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Welcome to our big dumbbell bar test 2022. Here we present all the dumbbell bars we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best dumbbell bar for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a dumbbell bar.

The most important information in a nutshell

  • A dumbbell bar is the right choice for you if you want to do basic exercises and get fitter.
  • Another strength of dumbbell bars is that you can train with heavy weights and thus stimulate different muscle groups.
  • Inexpensive dumbbell bars are available for less than 30 euros. For high-quality dumbbell bars you should spend more money.

The Best Dumbbell Bar: Our Picks

Why buy a dumbbell bar at all?

A dumbbell bar bar, or also just called a dumbbell bar, is an elementary part of every gym. With such a dumbbell bar you can train many different muscle groups and perform exercises.

Without a dumbbell bar bar, a home gym is not really flexible and you can quickly reach your limits. A dumbbell bar bar is elementary for the classic bench press.

The only alternative is to train with dumbbells. Exercises such as the deadlift, dumbbell bar rowing or the popular military press can only be performed with a dumbbell bar.

Who is a dumbbell bar bar suitable for?

As already mentioned, a dumbbell bar is a very basic part of any gym. In this respect, we are of the opinion that you absolutely need such a dumbbell bar, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced exerciser.

Did you know that training with a dumbbell bar is particularly effective and efficient?

Training with a dumbbell bar falls under the category of training with free weights. In addition, there is the possibility of functional training. This means a certain movement sequence that is useful in everyday life or in sports.

Training with your own weight or with dumbbells can be very effective and sufficient, but at some point you will reach your limits and want more flexibility.

Beginners are often advised to start strength training with the basic exercises. All three basic exercises, bench press, deadlift and squat, require dumbbell bars, which shows their importance.

If you have already decided on an incline bench or a weight bench, we advise you to also buy a dumbbell bar bar.

A dumbbell bar is a good alternative if you suffer from wrist pain or other hand conditions.

What do I need to consider when buying a dumbbell bar?

In a nutshell: When buying a dumbbell bar, you should pay attention to the quality and dimensions of the dumbbell bar.

Of course, the quality of the product plays a major role that you should never underestimate. An important factor is the weight of the bar. Dumbbell bar bars in well-known fitness studio chains usually weigh between 15 and 20 kilos.

Alternatively, they can weigh around 10 kilos. The dead weight is very important for the stability and therefore also for the safety of the dumbbell bar. A high-quality dumbbell bar bar consists of one piece of steel and not of individual parts. You can usually find information on this in the product description.

The diameter

Another aspect you should consider when buying a dumbbell bar is the diameter of the bar. There are different weight plates on the market with different sizes of holes. A popular diameter is around 30 or 31 cm.

The length

You should also consider the length of the dumbbell bar. With many models you can choose different lengths. It is impossible to say which length is best for you. Pay attention to whether you need a certain amount of other equipment in your home gym.

Pay attention not only to the overall dimension, but also to the inner dimension, i.e. the distance between the two innermost points where weight plates can be placed. Many customers make this mistake again and again and only pay attention to the overall dimension.

Due to the many different dimensions, you should consider in advance which exercises you want to perform with your new dumbbell bar bar and what other equipment you use. You should then make your decision on which dumbbell bar bar is the right one for you.

High-quality bars are made of steel. This material increases durability enormously.

Why should I buy a dumbbell bar?

The SZ dumbbell bar, also known as a dumbbell bar, is a special type of dumbbell bar that allows you to perform some special exercises and target specific muscle groups.

The difference between a conventional dumbbell bar and the SZ dumbbell bar is that the dumbbell bar is straight and the dumbbell bar is slightly curved.

Due to the more neutral grip of a SZ dumbbell bar, tendonitis can be avoided and the wrists can be spared. In addition, the biceps, for example, can be stimulated in a different way during the classic biceps curl with an SZ bar, which can lead to improved muscle growth

The SZ bar can be used in many ways and offers a real alternative to the classic dumbbell bar bar. Especially for arm exercises, the SZ dumbbell bar is popular.

Who is a dumbbell bar suitable for?

Basically, such a dumbbell bar is well suited for beginners and advanced users and offers a real alternative for everyday training.

A dumbbell bar can be found in every classic gym and should not be missing in your own fitness room in the long run. As with most other fitness equipment, you should first consider what your approximate training plan is. This will make it easier for you to assess whether you need a dumbbell bar at all.

If you suffer from recurring wrist pain, you should definitely consider using a dumbbell bar instead of a normal dumbbell bar to relieve the wrists.

What do I need to consider when buying a dumbbell bar?

As with the conventional dumbbell bar, there are also some important things to consider when buying the SZ dumbbell bar.

If you are seriously interested in weight training, you should buy high-quality accessories right from the start. Many inexpensive dumbbells may appear to be of good quality at first glance, but they can actually be dangerous if used intensively. Therefore, don't just look at the price, but also at your health.

An important quality feature is the workmanship. Many cheap bars often have the big disadvantage that they are extremely slippery and therefore give a bad feeling during training. Many bars are supplied with a so-called star lock, which does not hold many cheap bars very well. A spring lock is better suited, which is more stable overall and can also be changed more quickly.

A decisive factor that you should consider when buying an SZ dumbbell bar is the permissible total weight. Beginners in particular often underestimate how much weight they can move after a few months of intensive training.

If the purchased bar is then only designed for a low weight, customers quickly reach the limits of the load. If the permissible total weight is not stated in the product description, you should always ask the manufacturer.

Furthermore, you should pay attention to the dimensions of the SZ dumbbell bar when buying it. The diameter of the bar determines whether the rest of your weight plates will fit on the bar or not. Most bars available on the market have a diameter of 30 cm. You should also keep an eye on the length of the bar.


The workmanship of weight bars is important for proper use.

What does a dumbbell bar cost?

The price of a dumbbell bar is largely determined by its weight and type. Functionality and accessories can also play a role. Models range in price from 10 to 60 euros. Most variants cost between 20 and 30 euros and are therefore very affordable.

Decision: What types of dumbbell bars are there and which is the right one for you?

In principle, you can distinguish between three types of dumbbells:

  • Classic dumbbell bar bar
  • SZ dumbbell bar bar
  • Dumbbell bar

Basically, you can cover a wide range of fitness exercises with any dumbbell bar. Nevertheless, there are specific features of the respective types and subtleties that can make the difference for you.

In the following paragraph we would like to help you find the right dumbbell bar. We will take a closer look at these three types and compare the advantages and disadvantages.

How does a dumbbell bar bar work and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

You can find the classic dumbbell bar bar in almost every gym. It is particularly suitable for exercises such as bench press, squat or military press.

  • Good for most exercises
  • Fast results
  • Good for beginners
  • Strain on the wrists
  • Coordinative muscles are less stressed

In general, it is good for most exercises. The dumbbell bar bar is particularly interesting for beginners who want to achieve success quickly. Because this bar relieves the stabilising muscles, you can use more weight. For larger muscle groups, this can lead to quick results.

On the other hand, the autochthonous muscles are hardly used. These muscles are responsible for coordinating and stabilising your movements. If you have been training with a dumbbell bar for a long time and want to get your muscles into shape in a holistic way, you should switch to dumbbells.

How does a dumbbell bar work and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The SZ dumbbell bar - also called a "dumbbell bar" - is similar to the classic dumbbell bar bar. The difference is that it has a zigzag shape in the middle section. This adapts to the angle of the wrists and the natural rotation of the arms. This allows you to optimally relieve the strain on your wrists and concentrate fully on the exercise.

  • Wrists are protected
  • Greater variation
  • Less suitable for bench press

The SZ bar is particularly good for biceps curls, triceps exercises or rowing. However, for pressing movements, as is the case with the bench press, you should use the classic dumbbell bar, as the rotational movement of the forearm leads inwards, i.e. in the opposite direction, during the bench press.

How does a dumbbell bar work and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

With dumbbell bars you can train your arms separately. Because they work the arms "one at a time", they can be used to counteract muscular imbalances. In addition, the movement feels more natural compared to movement with other alternatives.

One of the biggest advantages of the dumbbell is the great variation. With them you can do almost all the exercises that are possible with the other dumbbells as well.

  • Coordination of the muscles is trained
  • many possible variations
  • Not suitable for beginners

In addition, you can train other muscle groups at the same time. By balancing the movements of the poles with your own muscles, you can achieve a holistic training effect. In this way, you not only target deeper muscles, but also train the coordination between the respective muscle groups.

Dumbbell bars are less suitable for beginners. The correct execution of the exercise and the balance that has to be maintained at the same time can quickly lead to difficulties in coordination and execution of the training plan in the beginning.

Purchase criteria: Use these factors to compare and evaluate dumbbell bars

In the following we would like to show you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate dumbbell bars. This will make it easier for you to decide whether a certain product is suitable for you or not.

In summary, these are:

  • Total weight
  • Dimensions
  • Star lock or spring lock
  • Scope of delivery
  • Customer reviews and testimonials

In the following paragraphs you can read about the individual purchase criteria and how you can classify them.

Total weight

There are big differences in the permissible total weight of dumbbell bars. If you plan to perform deadlifts, squats or bench presses with your new dumbbell bar, the total weight of the dumbbell bar should be at least 200 kilos.

With this weight you are on the safe side in the long run and do not take any risks. The dead weight of the bar should be at least 10, preferably 20 kilos.


You should pay attention to several dimensions of a dumbbell bar. On the one hand, the total length and on the other hand the inner distance between the two points where the last weight plate is located are decisive. These dimensions are very important for other equipment or also for basic exercises such as the deadlift.

For exercises on the flat bench or even in the multi-rack, a bar length of at least 140 cm up to 2 metres is recommended.

A bar length of 120 cm is more suitable for free exercises without a rack. A shorter bar is often recommended for training at home, as there is often not enough space for a larger dumbbell bar bar.

Another point is the diameter of the bar, i.e. the bar thickness. An average value is 30 cm. However, many weights are designed for a bar diameter of 50 cm. Don't forget the support surface on which the weights will rest later.

Depending on how thick your weight plates are and how many of them you want to put on the bar, the bar should offer enough space. Cheap dumbbell bar bars often tend to offer too little space for weights.

Star lock or spring lock

Be sure to note the mechanism used to secure the weight plates to the bar. In some models the weight plates are fixed with a star lock, in others with a so-called spring lock. In many gyms, the spring lock is standard. You have to decide for yourself which fastener you prefer.

Scope of delivery

Some dumbbell bars on the market already come with weight plates. Make sure you know exactly what you are ordering.

Customer reviews and testimonials

As you will have noticed, there are a number of things to consider when buying a dumbbell bar. Many customers are therefore quickly overwhelmed and cannot really decide.

We therefore recommend that you always take a closer look at the customer reviews and testimonials, for example in our partner shop Amazon.

There, customers describe their experiences with the product and show its advantages and disadvantages. Questions about individual dimensions or other things are also often answered there.

Reading the customer reviews often clarifies open questions and makes it easier for you to decide for or against a selected product.

Facts worth knowing on the subject of dumbbell bars

Which exercises are suitable for training with a dumbbell bar?

The dumbbell bar is very flexible and is ideal for training the entire body. In addition, most exercises with the dumbbell bar are performed "freely", which on the one hand often trains several muscles functionally at the same time and on the other hand trains coordination.

Besides the three best-known basic exercises, bench press, deadlift and squat, there are many other possible applications.

Exercise Muscles used Number
Squat Thigh and gluteal muscles, core muscles 6-8 repetitions. 3-4 sets
Deadlift back muscles, hamstrings, glutes, core muscles 6-8 repetitions. 3-4 sets
Bench press chest and shoulder muscles, triceps 6-8 repetitions. 3-4 sets
Shoulder press shoulder muscles 6-8 repetitions 3-4 sets
Biceps curls arm muscles (biceps) 8-12 repetitions. 3 sets
French press arm muscles (triceps) 8-12 repetitions each. 3 sets

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