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The drawer box is perfect for storing your documents and all kinds of objects neatly and clearly. Whether as a stackable version, so that you can always expand it individually, or in a lockable version to guarantee your privacy - the drawer box adapts to your needs through its diversity. It is the ideal tool for keeping order in the office, kitchen, bathroom or garage. With our big drawer box test 2021 we want to help you find the best drawer box for you. We have compared different types of drawer boxes and show you all the advantages and disadvantages. We also explain all the important buying criteria to make your decision even easier.

The most important facts

  • A drawer box consists of drawers arranged one above the other. It is ideal for organising and storing various objects or documents.
  • Drawer boxes are available in a variety of designs and in a wide range of materials and sizes. They can be used in countless situations in the office, kitchen, bathroom, children's room or even in the garage.
  • Drawer boxes are available in stackable versions so that they can be added to individually. They are available open or closed at the front, in a lockable version or without a pull-out stop so that the drawers can be removed completely.

The Best Drawer Box: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a drawer box

What is a drawer box?

The drawer box is a practical storage option consisting of several drawers arranged one above the other.
A drawer box is ideal for keeping things tidy.

A drawer box can be used to neatly store and sort numerous objects and documents. It is the perfect helper when you need tidy storage space. Drawer boxes can be found in different designs. The material, design, number of drawers and their arrangement can vary. Depending on your needs and area of application, you can find the right box for every requirement.


You can store and organise all kinds of things in a drawer box on your desk. So you always have a tidy place to work.
(Image source: / Alexandru Acea)

Where can I use a drawer box?

The drawer box is usually used in the office to organise documents. But it also offers numerous other uses in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, children's room or workshop.

  • In the office: Here, a drawer box can be used to organise files and documents or to file letters. Drawer boxes are also very practical for organising tasks. You can create different categories, such as pending and done, or organise your to-dos according to urgency. In addition, drawer boxes can also be used in the study to store and sort pens, post-its or other small items.
  • In thekitchen: In the kitchen, drawer boxes are suitable for storing coffee capsules, tea or spices. Cutlery can also be organised well in drawer boxes.
  • In the bathroom: In the bathroom, drawer boxes are helpful for storing make-up or cosmetics. You can also keep medicines well sorted here.
  • In the bedroom: Drawer boxes are suitable for storing jewellery. But linen can also be stored in drawer boxes. Clothes such as underwear or socks are particularly well kept in boxes. For this purpose, drawer boxes can be found that can be used in the wardrobe. There are also drawer boxes for storing shoes.
  • In the children's room: Drawer boxes are excellent for children. They are very helpful for neatly storing toys, craft supplies or other small items. A picture of the contents on the corresponding drawer helps the child to maintain an overview and order.
  • In the workshop: Tools or various small parts such as screws are best sorted in drawer boxes.

What alternatives are there to drawer boxes?

In the following, we present some alternatives to the drawer box.
Type Description
Folder Folders are a very simple way to store papers and documents neatly.
Letter tray A letter tray, also called a document tray, is a simplified form of the drawer box. It is usually a tray made of plastic in DIN A4 format in which papers are filed. Letter trays can usually be stacked on top of each other and are open at the front. Document trays are also found in vertical form with an opening at the top.
Korpuss A Korpuss is ideal for using the space under a table. Corpuses can be described as a large version of drawer boxes and are usually on castors. To further divide the drawers of corpuses, drawer inserts are suitable.
Drawer inserts To organise smaller items or documents in ordinary drawers, you can use a drawer insert, also called a drawer organiser. There are drawer inserts with small subdivisions, similar to a cutlery tray. There are also drawer inserts with several compartments for documents.

Decision: What types of drawer boxes are there and which is the right one for you?

Different drawer boxes have different characteristics. The main differences are as follows:

  • Stackable drawer box
  • Open drawer box
  • Drawer box without drawer stop
  • Lockable drawer box

In the following, we will show you all the advantages and disadvantages of stackable drawer boxes, open drawer boxes, drawer boxes without pull-out stops and lockable drawer boxes so that you can make the right decision when buying.

What are the features of a stackable drawer box and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Stackable drawer boxes are perfect if you are looking for an expandable solution. These drawers are built so that the bottom part fits on top of the top part. This means you can always add more drawers on top if you need more storage space. If you need less storage space, you can always remove unnecessary drawers.

  • Can be extended individually
  • Can be removed when less is needed
  • More unstable
  • Less chic appearance

One disadvantage of this solution is that these towers of stackable drawer boxes can be somewhat unstable, depending on the design. Also, these boxes are usually made of plastic and designed for the office. They are less chic than other models that are made of wood, for example.

What distinguishes an open drawer box and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Open drawer boxes are characterised by the fact that they are open at the front - similar to a letter tray. In contrast to a letter tray, however, the individual compartments of an open drawer box can still be pulled forward like a drawer.

  • Easy access
  • contents easily recognisable
  • Less protection
  • less privacy

This allows easy access to the documents inside without you necessarily having to pull out the drawer. It also makes it easier to see what is in each drawer.

Put sticky notes on each drawer so you always know what is where and can keep track of it.

The disadvantage is that the documents are less well protected than in the closed version. In addition, closed drawers can appear tidier and offer more privacy by concealing the contents.

What distinguishes a drawer box without a pull-out stop and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Most drawer boxes have a pull-out stop so that the open drawer does not open any further. Drawers without a pull-out stop can be pulled out completely. Of course, this has the disadvantage that the drawers can fall out unintentionally.

  • Removable contents including drawer
  • Drawer can fall out

The advantage, however, is that the drawers can be removed if necessary and you can transport the contents together with the drawer. It also allows you to change the order of the drawers without having to move the contents from one drawer to another.

What are the characteristics of a lockable drawer box and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Drawer boxes are available in lockable versions. The drawers can be locked either all together or individually with a built-in lock. This is particularly useful if you want to store private items or important documents. This version is more secure than other drawer boxes. Nevertheless, you should be aware that your documents are not one hundred percent safe from theft. The drawers can be broken open quite easily or the entire drawer box can be taken.

  • Privacy
  • Increased security
  • Less easy access
  • Expensive

These drawer boxes are usually made of metal and are therefore heavier than plastic versions. They are also the most expensive type of drawer box. Another disadvantage here is that access to the documents is also more difficult for yourself.

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate drawer boxes

In the following, we will show you which aspects you can use to decide between the many different drawer boxes. The criteria you can use to compare different drawer boxes include:

In the following paragraphs, we will explain what each criterion means.


Most drawer boxes are A4-sized. But you will find variants in all possible sizes from small to large with few or many compartments.

Most drawer boxes have a size that allows you to store documents in A4 format. However, there are drawer boxes in all possible sizes. What you want to store in your drawer box determines the size of your drawer box. For example, a box with many smaller drawers is suitable for storing bits and pieces. The number of compartments is also important for the size of your box. It can be helpful to think about what you want to store in your drawer box before you buy it and categorise it to determine the appropriate number of compartments.


Drawer boxes come in all sorts of styles and designs. From classic plastic desk drawers to romantic jewellery pieces, there is something for everyone.
(Image source: / Jan Kolar)

You should also choose the size according to the area of use. After all, the aim of a drawer box is to create practical storage space and not to add bulk. Therefore, consider whether you can cleverly place it in a niche or use it in a rack, a cupboard or under a table.


Drawer boxes come in a wide variety of materials. While most models are made of plastic, there are also versions made of metal, wood, cardboard or fabric. If you are interested in something noble, you can choose boxes made of leather, glass or ivory.

Transparent drawer boxes are practical if you want to see their contents at a glance.

Here, too, the storage item plays a role. For light items such as paper, documents or simple craft supplies, a light drawer box may be sufficient.

A drawer box is an excellent way to organise your to-dos. For example, you can create one box for things that still need to be done and one for things that have been done.

If, on the other hand, you want to store heavier items such as tools, metal or wood may be more suitable. In addition to the storage item, the choice of material also plays a role in the area of use. While boxes for use in the office are usually made of plastic, those made of wood are best used in the kitchen or in the children's room. Inserts for the wardrobe for storing laundry, on the other hand, are often made of fabric.

With or without castors

Drawer boxes are also available with castors at the bottom. This makes them easy to move, even if they are large or heavy. Be aware that this may reduce safety and may be unsuitable for heavy boxes, for example, in a child's room.

To keep your drawer box from sliding, you can put rubber studs on the bottom.

However, in a room where you often have to move things around or need space - such as in the garage - castors can be very helpful.

For standing or hanging

Drawer boxes are usually placed on a table or shelf. However, there are also boxes that can be hung up. This way you can avoid taking up unnecessary space on your desk.


In the garage, drawer boxes with several small compartments are excellent for storing small items such as screws.
(Image source: / Hal Gatewood)

This variant offers an alternative to the usual shelf with more organisational possibilities. Models for hanging can be found especially for use in the garage and contain many small drawers.

Facts worth knowing about the topic of drawer boxes

How can I build a drawer box myself?

You can make a drawer box yourself from cardboard relatively easily or from wood, which is a little more complicated. The advantage of a self-made drawer box is that you can adapt the size and number of drawers of the box exactly to your needs. In the following video you will find instructions on how to easily make your own drawer box out of paper. These instructions are very easy and are also suitable as a craft project for children. If you want to make a wooden drawer box, the process is more complicated. Here you can find a detailed video with instructions for a great drawer box.

How can I design a drawer box myself?

Drawer boxes can be decorated and redesigned as you like. Usually it is enough to embellish only the front of the drawers to give your box that certain something.

  • Painting: Of course you can easily paint your box. Especially for children, this is a nice way to decorate the box with their favourite motifs.
  • Paper or adhesive foil: You can also decorate the box with wrapping paper or self-adhesive decorative foil. This is easy if you simply place the front of the drawer on the paper or foil and trace the edge. Then all you have to do is cut out the paper or foil and stick it on.
  • Creative ideas for children: There are countless creative ways to design drawer boxes, especially for children. Small animal figures, for example, can be sawn into the back and attached to the drawer as a knob.

In the following video you will find a tutorial with another way to decorate a drawer box with beautiful paper.

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