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This time we'll tell you about Dyson, a leading British company that manufactures electrical products for the home, such as hoovers, hair dryers, fans, heaters and air purifiers.

James Dyson, the creator of the brand and inventor of the world's first bagless hoover, recruited thousands of engineers from the UK, Malaysia and Singapore to work with them to design smart devices that were far more efficient and innovative than existing models. The result was revolutionary.

Today, Dyson has machines in more than 65 countries around the world and is always at the cutting edge of technology, perfecting its creations and developing new, more practical and long-lasting advanced electrical items


  • Dyson is a British company that manufactures hoovers, hair dryers, heaters, fans, air purifiers and other electrical products for the home. This brand is known for its effective and innovative designs, excellent quality and durability.
  • Among the different variants of Dyson products, the vacuum, air conditioning and lighting items stand out, which are differentiated from each other mainly by their features and utilities, among other notable aspects.
  • When purchasing a Dyson product, it is important that you take into account certain factors, such as the different varieties, accessories, energy rating and sustainability, among others.

The Best Dyson Products: Our Picks

Buying guide

The main purpose of this buying guide is to provide you with information about the product you are interested in buying. That's why we'll tell you about the most important features of Dyson products, including their advantages and those aspects that are not so beneficial.

What is Dyson and what are its advantages?

Dyson is a British company that manufactures hoovers, hair dryers, fans, heaters, air purifiers, and other household electrical goods that are characterised by innovative designs and advanced technology.

James Dyson, the company's founder, works with thousands of engineers and scientists in England, Malaysia and Singapore to create smart devices that are more efficient, practical and durable than the usual household electrical products on the market.

Today, Dyson machines are in more than 65 countries around the world. The brand is constantly improving its products and developing new and revolutionary models, characterised by their excellent quality, perfect operation and high resistance.

  • Advanced mechanics
  • Modern and innovative designs
  • Excellent quality and durability
  • Comfortable and highly efficient accessories
  • Perfect operation
  • High costs

Dyson vacuum, air conditioning or lighting What should you look out for?

The Dyson range of home electrical products includes vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and lighting products. Below, we'll detail the features of each so you can choose the one that suits your preferences and needs.

Vacuuming. Among the Dyson vacuum products are the cordless hoovers, which optimise suction power and have up to 9 accessories, or the handheld hoovers, with greater performance and additional accessories for cleaning animal hair and ingrained dirt.

There is also the sled model, which are the only hoovers without maintenance or loss of suction, as they have no filters to wash or replace, and no bags to buy. And finally the robot hoover, with more suction power.

Air conditioning. Within the air conditioning products you can find different models of heaters/fans/purifiers, which stand out for fulfilling the three functions, that is, heating, ventilating and purifying the environment, so you can use them at any time of the year.

Dyson heaters/fans/purifiers detect and capture pollution in the environment and return it to the purified air, making them much more environmentally friendly. They're also an excellent choice for people with respiratory illnesses, as they eliminate dust mites and germs.

Lighting. In this category you can find the Lightcycle lights, which regulate the intensity according to the brightness of the environment, and the Cu-Beam lamps, which have the same characteristics as the Lightcycle lights but are located on the ceiling.

The Dyson luminaire is characterised by powerful LED lights with continuous brightness, precise control and positioning, and lower energy and maintenance costs. In addition, their designs integrate perfectly into any type of environment.

Vacuuming Air conditioning Lighting
Products Cordless, handheld, sled and robot hoovers Heating/fan purifiers Lightcycle lights and Cu-Beam lamps
Uses Domestic, office, commercial cleaning, etc. Heating, ventilation, purification of environments Lighting of homes, businesses, offices
New LCD screen to select functions Purification and renewal of air More powerful light and lower consumption

Buying criteria - factors that allow you to compare and rate Dyson models

In this final section we will discuss the most important factors to consider when buying Dyson home electrical products. This information will help you to choose the right model for you.

  • Hair care
  • Hand dryers
  • Accessories
  • Sustainability
  • Energy rating

Hair care

In addition to the products mentioned in the table of variables, there are also other variants of Dyson branded electric hair care products. Here are some of them for you to consider.

Supersonic. This is the classic Dyson hairdryer model, and is mainly used for domestic use. Thanks to its intelligent thermal control system, it doesn't produce extreme heat, so it doesn't damage your hair, and dries and styles it quickly due to the airflow generated by its powerful motor.

Supersonic Professional. This hair dryer has the same features and characteristics as the classic Supersonic model, but it is more powerful and sophisticated, which is why it is mainly used professionally in beauty salons.

Supersonic blue and gold. This is the latest model in the Dyson Supersonic line of hairdryers and, like the Supersonic Professional, is used primarily in salons for its power and sophistication. Both models are more expensive than the classic variant.

Dyson Airwrap. This is a versatile hair styler that waves, straightens and curls any type of hair without drying and damaging it, thanks to the fact that it doesn't emit too much heat. It's also very lightweight and comes with complementary attachments for styling in minutes.

Hand dryers

Dyson also has hand dryers consisting of the Dyson Airbade and Dyson Airbade Wash + Dry models. Here are the main features of each of these varieties so you can choose the one that's right for you.

Dyson Airbade V. This model is much more hygienic than conventional hand dryers and up to 35 per cent quieter. You can use it at home, as well as in your company or business, because of its practicality, efficiency and paper savings.

Dyson Airbade Wash + Dry. This model, which comes in tap format, washes and dries hands in the sink, takes up very little space and saves water, as it is sensor-activated. It is very common to find these devices in shopping centres or restaurants.


Dyson also sells spare parts for accessories that complement its home electrical products. Here are some of the variants available for you to consider when you need a replacement part.

Filters/ Brushes/ Tubes. Among the most common spare parts you can find are filters, brushes and tubes, adapted to the different models of electrical items. You can also find combs, diffusers, supports and corner pieces, among other accessories.

Accessory kits. You can also find complete accessory kits, both for the devices and for the trolley. This is very important because they are specific elements of this brand, and buying an alternative item would diminish the quality, efficiency and durability of the product.

Cases. Dyson also offers different models and formats of hard cases, very colourful and resistant, to store the hairdryer when travelling. They come in a variety of colours and sizes, are padded, have a magnetic closure and are extremely practical, functional, beautiful and versatile.


If you're looking for products that consume less energy and at the same time are sustainable, Dyson products can be a great option, as this brand aims to create sustainable engineering that is coherent and harmonious with the environment. Here are some examples:

Bags. Instead of bags, Dyson hoovers use high-speed centrifugal forces to separate dust and debris from the air and distribute it into a bucket. Thanks to this system, there are no bags to use and no filters to replace, helping to reduce environmental pollution.

Valtios. According to current safety regulations, hoovers must not have more than 1000 watts; however, there are electronic brands that exceed 2000 watts. Dyson manufactures motors of only 700 v (such as the DC24 and DC50 models), with lower wattage and very low consumption.

Less materials. Dyson has the particularity of using fewer raw materials, so it consumes less resources and energy, and at the same time the designs are lighter and easier to use. The watchword is to experiment with small raw materials first and gradually increase the quantity if necessary.

Air purification. Conventional hand dryers heat the air without purifying it and blow it out onto wet hands in a process that takes about 43 seconds. Dyson Airblade models renew and purify the air, drying hands in just 10 seconds, so less energy is used.

Energy efficient. Dyson fans are designed with a state-of-the-art system that significantly reduces turbulence, so motors don't have to work as hard to generate the same power, so they use less energy and are much quieter.

Energy consumption profile

When buying electrical products we tend to look at the labels to calculate the energy consumption, but it is also important to consider other important aspects of energy consumption, such as those found on Dyson products.

Consistent performance. To find out the actual energy consumption you need to calculate the constant efficiency of the product, as it is this that determines the actual consumption, not the labels, which simply give an estimate.

In the case of hoovers, for example, the energy rating on the label refers to the performance of the machine before its bag fills with dust and clogs it, so the constant suction of bagless machines such as Dyson's enables higher performance and considerable energy savings.

Additional costs. There are certain accessories on electrical products that can generate considerable extra expense in the short, medium or long term, such as bags and filters, which need to be replaced regularly.

Dyson hoovers save you from having to replace these items, as they have no bags or filters, or the filters are washable and reusable, so you don't have the regular extra expense of replacing these items.

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