additional functions such as the night vision camera or the included motion detector. If you already have a surveillance camera, you can connect the intercom to it.

How much does a door intercom system cost?

The price depends on the degree of advancement of the technical performance of the door intercom and on the additional functions. For example, you can buy a raw system without a system for as little as 20 euros, but to make it functional you will have to pay additional costs, so you will end up with around 150 euros:

Price range Product features
Low-priced (20 - 150 €) Simple intercom, no technical affinities
Medium-priced (150 - 300 €) Advanced, medium to good video recording quality, can be networked with WLAN or mobile phone
High-priced (from 300 €) Very modern, high quality, suitable for multi-family households

With which energy supply do door intercoms work?

The energy sources differ depending on the type of door intercom. Radio systems work with batteries or rechargeable batteries, which can be recharged at any time by Storm, while a wire system, as the name suggests, works with a cable connection.

What is the difference between an intercom and an intercom system?

With an intercom system, also called "half-duplex", only one person can talk during communication. With an intercom, or "full duplex", the occupant of the house and the outside person can communicate at the same time, which also facilitates interaction.

Is a door intercom easy to install?

That depends on your knowledge of electricity and the type of door intercom system. A radio system, for example, is easier to install than a wire-dependent intercom system.


Our safety and that of our family always comes first. To ensure this and to keep uninvited and unwanted persons out of the household, a door intercom system is necessary. Through it, you have complete authority over the accessibility of people and can keep an eye on the surroundings outside the front door.

To make sure you buy the right intercom, you need to keep certain criteria in mind, namely: which system, which installation variant and which material suits your house. The protection of the intercom and the resolution and recording range of the video intercom are also relevant.

Most people invest around 200 euros in an intercom system. However, the price varies depending on the type of system and features, which makes it possible for everyone to purchase this security product.

(Cover photo: Unsplash / Bernard Hermant)