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Fashion has become part of our day to day, that's why we are always looking for the best trends, that's why today we will be talking about dress trousers, that elegant, fresh and completely comfortable garment is the protagonist today.

We can find endless models of dress trousers, either for men or women; each of them has incredible features and designs that we believe it is necessary to know, because it can help you when making your purchase is much easier and satisfactory.

In addition, we will be talking about which are the best models on the market, so that when you make your purchase you feel more confident in the choice you make without any regrets. Because we want you to buy only the best products.

First the most important thing

    • Dress trousers are a more formal type of garment; part of the typical attire that you will find on the uniforms of people working in an office environment. They can be made of different types of fabrics and can be designed with a variety of cuts.
    • In the market you can find a wide variety of dress trousers, but in the case of unisex trousers, the main points of comparison are made between straight and tube dress trousers, which can be differentiated according to the price at which they are available, the type of fabric and versatility.
    • It is important that in addition to knowing each aspect that is part of your product, take into account different aspects before making the purchase of the same, such as size, the type of fabric with which it is made, among others, since this is what will ensure that it is successful.

The Best Dress Pants: Our Picks

Buying Guide

It is necessary to know in detail every aspect that makes up the garments we buy, as this will help us to make a good choice. That is why today we have prepared a buying guide with the information that we believe is necessary to know.

Dress trousers will always bring more elegance and seriousness to any outfit. (Photo: Iryna Kalchenko/

What are dress trousers and what are their advantages?

Dress trousers are a more formal type of garment; they are the typical attire that you can find in the uniforms of people who work in an office environment. The models always feature one-colour designs and usually do not vary too much in colour, as they are mostly sober and dark.

This type of trousers at the time they were launched were only dedicated to men's office wear, but soon after models specifically dedicated to women were released. For a long time it was considered a common type of trousers, but later it was classified as a formal trousers.

The main advantage of this type of garment is that they are perfectly comfortable and give a great bearing to those who wear them, since the designs they have make the outfit more serious, which is why most people tend to use them only for formal occasions.

  • They bring elegance
  • They are comfortable
  • They can be expensive
  • They can be expensive
  • The fabric is delicate
  • They are not usually so versatile

Straight or tube dress trousers - what should you look out for?

There are many types of dress trousers designs, however, the main points of comparison can be found between these two models, which, needless to say, are among the most purchased by men and women around the world.

Straight dress trousers: This cut is quite popular among men and women. They are trousers designed in a straight way, the fall is rigid, so the person who wears them usually looks much taller.

Tube style dress trousers: Tube style dress trousers have become notoriously popular in recent years, as they make the wearer look a little more modern and their figure stands out more. They are most often seen on women, however, there are many men who enjoy wearing them.

Straight dress trousers Tube dress trousers
Price Low Low High
Fabric type Nylon, linen Linen, cotton

How much do dress trousers cost?

When making your purchase you should know that you will find different types of prices, this depends on the type of quality that has the product you are about to purchase, so we recommend that before doing so you evaluate your budget, as this could help you to make your purchase is completely satisfactory.

A unisex dress trousers with an excellent quality you can find them from 3,000 MXN and 500 MXN, while a much more basic one with less quality in the fabric with which they are made you can find them in approximately 400 MXN and 300 MXN.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of dress trousers

When making a purchase of a garment such as dress trousers, you should know that there are different types of aspects that you need to take into account to ensure that your purchase is completely successful without any regrets.

  • Size
  • Fabric
  • Other trousers to wear
  • Brands


When purchasing a garment, you should check which is the size that will fit you best, since many times you often make the big mistake of buying one with a smaller or larger size, so we want to mention what are the sizes available in dress trousers to help you with your choice:

Small sizes: The XS and S are part of this category, so they are recommended for those who are not too wide; in the case of women, they are not ideal for those who have pronounced hips, as they can be uncomfortable to wear. They are between 88 and 98 centimetres wide.

Medium sizes: M and L: These two sizes can be considered standard. They are recommended for those who are neither too thin nor too wide. In general, they are approximately between 95 and 107 centimetres wide. Of course, these may vary depending on the model.

Large sizes: Finally, the XL and XXL are considered the largest of the whole list. These are definitely recommended for those who have a larger and more pronounced build. They are approximately 112 to 120 centimetres wide.

Types of fabrics

There is a great variety of fabrics with which the dress trousers are made, so we think it is really important to mention them to you so that you have a better vision at the time of making your choice and there is no kind of regret in between.

Cotton fabric: Cotton fabric is the most popular, as you will not only find it in trousers, but in all kinds of garments. In the case of dress trousers, we can tell you that they are completely resistant and above all comfortable, so if you are a lover of comfort, this is the type of fabric recommended for you without hesitation.

Linen or nylon fabric: These two types of fabrics are very similar and, of course, they are the most used to make trousers, because their quality guarantees comfort, freshness and high durability. That is why they are recommended for all types of buyers looking for a good product.

Silk fabric: Although silk is a soft and popular fabric, it is not so popular in the world of dress trousers, however, we believe it is important to mention it, because there are models of the same that can be made with it and be beautiful to use in any occasion.

Other dress trousers

It is clear that there are many types of trousers to wear, so we believe it is necessary to mention which are the other models that you can buy in case you have a much more demanding taste:

High rise dress trousers: Pants of this type are highly popular with men. They help to make the figure look more defined and in case of tall men, they serve as a support so that the legs do not look as slim as you may be used to see day by day. These are recommended for slim people.

Low-rise dress trousers: These trousers are fitted at the waist once they are worn. They are a very popular type of design, however, most of the time they require the support of a belt so that the level of fit is much more comfortable. This model is considered very formal.

Looking for a dress trousers according to your body shape will help you to look your best(Photo: Tatiana Suyarova /


If you're looking for a good product, it's a good idea to do some research on the best brands of dress trousers. This point is really important to take into account, since it will be of great help to avoid any kind of inconvenience when buying your ideal trousers.

One of the best brands of trousers to wear that you can find without hesitation is prada, we assure you that you will not regret at any time to acquire a pair of trousers of the same, because its quality is more than impeccable; of course, there are other more affordable brands such as Zara, which are also excellent.

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