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You are a hobby gardener and need a powerful, stable and long-lasting lawn mower to help you take care of your garden? Then Einhell lawn mowers are a very good option for you.

With our Einhell lawn mower test 2022 we provide you with all the important information you need to know before and after buying an Einhell lawn mower. To make your purchase decision as easy as possible, we have compared the different models of Einhell lawn mowers and compared their special features.


  • Einhell is a renowned brand for manufacturing lawn mowers, power tools, stationary machines, auto technology, cleaning equipment, water pumps, air conditioners, heaters and accessories.
  • Einhell offers four different types of lawn mowers: Petrol lawn mowers, corded lawn mowers, cordless lawn mowers and hand lawn mowers. The lawn mowers from Einhell are characterised by easy operation and guidability, convenient cutting height adjustment, powerful operation and a good price-performance ratio.
  • Einhell offers its customers a high-quality service that is always available for maintenance and repairs.

The Best Einhell Lawn Mower: Our Picks

Advice: Questions you should ask yourself before buying Einhell lawn mowers

What distinguishes Einhell lawn mowers from other manufacturers and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Einhell is a renowned manufacturer of lawn mowers. The brand provides a wide range of lawn mowers. The brand produces corded, battery and petrol powered lawn mowers. The lawn mowers of this brand are powerful, durable and available in different cutting widths.

Einhell Rasenmäher-1

The lawn mowers from Einhell support you in your garden maintenance. Einhellt manufactures lawn mowers for mowing any type of lawn. (Image source: Shtepa)

Einhell lawn mowers are characterised by easy operation, a powerful engine, sturdy wheels, convenient cutting height adjustment, good manoeuvrability and a rather loud noise level. Most models of Einhell lawn mowers are mainly suitable for mowing and they are not equipped with additional functions such as mowing, collecting, side discharge or lawn combing. The lawn mowers have a central cutting height adjustment that allows the cutting height to be adjusted on both axles simultaneously.

Due to the good manoeuvrability of Einhell lawn mowers, mowing is faster, easier and more comfortable. In the event of damage to an Einhell lawn mower, the brand offers a professional spare parts service that is always available to customers. The lawn mowers from Einhell ensure a neat cut and a well-maintained lawn.

  • Wide range of lawn mowers
  • Powerful and stable
  • Available in different cutting widths
  • Convenient cutting height adjustment
  • Good manoeuvrability
  • Highly qualified service
  • Loud operating noise
  • Without additional functions and equipment

What is the price range of Einhell lawn mowers?

The prices of Einhell lawn mowers depend on the type of lawn mower. The cheapest lawn mowers from Einhell are the hand lawn mowers.

Type Price
Petrol lawn mower from 114€
Electric lawn mower from 125€
Cordless lawn mower from 49€
Hand lawn mower from 50€

Since when and where have Einhell lawn mowers been manufactured?

Einhell was founded in 1964 in Landau an der Isar, where the company's headquarters are still located today. Since 1970, the company has expanded in Europe and at the beginning of the 80s, a large part of the manufactured products was exported to Asia.

Due to the high quality of its products, the brand has occupied the first places on the market in the field of garden tools for years.

What other products does Einhell offer?

Besides garden tools, the company focuses on the production of handy power tools, powerful stationary machines, car technology, cleaning equipment, water pumps, air conditioners and heaters and accessories. Einhell products can be used for both personal and commercial use.

Einhell offers its customers high quality products and tools that make working around the house, garden or workshop easy, fast and convenient.

What kind of oil does a lawnmower from Einhell need?

For petrol lawnmowers from Einhell, the special 4-stroke lawnmower oil Liqui Moly 1264 SAE 30* is recommended. With the 4-stroke lawn mower, the oil is not burnt and remains in the engine. The 4-stroke oil is used to lubricate the engine.

The oil level in the lawn mower must be checked regularly. If the lawn mower is used in wet and unfavourable conditions, more oil is consumed. In this case, it must be refilled in time.

What problems can occur with an Einhell lawn mower?

In this section, we will introduce you to the most common problems associated with powering a petrol lawnmower, an electric lawnmower or a cordless lawnmower from Einhell.

Typical problems that can arise with the lawn mower drive on the powerful petrol powered lawn mowers are:

  • Grass clippings, dirt and debris: The cutting blade can become blocked by dirt and grass debris. This can make the lawn mower drive more difficult.
  • Wear and tear: If the lawn mower is used constantly, it may wear out more quickly. Worn components must be replaced with new ones so that the lawn mower can continue to function. It is recommended that broken or worn wheel bearings and axles be repaired by professional technicians.
Do not attempt to repair cutter blade damage and cable damage yourself as this can be life threatening!
  • Bowden cable: The bowden cable can often be a reason for a defective lawn mower drive.
  • Lack of fuel: If there is no fuel in the tank, some petrol needs to be added to keep the lawn mower working.
  • Defective spark plugs: If the spark plugs are dirty, defective or broken, the lawn mower's engine can no longer be started.

The same problems arise with electric lawnmowers as with petrol lawnmowers. With electric lawnmowers, there is always a risk that the cable will be damaged. In the event of cable damage, you must contact the appropriate professionals. Wear and tear, blockages and dirt can damage the drive of the cordless lawnmowers.i

With the battery-powered lawnmowers, the danger lies in a defective battery. If the lawn mower cannot be driven, the battery status must be checked.

Where can I buy spare parts for an Einhell lawn mower?

Generally, all Einhell products have a warranty period of 2 years. However, the company offers its customers the option of an extended warranty. To benefit from the extended warranty, one must register online within one month from the date of purchase of an Einhell product.

After registration, the warranty is extended with one additional year. The warranty period is thus 3 years in total. Although Einhell products are long-lasting, a defect could occur if used improperly. In case of a defect or product damage, iSC GmbH is there to help you. iSC offers customers high-quality original spare parts for all Einhell products and is responsible for the Einhell service.

On the official website of Einhell-Service you can find all high-quality spare parts for tools, stationary equipment, heating technology, gardening equipment and cleaning equipment.

How to properly clean an Einhell lawn mower?

The well-maintained condition of the lawn mower is of great importance for its proper functioning and longer life. For this reason, regular maintenance and cleaning of the lawn mower is necessary.

Clean the lawn mower regularly so that the device can be used for longer!
  • Cleaning the blade bars: After mowing, dirt and debris collect in the lawn mower. To ensure that the remaining grass residues on the underside of the mower do not impair the proper functioning of the lawn mower, they must be frequently removed from blade bars with a water hose or brush. If the grass residues are not removed in time, they may cause corrosion that damages the housing.
  • Cleaning the top of the lawn mower: The top of the lawn mower must be cleaned of the dirt and grass with a cloth or brush. The top of petrol lawnmowers and electric lawnmowers should not be cleaned with water to avoid damaging the technology.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of a petrol lawnmower: The spark plugs of the petrol lawnmowers must be checked. To do this, you must use a spark plug spanner to unscrew them.
  • Cleaning the air filter: Most petrol lawn mowers are equipped with an air filter that sucks in dust when mowing. For this reason, the air filter must be cleaned regularly. If you do not pay attention to the condition of the air filter, the carburettor will not receive sufficient combustion air.

If you do not want to weaken the engine performance of your lawn mower, cleaning the air filter is more than necessary.

Decision: What types of Einhell lawn mowers are there and which one is right for you?

Einhell offers a wide range of lawn mowers. The lawn mower usually has to be chosen according to the area of the property and the lawn. In this point we will introduce you to the different types of lawn mowers from Einhell and their special features.

Petrol lawn mowers from Einhell

The petrol lawn mowers from Einhell have a powerful and enduring engine that not only drives the cutting mechanism, but also the wheels. Among all the lawn mowers from Einhell, the petrol lawn mowers are distinguished with the highest quality and they are the best choice.

They have complete freedom of movement. The petrol lawn mowers from Einhell are suitable for mowing places with dense vegetation and rough terrain due to their powerful engine and continuously adjustable wheel drive.

Cordless lawnmowers from Einhell

Because of their integrated Power-X-Change battery system, Einhell's cordless lawnmowers operate completely without electricity or fuel. Einhell's battery-powered lawnmowers are cordless and very easy to manoeuvre due to their light weight.

Corded lawn mowers from Einhell

Unlike the petrol lawn mowers from Einhell, the corded lawn mowers from Einhell stand out with their low operating noise and dead weight. Since the corded lawn mowers always have to be connected to the mains, they are Einhell's most enduring lawn mowers.

They do not have a battery that needs to be charged or a tank that needs to be regularly refilled with fuel. This makes them very convenient and easy to use. Because of their constant power supply, electric lawn mowers can be used to cut large areas of grass and wet grass.

Hand lawn mowers from Einhell

The hand lawn mowers from Einhell are powered by your own muscle power. They are equipped with a hand-driven cutting roller and have a catcher box for the cuttings. Unlike the other lawn mowers, the hand lawn mowers work very quietly and are environmentally friendly.

The hand lawn mowers are usually used for mowing smaller lawns. They are the cheapest type of lawn mower of all Einhell lawn mowers.

Einhell Rasenmäher-2

Petrol lawn mowers and cable lawn mowers are best for mowing and maintaining large lawns. Small hand lawn mowers are only very convenient and practical if you have a small garden.
(Image source: Blach), Fran)

Buying criteria: You can compare and evaluate Einhell lawn mowers based on these factors

Cutting width

The cutting width is a key decision criterion. If you have a large grass area to mow, you need to use a lawn mower with a larger cutting width. Einhell produces petrol, battery and corded lawn mowers with a cutting width of 30 cm, 36 cm, 43 cm and 56 cm. With the help of a lawn mower with a large cutting width, you can both mow larger areas and save time.

Collecting container

Einhell lawn mowers are equipped with either a grass catcher box or a grass catcher bag. Most devices have a fill level indicator. It informs you when the basket is full and needs to be emptied. How much grass the respective device can collect in its container is also an important criterion for the purchase.

Lawn mowers with a grass collection bag are not always the best choice. When the bag is fully loaded, it can hang down and make lawn mowing difficult. The different types of Einhell lawn mowers are available with the following catcher bag capacities: 25 L, 27 L, 28 L, 30 L, 38 L, 40 L, 50 L, 52 L, 63 L and 80 L.

The larger the collection container, the longer the lawn mower can operate without interruption.


The weight of the lawn mower is important when choosing. Although only the hand lawn mowers work entirely with muscle power, the other models also work more or less with human power. The weight of the different types of Einhell lawn mowers varies between 8 kg, 10 kg, 14 kg, 17 kg, 21 kg and 43 kg. Remember that this is the weight of a lawn mower with an empty grass box. When the collection box is fully loaded with grass, the lawn mower becomes heavier and difficult to move.

Watch this video to learn how to set up and operate a petrol lawnmower.

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