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Welcome to your most complete Buying Guide on the internet! In today's Wellness Guide article, we will talk about an accessory worn by many people, both men and women: the earring! Pressure - for those who do not have a pierced ear -, for the second, third, fourth hole, for the piercing... there are many options and many earring models available in the market.

With different materials and qualities, one of them will please you. And to help you in the complicated search of finding the accessory that suits you best, check in this guide some tips, product options, advantages and disadvantages, as well as prices and where to buy them.


  • The earring is a great way to enhance and add a touch more to your look. Bet on this accessory without fear.
  • They also help to highlight positive points of your face, as well as disguise areas that you don't like. For that, learn how to choose the right model for your face shape.
  • Made of different materials, prices vary a lot from one model to another.

The best Earrings: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Accessories are very interesting to enhance a look. They are also powerful pieces that can make a difference on that special occasion, party or day.

In this guide you will see some models of earrings of different shapes and metals, how much they cost, where to buy them and what their main characteristics are. See below.

Imagem mostra uma mulher de cabelo castanho com casaco, batom e brincos na cor vinho.

The earring is found in different colours, materials and shapes. (Source: Tamara Bellis / Unsplash)

A Earring: What is it?

As it is an accessory known by everyone, it may even seem a little obvious for us to explain what the earring is. But as there are many characteristics that differentiate one product from another, it's worth giving it some context.

Earrings can be found both for those who have pierced ears and for those who don't - the so-called pressure earrings. Big, small, flashy or discreet, there is at least one perfect model for each person. You can have some more special ones for occasions like parties and weddings, or simpler models to wear every day.

Rings, polka dots, squares, hearts, stars... the options are endless! Bet on this accessory. It will certainly give a charm to your look, besides being stylish and send a message.

Earrings: What are their advantages?

One of the main advantages of using an earring is to complement the look and the production. Choosing clothes and shoes is the basics, the extra touch can come through the accessories. The earrings can also express the style of the person.

If she wants to show a more feminine side, for example, she chooses a delicate earring that reminds her of that and so on. The accessory is very versatile, it can be worn in any kind of situation, with any outfit, by anyone, being in the first, second, third hole or even as a piercing.

Another advantage is that there is actually an infinite number of options available, for all tastes, face shapes, needs and pockets. You will surely find perfect options for you.

Imagem mostra quatro pares de brinco com brilhantes e pedras preciosas de diferentes cores.

There are thousands of earrings, of different materials, colours, gemstones and more. (Source: Avantgarde Concept / Unsplash)

This product is also an enhancer of the natural beauty of each one, according to the face shape. It can help enhance the strengths and improve the weaknesses of a person's physiognomy.

The disadvantage is that certain materials (such as nickel sulphate, for example) can cause allergies in some people. Redness, swelling and pain are some of the symptoms. The earring can also weigh down the ear - depending on the size and shape - and cause something more serious, like a rip in the hole, for example.

Always be careful when wearing them! See the table below for comparative advantages and disadvantages.

  • Complement the look and the production
  • Express the personal style of each one
  • Very versatile, for anywhere and anyone
  • Infinity of existing options
  • Enhance the natural beauty of each one
  • Earrings of certain materials may cause allergy in some people
  • It may weigh and even tear the ear hole

What type of earring goes with each face shape?

Big, small, discreet, shiny, colourful: there are thousands of types of earrings available. But how do you know which one suits your style? And which one looks best on your face shape? Did you know that different earring formats go with different types of faces? Let's see which type of earring goes with which shape:

  • Oval face. Basically, any type of earring looks good on this type of face.
  • Square face. If you want to disguise a wider chin, people with this face shape can wear medium size earrings above the chin to avoid volume in this area.
  • Round face. It looks good with long and thin earrings, with pendants hanging from the tip, which give the sensation of elongation.
  • Inverted triangle face. It is possible to draw more attention to the bottom part by means of earrings with formats that give volume to the chin area.
  • Triangular face. You can harmonize it with small earrings and that concentrate a volume closer to the ear, to give an increase in the upper part of the face.

Of course, different earrings can be worn by anyone, regardless of their face shape. They can help soften certain areas but the important thing is that you feel good and satisfied with them!

Did you know that the earring originated around 2,500 BC because of ancient beliefs? The legend was that evil spirits could penetrate a person's body through their orifices. The earring, then, would be a way to prevent that from happening, as a form of protection the hole in the ear.

Mulher de perfil enfatizando seu brinco.

You can buy earrings in several shops, both physical and online. (Source: StockSnap / Pixabay)

Purchase Criteria: Factors to Compare Earring Models

As we've talked about before, the options of earrings on sale are practically endless. And how to choose the best model for you? To make this choice easier, we listed below points that may serve as criteria for you to compare one earring with the other. Check out the main items below:

  • Material
  • Shape and Model
  • Price

Next we will explain in detail each criterion and what should be observed when purchasing the product.


The earring may be made of jewellery or costume jewellery. Noble metals, like yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and silver, last almost an eternity and are hardly allergic.

You can choose between one earring and another according to your favourite material, regardless of whether it is gold or brass, for example. But did you know that the quality and durability from one to the other will vary a lot.

Shape and model

Just like we explained in the part about face shapes, each earring matches and harmonises better in a type of face. Ring, heart, small ball, long or square earring. The shape and model of the earring will depend on your personal taste and if you are looking to accentuate or minimize some area of your face.

However, choose the earring format that makes you feel good and beautiful, that will make the difference when choosing between one piece and another.


Are you willing to invest in a high quality earring that makes it worth your while? Buy a jewel! It's timeless. However, if your budget is smaller at the moment, there are thousands of beautiful jewellery that will do justice to your needs.

When it's time to buy the earring, the price will always be a criterion of choice and will depend on your willingness and willingness to spend. That's when the question of cost x benefits comes in. Paying more for a jewel - or at least a gold or silver earring - may be more worth it in the long run.

But nothing stops you from buying a cheaper piece to satisfy you at that specific moment. There is no shortage of options!

(Featured image source: Photo by Gursimrat Ganda / Unsplash)