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When baking or cooking, egg separation is a rather laborious task for many people. The egg cannot be completely separated and both end up in the bowl. A piece of eggshell falls into the egg white or the yolk gets broken. There are many situations in which separating eggs can become a challenge.

Exactly for these situations, there is a tool that makes separating eggs a comfortable and, above all, clean affair. In addition, egg separators can become a nice eye-catcher in your kitchen due to their unusual design. In this guide, we have compared several egg separators with regard to their various functions and answered some useful questions about this product for you.


  • Egg separators are helpful kitchen gadgets, especially if you like to cook and bake. Dividing the egg optimally, without yolk residue in the egg white, can be more difficult than you think. But with these little kitchen gadgets, you can do it easily and conveniently.
  • They come in many different materials, colours and designs. Egg separators can be adapted to every need and can even be an eye-catcher in your kitchen.
  • Egg yolk separators are already available for little money. But be careful, if they are too cheap, the quality of the materials can suffer.

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Buying and rating criteria for egg separators

Egg separators are available in many different models and materials. To help you find the right egg separator that meets your requirements and wishes, we have worked out some buying criteria below that you should consider when buying.

The listed purchase criteria are explained in more detail to make it easier for you to compare egg separators.


Egg separators are available in a wide variety of materials. These include silicone, plastic, stainless steel and ceramic. It is important to pay attention to the quality of the materials. After all, the kitchen gadget has direct contact with food and should therefore not be contaminated with substances that are harmful to health.

This includes heavy metals, softeners or other harmful substances that can affect your health. Egg yolk separators made of ceramic and stainless steel are a step ahead in terms of quality if buying products free of harmful substances is important to you. You can find detailed information about the materials in the product descriptions.


In most cases, several egg whites or egg yolks are needed for a recipe. Therefore, the criterion of capacity should not be ignored when buying. Many egg separators can only hold one egg. This is certainly sufficient for infrequent use. However, if egg separators are needed for the catering sector or for passionate hobby bakers, models with a higher capacity make more sense.

Stop edge

To open an egg easily, it is best to strike it on a sharp or protruding edge. This creates a smooth crack and the egg can be split in half. Since a stop edge can be a useful feature, it should be considered as a criterion when comparing.

Collecting container

If the egg white is to be collected separately, egg separators with an integrated collecting container are useful. If the egg whites are to be beaten to egg whites in advance or refined with other ingredients, egg yolk separators with a collecting container do not require any additional kitchen utensils. In addition, egg whites that are not needed can be easily and conveniently stored in the refrigerator or processed further in the collection container.


The egg separator can be an eye-catcher in the kitchen. They are available in many different designs - in all colours and shapes. If little importance is attached to appearance and more to function, egg yolk separators in a simple and practical design are recommended. Flat egg separators without a collecting container can be stored in a very space-saving way.

An egg separator can also be a fashionable highlight in your kitchen or serve as a gift. There are egg separators in animal shapes, for example, such as frog, pig, fish and chicken. Snotty noses are the most popular shape for the gift variant. A suitable egg separator can be found for every taste. Whether classic and simple or modern and eye-catching.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about egg separators answered in detail

In the following, we answer the most important questions about this kitchen aid so that we can give you an all-encompassing overview of the egg separator topic.

What is an egg separator?

An egg separator is the ideal tool for separating eggs quickly and easily. Egg whites and yolks are often needed separately, especially in baking. Egg yolk separators often have a stop edge, which ensures easy and clean egg breaking. The yolk is caught and the egg white slips through. There are egg separators with and without an integrated collecting container.

For versions without a collecting container, it is best to use two cups or bowls. One for egg whites and the other for egg yolks. The egg separator is hung over the bowl for the egg white and the egg is beaten in it. The egg white slips through the separator and the yolk can be transferred to the other, usually smaller, bowl.

How do egg separators work?

The way they work is similar for all model variants. Most egg separators made of ceramic and stainless steel, as well as plastics, work according to the same principle. Egg yolks are collected in the egg separator and the egg whites slide either into the collection container or into a bowl. Egg separators made of silicone usually work with negative pressure and are therefore more elastic in shape. They only have a small opening with which the egg yolk is sucked in. Beforehand, the desired amount of eggs is beaten into a bowl.


Separated eggs are often needed for baking recipes. With the help of an egg separator, eggs can be separated easily and cleanly. (Image source: hewq / Pixabay)

It is important that the yolk does not break and flow apart. Then squeeze the egg separator and hold it close to the yolk. When the egg yolk separator is released, the yolk is sucked up with the help of negative pressure and can be carefully filled into another container.

Classic egg yolk separators are available as small bowls with integrated holes or slots, as well as in mouldable and spiral structures. The simple way egg yolk separators work means that children can also be involved in baking. In addition, a child-friendly design promotes even more fun and enjoyment when baking together.

What do I have to bear in mind when using egg separators?

If the egg is beaten too hard on one edge or the edge is not sharp enough, the egg yolk can break and clean separation becomes impossible. It is important that the egg separator is placed straight on the vessel. If it lies at an angle, the egg could slip through the side. This can happen especially with smaller eggs.

If the egg separator does not have an impact edge, it is best to use the rim of your jar. You can also use the back of a knife or a spoon to open the eggs. Then carefully separate the egg shell into two halves and pour the egg into the separator. Careful handling is the be-all and end-all when separating eggs.

If you want to separate a large quantity of eggs, it is important that you always take the egg white separately first and then transfer it to a larger container. This prevents egg yolk from getting into the already separated egg whites. With a little training in handling, separating eggs with the egg separator can become a quick and easy task.

How much do egg separators cost?

Prices depend very much on the brand of the product. No-name products are already available from 1 €. Egg separators in the low price range (1-10 €) are often of poor quality. High-quality egg separators are already available from 8-10 €. Brand-name products can also be found in this price segment. The price range for well-known brand products can be extended up to approx. 30 €.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (1-10 €) Simple products, low quality
Medium-priced (10-20 €) Good quality, much choice
High-priced (20-30 €) Top brand products, Good quality

Egg separators in the medium price segment (10-20 €) are the most likely to be recommended. They are often of good quality and workmanship. This price range also offers the largest selection of products.

What is the best way to clean egg separators?

The cleaning of egg separators can be very different and depends on the type of material of the product. Below are some cleaning tips for the most common types of material.

  • Stainless steel: Separators made of stainless steel are usually dishwasher safe. They often have smooth surfaces that are easy to clean and are not damaged by washing in the dishwasher.
  • Ceramic: For this type of material, washing by hand is recommended. If ceramic is washed in the dishwasher, parts rubbing against each other can cause unsightly scratches on the surface.
  • Plastic: Plastic can be cleaned in the dishwasher just like stainless steel. But be careful! If the plastic is of low quality, small scratches can occur during the wash cycle, which can release plasticisers or other harmful substances contained in the material.
  • Silicone: Silicone egg separators are also suitable for dishwashers. But here, too, the issue of harmful substances must be taken into account. In addition, these products often only have a very small opening, which means that thorough cleaning in the dishwasher is only possible to a limited extent in some cases.


Egg separators are the kitchen utensil for easy and clean egg separation. Thanks to their simple functionality, anyone can learn to separate eggs. Egg separators are also a helpful kitchen utensil for passionate hobby bakers and restaurateurs, as they can also be used for larger quantities of eggs and thus enable faster work.

Thanks to the many amusing colours and shapes, an egg separator can also be an eye-catcher in the kitchen. Good quality egg separators are already available from 8-10 €. When comparing, it is recommended to pay particular attention to quality and workmanship. There are many cheap products that contain harmful substances. A high-quality egg separator is a helpful kitchen utensil for everyone, for even more joy in cooking and baking.

(Cover photo: Peggy_Marco / Pixabay)