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Between May and June, the elderberry blossoms begin to bloom again in the gardens and parks all around. Unlike other herbs and flowers, you can't buy them in the supermarket. So if you want to enjoy the taste of elder blossom all year round, you can turn to elderflower liqueur, which is fruity-sweet and lasts all year round.

Due to different recipes and preparation methods, the taste experience of the individual liqueurs can differ greatly. We have therefore compared various products so that you can find out what to look for when buying and thus find the right liqueur for you.

The most important facts

  • Elderflower liqueur always consists of a spirit, sugar, water, refined with the cones of the flower. This gives the syrupy drink its characteristic fruity-sweet taste.
  • Due to the added alcohol, the liqueur can be kept unopened just about indefinitely, but is not suitable for pregnant women or children.
  • In addition to mixed drinks, the elderflower liqueur can also be used to refine desserts and baked goods.

The Best Elderflower Liqueur: Our Picks

In this section we have put together our favourites. This overview can help you decide which liqueur to buy. There will be a suitable liqueur for every taste and every need. This can then also be ordered directly and easily.

Buying and evaluation criteria for elderflower liqueur

To make it easier for you to choose between the different liqueurs, we have summarised the most important criteria. This will help you find the right elderflower liqueur for your home bar. The criteria are as follows:

We would like to go into the individual criteria in more detail so that you can make a well-informed decision.


The fruit juice of the elderflower gives the liqueur a sweet taste. However, since there are many different recipes for making the liqueur, there may be other flavours present.

The elderflower liqueur is characterised by a sweet, fruity taste with a slightly sour note. If you don't like it too sweet, you can go for a product with a higher acid content. This liqueur creates a fresher taste experience without being bitter. For a more fruity note, a product that has been additionally mixed with grape juice is a good choice.

Alcohol content

In addition to the different fruity notes, the alcohol content naturally also plays a major role in the taste of the liqueur. The alcohol content of liqueurs is usually between 15 and 35% by volume. Drinks with elderflower liqueur are therefore unsuitable for pregnant women or children.

Whether you prefer a weaker or stronger liqueur also depends on the drink you want to mix it with.


Are you a vegetarian or vegan? Then take a closer look at the ingredients of the liqueur. As with wine, non-vegetarian ingredients may be present. If additives are an important criterion for you, make sure that some products also contain colourings.


Depending on the taste and recipe, elderflower liqueurs can be used in various ways. From a classic cocktail ingredient to a dessert addition. The price-performance ratio should be right.

If the liqueur is used to refine cocktails or long drinks, you don't need to go for a high-priced product.

Decide on the basis of the flavour that goes with the other ingredients. For the classic Hugo, for example, a sweet liqueur is suitable in combination with a dry sparkling wine. The alcohol contained in the liqueur can also play a role. Vodka, rum or grain are often used as spirits.

Would you like to treat yourself to an elderflower liqueur to enjoy? A liqueur on tap goes perfectly with pastries, tea, in baked goods or simply drizzled over fruit. These rather high-priced liqueurs have a good flavour of their own in addition to their characteristic sweetness.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about elderflower liqueur answered in detail

In this section we want to answer the most frequently asked questions about elderflower liqueur. This will give you enough information if you want to buy an elderflower liqueur.

What is elderflower liqueur?

Elderflower liqueur is a liqueur made from elderflower cones, along with schnapps, water and sugar. Other ingredients such as lemon juice or grape juice are also possible. Elderflower liqueur is characterised by its sweet, fruity taste. It is therefore particularly popular as an ingredient for a summer aperitif or cocktail.

What does elderflower liqueur cost?

The price of elderflower liqueur is mainly determined by the capacity of the bottle, the alcohol content, the method of preparation and the brand. It can range from cheap to expensive. Therefore, this table gives you a small overview.

Price range available products
Low-priced 9.99 €-15.00 € very simple, high sugar content, often only 0.5l volume
Medium-priced 15.00 €-20.00 € higher standard in the selection of raw materials and production
High-priced from 25.00 € elaborate bottle design, well-known distilleries, personalisation

As you can see, you can buy a fine elderflower liqueur for very little money. If you attach importance to design and/or a special taste experience, you will find a suitable liqueur in the medium-price category and above.

What are the preparation options for elderflower liqueur?

Elderflower liqueur can be enjoyed pure, on ice or over fruit. Manufacturers recommend serving the liqueur at room temperature. The sweet, fruity taste of the liqueur also makes it perfect for refining baked goods, especially fruit cakes.


Elderflower liqueur is very popular as an ingredient in baked goods in addition to the preparation of various drinks. The fruity, alcoholic syrup sweetens the dough and gives your summer dessert that certain something. (Image source: Brigitte Tohm/ Unsplash)

In addition to these uses, the liqueur is also popular as an ingredient for various cocktails. The best known of these is the Hugo, in which the liqueur is infused with sparkling wine or prosecco and refined with mint. But cocktails with gin or other spirits are also possible.

What is the shelf life of elderflower liqueur?

Unopened, there is no time limit for the shelf life of spirits. Alcohol and sugar act as natural preservatives, so bacteria and germs cannot multiply.

In addition, elderflower liqueur does not contain any perishable ingredients such as cream or egg. After opening the bottle, it is recommended to store it in a cold place and to use it up within the next two years.

What alternatives are there for elderflower liqueur?

For a non-alcoholic alternative, simple elderflower syrup is a good choice. This can be used 1:1 as a substitute for non-alcoholic cocktails, desserts or baked goods. Like the liqueur itself, elderflower syrup can be bought at discount stores or made yourself.

If you make elderflower syrup yourself, you can also turn it into a liqueur afterwards. To do this, you can add the spirit of your choice to the syrup. Vodka, grain or rum are ideal for this. Orientate yourself on the quantity ratio of a recipe and then see for yourself with which alcohol content the liqueur tastes best to you.


To offer your guests a refreshing, fruity-sweet cocktail in summer, elderflower liqueur is the perfect base. Thanks to the many different designs, you are sure to find the right bottle for your home bar.

In addition to the aesthetics and the cocktails, the elderflower liqueur is also the perfect complement for your desserts or a fruity sponge cake. When it comes to dosage, you should only bear in mind that the liqueur consists largely of sugar and functions as a sweetener. Your taste is therefore the most important factor when deciding which liqueur to buy.

(Cover photo: Hanne Hoogendam/ Unsplash)