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A DVD shelf is an important piece of furniture that is suitable for every home and every room. It is an ideal place for storing DVDs, so it is a good thing for every DVD collector.

Of course, it is not only appropriate for collectors, but also for people who simply have so many DVDs. Furthermore, such a DVD shelf can be bought in different colours, sizes and materials. So you will surely find a shelf that suits your needs and fits your home.

With our DVD shelf test 2021 we would like to help you find the best DVD shelf. To help you, we have explained the different types of DVD shelves in more detail and answered all the important questions about DVD shelves. After that, you will surely make the right choice.


  • A DVD shelf is perfect for DVD collectors or for people who are just looking for a shelf where they can keep their DVDs safe.
  • When buying a DVD shelf, you need to look out for the following buying criteria: Size and material of the shelf as well as whether the shelf is standing or hanging and with or without a door.
  • After the purchase criteria, we have answered all the important questions about DVD shelving for you. We have explained different types of DVD shelves for you and hope to help you with your purchase decision.

The Best DVD Shelf: Our Choices

To help you find the best DVD shelf, we have selected the best DVD shelves and briefly described them for you. We are talking about these six variations:

DVD Shelves: Buying and Evaluation Criteria

In the following, we will explain the buying and evaluation criteria in more detail, which you should pay attention to when making your purchase decision. These are the following criteria:

These buying criteria are intended to help you make your purchase decision, so read them carefully.


You can buy a DVD shelf in different sizes. There are those that are rather tall, those that are rather wide and those that are both tall and wide. Furthermore, there are also designer DVD shelves that can have weird shapes.

To make the right choice, we would recommend the following: First, measure the exact spot where you want to place your shelf.

This way you will be sure to find a shelf of the right size and avoid making wrong decisions that will cause you extra work.


A DVD shelf can be made from a variety of materials. One material that is often used for making a DVD shelf is wood. You can buy a DVD rack in various types of wood. Examples are maple and oak.

There are also DVD shelves with a mix of materials.

In addition to wooden shelves, you can of course also buy a shelf made of plastic. Here you have the option of buying lots of colourful shelves and putting them together.

Last but not least, you can also opt for a metal DVD shelf. To help you decide what to buy, we will explain the different materials in more detail later in the chapter "What types of DVD shelf are there?

Standing or hanging DVD shelf

This criterion is about whether you want to place your DVD shelf on the floor or whether you want to hang your DVD shelf on your wall.

A hanging shelf can be practical and space-saving.

Of course, if you already have a lot of furniture in a room, a hanging DVD rack on the wall may be more suitable than a standing one.

DVD shelf with or without door

The only question here is whether you want a shelf with or without a door. It certainly matters what goes best with the furniture already in the room. In addition, a DVD shelf with a door is easier to clean because there is much less or no dust inside.

DVD Shelves: Frequently asked Questions and Answers

In the following, we have dealt with the topic of DVD shelving for you. We have selected the most relevant questions regarding DVD racks and answered them for you.


Whether it is for books, CDs, DVDs and much more, it is impossible to imagine our world without a shelf. (Image source: Sansern Prakonsin / unsplash)

This will give you a comprehensive overview of the most important information about a DVD shelf. After that, you will be able to make your purchase decision without any problems.

What is a DVD shelf and who is it suitable for?

As the name suggests, a DVD shelf is a shelf that is suitable for storing DVDs or other CDs. Since most people have some kind of DVDs, music CDs or even games for a console at home, such a shelf is suitable for all households.

What types of DVD shelf are there?

Now we will talk about the different types of DVD racks. This will give you an idea of what is available and you may already be able to set your preferences.

Wooden DVD rack

A wooden DVD shelf can be made of very different types of wood and has the following advantages and disadvantages, which we will explain to you in more detail.

  • different types of wood
  • uniqueness
  • durability
  • not all types of wood have the same properties
  • discolouration possible

One clear advantage of a wooden DVD shelf is that it is available in different types of wood. Examples are walnut, maple, oak and many more.

The colour of the different types of wood differs. You will certainly find a suitable and unique DVD shelf for your home. The uniqueness is another advantage.

In addition to the many different types that are available, a DVD shelf has the following advantage. Since a DVD shelf made of wood is produced with solid wood, it is very stable and durable.

A disadvantage of a wooden DVD shelf is that you have to be familiar with the properties of the different types of wood, as not all of them have the same properties. You also need to make sure that a wooden shelf is not placed where the sun shines continuously. Wood can easily discolour in this way.

Plastic DVD shelf

A plastic DVD shelf is one of the many types available. Such a shelf has the following advantages and disadvantages:

  • cheap
  • colourful
  • combinable
  • cheaper quality
  • fast moving

A DVD shelf made of plastic is very cheap compared to other materials. In addition, plastic can be produced in different colours. So you can make your room colourful and combine many different colours.

Of course, this also means that plastic DVD racks can be combined very well because, as mentioned above, they are available in all colours.

The price of the material also corresponds to its production and cheaper quality. Compared to shelves made of wood and metal, one made of plastic is correspondingly quick or short-lived.

Metal DVD shelf

Metal DVD racks can of course also be made of different metals. Mostly stainless steel, cast iron and aluminium are used and toxic metals like lead are avoided. A metal shelf can have the following advantages and disadvantages:

  • can be combined
  • easy to clean
  • robust and stable
  • rather cool
  • fingerprints

The first advantage of a DVD shelf is that it can be combined very well with the other materials wood and plastic. This can create a very special flair. Furthermore, metal can be cleaned very easily on the surface. Last but not least, metal is a very stable and robust material, which leads to longevity.

A disadvantage, however, is that a DVD shelf made only of pure metal looks rather cool. Although the surface of a metal shelf is easy to clean, fingerprints quickly appear on the surface of the metal and have to be removed continuously.

Designer DVD Shelf

A designer DVD shelf can be made of wood, plastic or metal. Furthermore, a designer shelf has advantages and disadvantages, which we will illustrate for you in the following.

  • special
  • good-looking
  • impractical in terms of space

A designer DVD shelf has the advantage that it can be very special compared to the other shelves. Of course, it can look very good if you find the right designer shelf for your room or flat.

Since such designer DVD shelves can have different shapes, you need to measure the place where you want to put the shelf and the shelf itself very well. Because of this, empty spaces may appear in your room or flat.

Hanging DVD shelf

You can also buy a hanging DVD shelf in different materials. A hanging DVD shelf has the differences listed first.

  • Space can be better utilised
  • must be firmly attached

Here the advantages and disadvantages are self-explanatory. With a hanging DVD shelf, space on a wall can be utilised that would otherwise stand empty. However, such a shelf must be firmly attached because it floats in the air, so to speak.

What does a DVD shelf cost?

The cost of a DVD shelf depends on the quality and the material, which is why the prices of a shelf can be quite different. Prices even vary within the same material.

Below we have listed the prices of the different types of DVD shelves.

Type cost in euros
Wooden DVD shelf 20 to 110
Plastic DVD shelf 15 to 55
Metal DVD shelf 20 to 110
Designer DVD shelf 40 to 150
Hanging DVD shelf 15 to 50

This should give you a comprehensive overview of the different costs, which can help you decide what to buy.

What are the alternatives to a DVD shelf?

As an alternative to a DVD shelf, you have many options open to you. The main purpose is to keep your DVDs safe in one place.

Examples of this are boxes or other furniture that allow you to store DVDs. So we won't go into any more detail here, as it's too open and obvious.


The DVD shelf is a very popular piece of furniture that can be used in every home and in every room. Such a shelf is ideally suited for DVD collectors and of course also for people and families who do not collect DVDs but still own many of them.

There are different types of DVD shelves. You can buy a DVD rack made of wood, plastic or metal. Of course, there are also mixed and designer versions that you can buy.

The DVD racks made of wood and metal belong to the stable and robust versions. Both are characterised by their durability. This is reflected in the price of these shelves, which are more expensive than those made of plastic.

A shelf made of plastic is fast moving, but can be bought in different colours. This way you can decorate your room in a colourful way. Besides the different materials, you can also buy designer shelves that look special and have a certain uniqueness.

Image source: pixabay / jarmoluk

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