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We know how important it is for you the hours of sleep and rest, also the decoration and harmony of your home, and that is why in this article we will show you the different characteristics that you should know about the dreamcatchers to choose the best one.

Dreamcatchers can vary according to their size, design and other factors, which can make the difference in the ideal ornamental gadget for you. Whether it's for belief or a simple desire to add more decorative value to a specific space, learn how to choose the dreamcatcher that's right for you.

We want to help you make the best decision, and this is why we will show you every factor and feature that you should take into account to know and compare the different dream catchers on the market, without getting carried away by low prices or sellers' tricks. Don't miss it!


  • A dreamcatcher is an ornamental piece attributed with mystical properties, which can be made of wood or plastic. Its main advantage is that it adds great value to the decoration of a space in the home, room or office, as well as providing harmony and tranquillity during the hours of rest.
  • This gadget is an ornamental mobile, so at first glance it can be confused or compared with different ornaments that contain aesthetic and structural similarities, but it is important to take into account the mystical properties and benefits that differentiate one from the other.
  • Dreamcatchers, as simple as they may seem at first glance, are objects that can have great variety and diversity. They can differ in manufacturing materials, design, size and durability, so it is important to know each factor and characteristic in order to acquire the best one.

The Best Dreamcatcher: Our Picks

In the market there are different types of dreamcatchers that can vary according to the comparable characteristics of each one of them, these can be their size, design, material or durability. But because we want to help you make the best decision, we have taken the task of creating a list of the best dreamcatchers on the market.

Buying Guide

Anyone would think that choosing the ideal dreamcatcher is just a matter of choosing the cheapest or most eye-catching one, however, there are a number of features to consider when choosing the best option, as well as its various advantages and main comparisons.

Dreamcatchers are small objects with great mystical powers according to ancient shamanic beliefs. (Photo: Daria Garnik / 123rf.Com)

What is a dreamcatcher and what are its advantages?

A dreamcatcher, dream catcher or dream catcher is an ornamental piece consisting of a hoop, originally made of willow wood, which inside has a woven spider web-like net with ornaments such as seeds, stones, feathers and various objects.

Nowadays, its main benefit is that it adds great ornamental value to the decoration of rooms, halls or offices. However, its original use comes from shamanic medicine in ancient American tribes, where this interesting gadget originated.

Nowadays, the dreamcatcher's own image has been adopted as a representation of harmony and well-being, thus creating a whole trend around this culture. Nowadays we can find an infinite number of accessories and clothing with the image of a dreamcatcher printed on them.

  • Provides ornamental value
  • Possesses mystical properties
  • Reduces stress
  • Provides harmony
  • May cause allergies
  • May obstruct passage
  • May be short-lived

Dreamcatcher or wind chime - what should you pay attention to?

A dreamcatcher and a wind chime share certain similarities, such as the fact that at first glance they are both ornamental mobiles with mystical capabilities, and it is these apparent similarities that can confuse you when you want to choose the ideal ornament.

Dreamcatcher. This ornamental gadget is originally made to be placed in bedrooms, specifically on the head of the bed, as it is designed to bring harmony, facilitate and protect the hours of sleep.

Besides being a nice ornament and a good complement for the decoration of homes, offices or other spaces, it is also attributed mystical properties, since its origins come from shamanic medicine, where they were made to protect the sleep of the little ones.

Wind chimes. This charming ornament is a mobile made up of several metal pieces that move with the wind, and when they collide with each other they generate a harmonious sound, which is quite pleasant to the ear. Wind chimes are also attributed mystical properties in beliefs such as feng shui.

In different beliefs it is said that wind chimes absorb and modify energies. Their harmonious sound brings tranquillity, harmony and stability to the listener, as well as being excellent for mobilising or changing the direction of energies in a specific place in your home, room or office.

Dreamcatcher Wind chime
Materials Wood or plastic Wood and metals.
Durability Can be short Prolonged.
Uses Ornamental value, harmony when sleeping Ornamental value, harmony in the home, balance of energies.

What should a good Dreamcatcher have?

In its original form, each piece or part of the dreamcatcher has a specific meaning, for example, the feathers represent the father and the mother; an eagle feather was used to represent the father's bravery and courage, and an owl feather to symbolise the mother's wisdom and nobility.

Formerly they were made with willow wood and strings, as they were made to last only until the child was older, however, nowadays they can be found made with different materials of greater durability and aesthetics. The pieces that a dreamcatcher is made of are:

The circle or hoop. This is a circumference, originally made of wood. It is the main base of the dreamcatcher, as it is the one that keeps the net stretched and is where the feathers and other accessories hang. It represents the circle of life and how we are born to complete a cycle and die.

The net. Legend has it that it is responsible for trapping dreams and nightmares before they reach the person sleeping under the dreamcatcher. The net is very similar to the spider's web, since different legends about its origin relate both of them.

The feathers. They are a representation of the energy of the dreamcatcher. It is through these that dreams descend from the net to the sleepers, and it is where nightmares are burnt with the first light of the sun.

Ornaments. They can be beads, perforated seeds and various pieces, these represent individual power, that is why each dreamcatcher is different and should be decorated or chosen in a personal way, according to the attitude and soul of the person.

Did you know... Originally it was believed that dreamcatchers were able to protect the young ones during their sleeping hours, by trapping nightmares in their net, to burn them with the first light of day?

Buying criteria: Factors that allow you to compare and rate the different models of Dreamcatchers

The dreamcatchers have a great variety of types and models, since they are an object that has evolved over time and can be obtained in a great diversity of sizes, designs and with different types of materials. It is important to know each factor in order to be able to compare the different options on the market and choose the best one.

  • Materials of manufacture
  • Size
  • Design
  • Durability
  • Additional accessories

Materials of manufacture

The dreamcatcher was originally made of wood, a material that can still be found in its manufacture, but nowadays thanks to its different evolutions and industrial manufacturing, you can also get it made of plastic or metal, although the latter is very uncommon. The most commonly used are:

Wood. It is the autochthonous material of the culture that created it, originally willow wood was used, however, in order to reduce costs, nowadays cheaper woods are used. The main variation is durability, as wood is exposed to risks such as mould or wear and tear.

Plastic. Currently available in this material because it can be more economical and even aesthetically pleasing. Plastic is more durable than some types of wood, but can fade over time.


Because it is an ornamental gadget, it is really necessary to pay attention to the size it will occupy in the assigned space, because if it is too big it could even become a nuisance for tall people, for example, besides the size must be in accordance with the decoration of the environment to achieve a complete harmony.

Its original location is in the bedrooms and over the head of the bed, so it should not be too big, as it could also be heavy and collapse during the night. It is necessary that it complies with dimensions that maintain harmony so that you can enjoy a pleasant rest.


As it is an object of high ornamental value, the design cannot be overlooked, since the size, colours and ornaments must be in accordance with the decoration of the space in which it will be placed. It is also very important that when choosing a dreamcatcher, you make sure that the feathers are hypoallergenic, as it could cause you discomfort.

The dreamcatchers usually have variations in the internal decorations, for example, the colour of the hoop, the feathers, the net and also the complements it contains, such as seeds and stones, or other objects, it is very important that each part is harmonious with the colours and dimensions of the space where it is going to be placed.

The dreamcatcher is considered a really powerful object in shamanic beliefs, and signifies a part of their culture that has been maintained and spread all over the world. (Photo: Deankez / Pixabay.Com)


It is relevant to take into account the durability that this object could have depending on the different materials it is made of and the characteristics of the environment, because if it is made of wood and you live in a very humid area, it is possible that it could get mouldy, so its durability would be shorter in your specific case.

You may also buy a low quality plastic dreamcatcher for the sake of economy, so over time it may fade, and after a few months you will have to replace it with a new one.

Additional accessories

As simple or plain as dreamcatchers may seem, they can include additional add-ons that could combine different concepts and turn a simple ornamental item into an indispensable tool for the home, such as a lamp, for example.

In the market we can find dreamcatchers that include LED lights, which turn this mystical ornament into a very useful lamp for the nights, and there are also combinations between a dreamcatcher and a wind chime, which could be a really particular piece.

Did you know that its origin is attributed to legends of the Ojibwa tribe? Each one with different characters, but all of them are about someone powerful who protected the little ones while they slept. (Photo: Fixzma / 123rf.Com)

(Featured image photo: Darya Petrenko / 123rf.Com)

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