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Drawer cabinets are a helpful way to store and organise documents, office supplies, make-up items and many other small to medium sized items. These are very handy when storing as much as possible in a small space while maintaining a certain level of order.

Often, these cabinets can also be securely locked with an integrated lock. With this article, we want to help you find the right drawer cabinet for you and your needs. Therefore, we have selected different items and their special features as well as various purchase criteria and looked at them in more detail to help you make your decision.


  • Drawer cabinets come in a wide variety of designs and are made of different materials. Plastic, wood and alloy steel are often used for these cabinets.
  • For the storage of valuable objects and private or confidential documents, a drawer cabinet with an integrated lock is recommended. Those made of steel offer extra high security.
  • There are specially designed drawer cabinets for various industries, such as jewellers, workshops, etc. Drawer cabinets for personal use are flexible and can be used for different storage items.

The Best Drawer Cabinets: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for drawer cabinets

To help you make your choice for your perfect drawer cabinet, we have compiled the most important criteria for you here. These criteria are as follows:

We will now go into more detail on the criteria mentioned and tell you what to look out for. This will help you make the best choice.


Drawer cabinets are made of plastic, alloy steel or wood. Those made of plastic are lighter in weight and often offer transparent drawers for quick searching and organisation. In the case of wooden cabinets, it is advisable to ensure that the wood has been sustainably harvested. For offices with a lot of private and confidential documents, a drawer cabinet made of steel is highly recommended, as these are the only ones that can be securely locked with an integrated lock.

Storage space

Depending on how much storage space is needed in terms of quantity and size, a decision should be made regarding the drawer cabinet. If you need a lot of space for small and miscellaneous items, a drawer cabinet with many small to medium-sized drawers is recommended. If you want to store documents, the drawers should definitely be large enough to hold paper in various formats.


If private and confidential documents or valuable items such as jewellery etc. are to be stored in the drawer cabinet, it should have an integrated lock and ideally be made of steel, as this provides a high level of security.


When choosing a drawer cabinet, you should also consider whether it can be easily integrated into a room and the existing furniture. Many drawer cabinets are integrated under the desk, for example. But a drawer cabinet for storing screws and tools in a workshop should also integrate well with a workbench.

Guide: Frequently asked questions on the subject of drawer cabinets answered in detail

In this section, we answer the most important and most frequently asked questions about drawer cabinets so that you can make a well-informed decision.

Who is a drawer cabinet suitable for?

A drawer cabinet is suitable for everyone. Whether for children to store toys, in the kitchen to store kitchen utensils, in a workshop to store tools, in the office to store documents, at the jeweller's to store jewellery, etc., a drawer cabinet is suitable for everyone.


The first drawer cabinets were already invented in the Middle Ages and still offer great added value for everyone today. (Image source: Erik Mclean / Unsplash)

There is always an application for a drawer cabinet as soon as many things need to be stored in an orderly manner. Every household has at least one type of drawer cabinet.

What types of drawer cabinets are there?

There are many types of drawer cabinets, which are used in different ways depending on the area of application. As already mentioned, there are various drawer cabinets especially for a workshop, for the office, for a jeweller, for clothes, for paper etc. However, many of them can also be used individually. However, many of them can also be used individually and can be used for several different storage items.

How much does a drawer cabinet cost?

Drawer cabinets made of plastic are cheaper than those made of wood or steel. The size and number of drawers as well as the features (e.g. integrated lock) of the cabinet also depend on the price. We have compiled a small overview below:

Price range Available products
Low-priced 10 - 35 €) Plastic drawer cabinets with few drawers
Medium-priced 35 - 75 €) Drawer cabinets made of plastic and wood, good workmanship and stable
High-priced 75- 200 €) high-quality wood or steel, design articles, high-quality workmanship, sector-specific cupboards

What functions does a drawer cabinet offer?

Drawers can be used to store things in a space-saving and orderly manner. Depending on their size, they are suitable for various storage items. For valuable items, a drawer cabinet with an integrated lock is a good idea. Castors for moving things around are also often useful. Transparent drawers or extra fields for labelling the drawers can also be helpful.


Drawer cabinets are suitable for everyone and can be used in very different ways. Most of these cabinets can be used flexibly and individually and are used for different types of storage. However, there are also somewhat more specialised drawer cabinets that are designed precisely for one or a few applications. This is the case, for example, in workshops or jewellers. Filing cabinets are also used specifically for the safe storage of documents. In general, drawer cabinets, used in very different ways, can be found in every household. They are very useful when you want to store a relatively large amount of things in a small space.

Cover photo: Jaron Mobley / Unsplash

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