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Nowadays, we try to repair many things in our own homes without the help of a professional. One element of this is gluing the wallpaper. You might think that it is an easy job that anyone can do. However, to accurately mount a door wallpaper, many steps are required. This page will help you decide which wallpaper to buy.

First, you will find an overview of different types of door wallpaper with an evaluation of each, followed by purchase and evaluation criteria, and advice on price, installation, etc. Enjoy looking through all the information and good luck with the selection and installation!


  • There are several places where you can buy different types of door wallpaper, decide what size, colour and fabric you need and only then start your search.
  • If you need a door wallpaper that will last for years, you usually have to expect higher prices.
  • To stick the door wallpaper yourself, essentials are: Ladder, roller, brush, paste, plastic squeegee.

The Best Door Wallpaper: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for door wallpapers

Here we focus on six criteria to look for before buying door wallpaper:

Besides the exact description of the criteria, you will also find some hints that will help you with the selection, installation, etc.


Before you install a door wallpaper, you will probably ask yourself whether it is worth buying it and whether it is worth sticking it on. A good quality wallpaper will certainly meet your expectations. It is easy to install, leaves little dirt and can not only be stuck to a door, but you can also attach it to other furniture.


If you are not so experienced, self-adhesive wallpaper is the right choice. The handling is very easy, you don't need paste and other tools. This makes this wallpaper the first choice of many newcomers. With these wallpapers, all you have to do is peel off a little bit of protective film and then gradually press the sheet onto the wall.

Finally, run a soft cloth over it. Although it takes a little longer with a non-adhesive door wallpaper and it seems to be more difficult, you always get instructions in the package and all the necessary elements to apply it on your own.


When you buy a product and then put it up yourself, you naturally want it to look like it has been there for a long time without leaving a trace. However, if you buy a low-cost, low-quality, self-adhesive wallpaper, expect to have to reinstall it after a few weeks. I recommend that you spend a little more money and invest a little more time in getting the wallpaper exactly right.

This will prevent the wallpaper from falling off or looking like a used one. However, you must be aware that if you have children or animals in the house or if you put a lot of weight on the door, it is undoubtedly that it will not hang for long.


The appearance of the wallpaper is usually the most important thing. That's why you have a wide choice of different patterns, motifs and colours that you can choose for yourself. Of course, it also matters how you will apply the wallpaper, because only then will the end result be either positive or negative. Therefore, be sure that you mount it correctly, do not hurry, get help and do it best in pairs, then you will both certainly be satisfied with the result.


As described earlier, there are many types of wallpaper you can choose from. It depends on what you are looking for, how much you can spend and where or on which material you will stick the door wallpaper. There is 3d wallpaper on the market, self-adhesive wallpaper, paper wallpaper that can be either coloured, white, smooth or crinkled, and then there is also vinyl wallpaper that is suitable for damp rooms.

There are also several types of wallpaper such as non-woven wallpaper which is very easy to stick or other types which are a little more complicated to install. The wallpapers mentioned above are the most popular and the easiest to install.

Frequently asked questions about door wallpapers answered in detail

In this section I have collected and answered the most important and frequently asked questions. They are about price, installation, selection and much more.

How do I stick a door wallpaper?

Always after buying a door wallpaper you should get instructions and tools to stick it. Sometimes it is not the case and here I explain how you can do it easily. Once you have bought a self-adhesive wallpaper, you need to cut it to the desired size, tape off the back area and stick it to the door. Some manufacturers also offer some chamois stands to avoid bubbles when sticking, but if you stick it carefully you can do it on your own.


If a door wallpaper is not self-adhesive, there is usually more work and dirt in the house, but there are also many advantages of such wallpaper. (Image source: Nolan Isaac / Unsplash)

But to put up wallpaper, you need paste and a roller and brush. Paint the paste on the door, sit the exact size on the door, paint it with the roller and then with the brush. You can also use a foam rubber roller to avoid threads. After buying a door wallpaper, you will either already get the paste and all the tools or a detailed list of what you need to buy to apply it.

What is the best way to get wallpaper off?

You need water, a wallpaper remover, nail roller and a steam cleaner. Protect the floor in front of the door with a plastic sheet. Coat this wallpaper with a sponge with warm water and the wallpaper remover, let it soak for 45 minutes. Pull the wallpaper off at the edges and then use the steam cleaner on the highest setting to remove the paste.

What types of door wallpaper are there?

There are many types of wallpaper and different patterns and motifs. You can choose which ones suit you best. If you want to stick your door wallpaper quickly and easily and save money, it is best to get vinyl or self-adhesive wallpaper.

There are also wallpapers that you have to wallpaper, such as paper wallpaper, but these often last a little longer. Decide for yourself what is best for you, as the selection in every DIY store and on the internet is very large, you will certainly find something that suits you.


To make a choice of what type of door wallpaper to buy you need some knowledge of what makes them tick. Each is suitable for a different purpose, has a different price and a different method of installation. To glue them accurately, you need to have tools, which are usually already in the package. The instructions will tell you exactly how to glue or wallpaper. Think about what you expect and whether you can install a door wallpaper on your own.

On the market you can also find 3D wallpaper that looks perfect in a child's room and vinyl wallpaper that is suitable for damp rooms. More and more people are choosing wallpaper that is durable and made from environmentally friendly products. The price difference is never great, so think carefully before you buy a door wallpaper. Always consider what the manufacturer is offering you.

Picture source: 123rf / Iriana Shiyan