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Windows, especially large windows, can brighten up a room and provide a beautiful view at the same time. But especially when you are working, watching TV or resting, the sunlight that falls through the windows can be annoying. So what is the best way to darken such windows?

You could put up a curtain or have a blind installed. But these are not necessarily the cheapest or most practical options. Instead, you could use a double blind. You can even install them yourself, depending on how they are installed. I will introduce you to different types of double blinds so that you can make a suitable choice of window shading.

The most important things

  • Depending on the mounting method, the double blind can be easily attached to any window itself.
  • The most important purchase criteria are the size, the design, the material, the mounting method, the operation and the child safety lock.
  • With regard to the price range of the double blinds, it should be noted that even inexpensive roller blinds are not of poor quality.

The Best Double Blinds: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for double blinds

In order to be able to make a quick and uncomplicated decision as to which double blind is the right one for you, you first need to know what to look out for. For this purpose, I have picked out the most important criteria for a successful choice and summarised them for you below. These criteria are:


The size of the double blind you should buy or need depends entirely on the window you want to install it on. When buying, depending on the seller, there is either the option of buying prefabricated sizes or buying made to measure.

Either way, you should measure your windows before buying. If you are unsure, you can choose a slightly larger size and shorten it as desired. You can do this yourself with the right equipment.


When it comes to design, you should not only think about what suits you and your rooms best. Because the design not only has purely aesthetic effects, some designs also allow more or less light to pass through the double blind. You can change the width of the strips as you wish and thus darken a room more or less.


The fabric of the double blind is made of polyester. However, the material of the cassette or the frame for fastening can vary. They are available in both plastic and stainless steel. The plastic version is cheaper. The stainless steel version is more stable. Both also look different, of course.

Mounting type

There are three different types of installation for double blinds. You can either drill them, clamp them or glue them. When drilling, a cassette is attached to the wall above the window, to which the double blind is then attached.

The double blind is clamped using so-called clamp brackets which are glued to both sides of the window and between which the double blind is then clamped. The simplest form of fastening is gluing. In this case, a plastic plate is attached to the double blind. An adhesive strip is then stuck to this.

After that, the roller blind only has to be fixed to the window frame with the help of the adhesive strip. If you live in a rented flat, the two alternatives without drilling are perfect, as some landlords forbid you to screw holes into the wall. It is better to ask your landlord or to switch to the clamping or gluing technique.


You should pay attention to whether the operation is electronic or manual. Electronic operation is more expensive, but you can operate the blind at the touch of a button. However, damage can quickly become expensive. The repair usually has to be carried out by a technician.

Manual operation is cheaper. This is done with the help of a chain or cord. If the chain should ever break, it can be easily replaced. With this type of operation, it can happen that the cord gets stuck and is thus more difficult to operate.

Child safety lock

Please note that with manually operated double blinds, the cord can be dangerous for children. For this purpose, there are fasteners that you can stick to the wall and then wrap the cord around. These are not always included and must be purchased if required.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about double blinds answered in detail

In the following, I would like to answer the most frequently asked questions about roller blinds. This will give you a broader overview of the topic.

What is a double blind?

A double blind works in a similar way to a normal roller blind. The difference is that there are two lengths of fabric that run directly behind each other. This allows you to regulate the brightness of the room more precisely by moving the fabric panels.

Who is a double blind suitable for?

The double blind is suitable for anyone who has a window and wants to darken it. Due to the different installation methods, it does not matter whether your flat is rented or not, as no drilling is necessary.

However, it should be noted that the darkening of the roller blind is not so strong that a room is completely darkened. Therefore, the double blind is not suitable for a dark room.

What does a double blind cost?

The price of a double blind depends on the type of installation, the material and the size. The following table shows you an overview of the possible price ranges.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (11 - 30 €) clamp or glue, plastic, up to 120cm x 210cm
Medium-priced (30 - 100 €) clamp or drill, aluminium, up to 200cm x 200cm
High-priced (from 100 €) drilling, aluminium or stainless steel, up to 220cm x 250cm, with weighting

How do I clean a roller blind?

If the double blind has collected dust, you can clean it easily by first trying to dust it with a feather duster or a soft brush. If this is not enough, take a damp cloth and wipe the roller blind.


Use a soft brush or damp cloth to clean the double blind. (Image source: Pezibear/ Pixabay)

Do not use strong cleaning agents or hot water. Finally, carefully dry the roller blind. Be careful not to machine wash or wet wash the roller blind, only damp.

How is a double blind measured correctly?

When measuring the window for the correct roller blind size, you must first know whether you want to drill, clamp or glue the roller blind. When drilling into the wall, you need to measure the window recess and then add the distance you want the roller blind to extend beyond the window.

If you have chosen a clamp or glue roller blind, you need to take the width of the window glass plus the projection. Pay attention to the window handle. And the length of the window frame.


The double blind is perfect for darkening a room, as you can even vary the thickness of the darkening. Only complete darkening is impossible. The double blind is easy to clean, you don't even have to take it down, just brush it off or wipe it with a damp cloth.

The different mounting and operating methods make it versatile and easy to fit. Even adjusting the wrong size is possible without the help of a professional.

When buying double blinds with chain, you should make sure that the child safety lock is not included in most cases. And other assembly parts must also be purchased separately from some dealers. Therefore, you must pay close attention to the contents. Also note that you have to measure the dimensions differently for each type of installation.

(Cover picture: 123rf / Warangkana Sanyear)

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