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Egg spoons made of silver cause a chemical reaction when eating food containing sulphur. In particular, boiled eggs are inedible. Egg spoons are available in a wide variety of materials: stainless steel, plastic, olive wood, silicone, mother-of-pearl, plastic, porcelain, horn, acrylic, glass, melamine, ceramic, ivory, chrome-argan, bamboo, titanium, etc.

Each material has its own properties. For example, when using plastic egg spoons, make sure that they are BPA-free. Egg spoons made of olive wood are not dishwasher safe and therefore require special care. They are also treated with olive oil. It is not easy to find the perfect egg spoon if you are not familiar with the properties of the materials. If you prefer to eat soft eggs, an egg spoon made of horn is more suitable. We have examined various egg spoons for you and compiled the relevant aspects.


  • Stainless steel egg spoons are durable, unbreakable and easy to clean. They are an absolute all-rounder that you can serve at all celebrations. They match the existing cutlery.
  • You should not eat boiled eggs with a silver egg spoon. A chemical reaction will occur and the egg will become inedible.
  • Egg spoons made of horn are particularly suitable for eating soft eggs. They also help young children learn to eat.

The Best Egg Spoon in the United Kingdom: Our Choices

Egg Spoon: Buying and evaluation criteria

To help you find the perfect egg spoon, we have worked out the essential criteria for you. This should simplify the comparison with egg spoons so that you can make your decision.

These criteria are the best way to compare egg spoons:


Plastic and stainless steel are particularly suitable. There are no changes in taste. Stainless steel is rather hard and cold. Plastic is hard but not cold. Egg spoons made of porcelain are also tasteless and they are smooth in shape and have rounded edges.

Egg spoons made of stainless steel, plastic or porcelain are particularly recommended.

Silver is not recommended at all, as it causes a chemical reaction and the egg takes on an unpleasant taste. If you would like to try something special, you can try an egg spoon made of mother-of-pearl or acrylic glass. They have a pleasant feel. They feel extraordinarily delicate and are easy to handle, thanks to the rounded finish.

Egg spoons made of olive wood are tasteless, but they are oiled with olive oil for maintenance. This may result in a short-term change in taste. They have a smooth surface and have an antibacterial effect. If the olive wood is not cared for carefully, they can wear out quickly. Egg spoons made of horn have a particularly soft material and are neutral in taste. They have a smooth surface and are suitable for soft-boiled eggs.


You will find the spoon in a teardrop shape or oval to round. The handle is also often a little longer. It is particularly useful if you can drive your spoon into your boiled egg. Therefore, the bowl of the spoon should not be larger than that of the egg. The spoon should also have a round shape like the egg so that you can easily scoop out the shell of the egg. Compared to a normal spoon, you would not be able to separate the egg from the shell so cleanly at first. On the contrary, the shell breaks and the liquid yolk flows in an awkward place.

The normal spoon tends to be too clumsy, hard, thick or even too thin. This makes scooping out the egg not so easy.

The teaspoon cannot keep up because it is too big. The spoon is slightly smaller than the teaspoon so that it can easily go into the egg. This is where the plastic egg spoon scores, with its lightness and processed curves of the edges providing a very good eating result. The egg spoon is the right length when you can easily reach the bottom of the egg with the spoon. They come in both narrow and thick versions. Both versions are very popular.


There are different egg spoons on the market, but which one is really durable and easy to clean?

  • Stainless steel is durable and sturdy. It is usually dishwasher safe, unbreakable and easy to clean.
  • Plastic is durable and stable. It is usually dishwasher safe, unbreakable and easy to clean.
  • Mother-of-pearl is made from mussel shell. It is dishwasher safe as well as shatterproof and easy to clean.
  • Porcelain is durable and dishwasher safe, but not shatterproof. Therefore, such a spoon can sometimes break. It is easy to clean.
  • Olive woodis not dishwasher safe and must always be washed with a damp cloth and minimal detergent. Under no circumstances should it be left in water, as cracks can otherwise develop. It should be oiled once a year and, if necessary, sanded with fine sandpaper.

For a lively household, where the spoon may sometimes fall to the floor, an egg spoon made of plastic, stainless steel or mother-of-pearl is just the thing.


Stylish egg spoons are not only suitable for eating an egg, but can also be used for special side dishes. For example, for desserts, jam, treats, dips, caviar. They can be added to stylish tableware on festive occasions, for example at family celebrations, New Year's Eve, Christmas, Easter and weddings.

Egg spoons made of horn are particularly suitable for eating soft eggs.

If the spoon is slightly pointed at the front, it is easier to grip the egg. They are also popular as baby spoons, as it helps the baby's teeth to break through. Egg spoons made of plastic are suitable for toddlers, as they are still learning how to eat. Olive wood spoons can also be used for sugar, mustard, jam and honey. Porcelain egg spoons are also suitable for eating ice cream.

Guide: Frequently asked questions on the subject of egg spoons answered in detail

We have compiled the most relevant questions for you below:

Why are there egg spoons?

With a handle and a spoon bowl, also called a spoon, the spoon consists of two elements. Foods rich in sulphur, such as eggs and caviar, change the taste and colour of the silver spoon.


With coloured egg spoons made of plastic or acrylic glass, you can feast on your boiled egg with pleasure and they are perfect for your Easter brunch.(Image source: Joe Skillington / Unsplash)

A chemical reaction occurs between silver and egg white, and silver sulphide is formed. The metal turns black and an unpleasant smell forms and the egg tastes like metal. Silver oxide reacts with methionine and cysteine. It produces the smell of rotten eggs, called hydrogen sulphide.

What types of egg spoons are there?

The list of spoon types is long. In the meantime, there is the right spoon especially for every indulgence. In addition to the egg spoon, there are: espresso spoons, coffee spoons, tea spoons, ice cream spoons, soup spoons, honey spoons, salad spoons, sugar spoons, caviar spoons.

You can now find egg spoons in a variety of materials, colours, shapes, patterns and motifs. You can enjoy the chicken egg a little differently from each egg spoon. The egg spoon that does not change the taste of the egg is the right one. For this reason, you should not choose a silver spoon, but plastic, mother-of-pearl, stainless steel or horn.

How much does an egg spoon cost?

It is definitely worth comparing prices. Egg spoons in sets are also cheaper. Below we show you how the prices for egg spoons vary:

Price range Per egg spoon
Low-priced (2 - 5 €) Stainless steel egg spoon
Low-priced (0,40 - 5 €) Egg spoon made of plastic
Medium-priced (4 - 10 €) Egg spoon made of horn
High-priced (4 - 30 €) Egg spoons made of mother-of-pearl, exclusive designer pieces

Where does the egg spoon go on a laid table?

Setting a breakfast table is not that difficult. You need: Fork, knife, breakfast plate, cereal bowl, egg spoon and egg cup, coffee cup and saucer, glass and a napkin for each place. First place the plate, with the knife and a spoon to the right. On top of this, place the coffee cup on a saucer. The handle of the cup should be parallel to the spoon.

You can place the cereal bowl on the breakfast plate. Place the fork to the left of the plate. Place the egg spoon above the plate. Between the coffee cup and the plate is a juice or water glass. Between the glass and the plate is the egg cup. The napkin could either be on the plate or to the left of the fork. This can be extended to as many people as you like until the last place from the dining table is reached. In the middle of the table you can place a candle and a flower in a vase.

How do you cook the perfect egg?

What do you like better? With a soft-boiled egg, both the yolk and the white are still soft. With a medium-boiled egg, the yolk and white are firm, but the inner core of the yolk is not. The fully cooked egg is hard.

  • Soft-boiled egg: 4 minutes
  • Medium boiled egg: 8 minutes
  • Hard-boiled egg: 10 minutes

In particularly young fresh eggs, the egg shell is strongly bonded to the membrane and they are difficult to peel. In this case, vinegar can be added to the cooking water. This makes peeling much easier.

What does BPA-free mean?

BPA stands for bispenol A, which is a plasticiser found in plastic, but also in resins. As soon as it comes into contact with food, it can enter the human body through ingestion. BPA acts similar to a hormone and can delay the development of children and disrupt the hormonal balance of an adult. It also promotes infertility and liver problems, as well as cardiovascular problems and diabetes.

The BPA-free label allows you to select plastic spoons that are not harmful to your health. Don't just go for plastic egg spoons, but always follow the "BPA-free" label. BPA can dissolve in heat and pass into the water. For this reason, plastic should be avoided completely. So that plastic lying around is not affected by accidental sunlight and pollutes us and our environment.


Enjoying cooked eggs is always a bit of a challenge. In the first step, you have to cook the eggs exactly and in the second step, the right egg spoon decides on the enjoyment experience. Whether with family, friends or children, the little egg spoons are the highlight at the breakfast table.

With egg spoons made of stainless steel you are on the right side, they even match the rest of the cutlery. But mother-of-pearl egg spoons also make a particularly beautiful picture at the dining table and delight with the delicate material. With the right egg spoon, you bring the pleasure of the egg to the point. Your acquaintances will thank you for it.

Cover photo: unsplash / Enrico Mantegazza