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Welcome to our big electric baby swing test 2022. Here we present all the electric baby swings that we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best electric baby swing for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy an electric baby swing.


  • To calm babies, it helps to carry them with gentle movements. An electric baby swing makes this easier for you by imitating these movements.
  • There are three types of operation. Purely by electricity, by battery and those models that make both possible.
  • You can compare the baby rockers on the basis of the most important criteria, such as load capacity, age recommendation, safety and functionality.

The Best Electric Baby Swing: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying an electric baby swing

For which babies are electric baby swings suitable?

Actually for every baby, you could say. Because every newborn baby likes to be carried or entertained with movements to become calm and fall asleep.

But not every baby is the same. Some need it more and some need it less. For some, just being held in the arms is enough. Writing babies, however, need longer care. And that's where the problem starts.

If the baby can only rest by being carried for a long time. Your arms become weak over time. The constant carrying causes pain in your back and you can't do anything else. Let's not fool ourselves: It's simply exhausting when all you have to do is take care of your baby.

Baby in Babyschaukel

The electric baby swing is a good relief for parents. (Photo source: / 53904293)

The electric baby swing is particularly suitable for this. Because it does the same thing that you can do with your arms. Namely, it rocks the child. The only difference is that the swing can do this longer and more steadily without exhausting itself. Unless it is a battery-operated seesaw, but even that still works well and for a long time. This is especially good for soothing crying babies and whining newborns.

How much does an electric baby rocker cost?

The cost of electric baby rockers starts at around €80 and goes up to a price of around €300, depending on the quality and brand.

What are the differences between cheap and expensive baby swings?

In the higher price segment, the baby swings naturally have more functions and are also of higher quality material. However, this does not mean that the lower price range is equally bad. Here, too, there are good rockers for babies with a small but fine selection of swing levels and lullabies.

In terms of safety, the expensive swings often have a five-point system. This is a harness system that brings the straps together between the legs, around the hips on the left and right and over both shoulders to the centre of the baby and prevents them from slipping and falling out.

The three-point system is more common in cheaper models. It secures your baby firmly with straps that are clipped together around the hips and between the legs for closure.

The following table compares the prices of an electric and a manual baby swing:

Baby swing price range
Electric baby swing €60 to €525
Manual baby bouncer €25 to €450

What are the alternatives to an electric baby swing?

As an alternative to an electric swing, there are three other non-electric aids. These are the manually operated swings, then the baby carriers and finally the baby cots with a manual weighing function.

Non-electric baby swing

Nowadays there is almost an oversupply of electric baby rockers. Nevertheless, non-automatic rockers still exist.

These are not a shock in terms of price and some of them also look very chic. In terms of comfort, many babies are able to rest in them and are secured by straps. The only thing is that they don't rock on their own. You have to be there and keep pushing with your hands so that the baby keeps moving in the rocker.

Some people see this as a disadvantage, because you would like to do something else during this time. But isn't it nice when you can watch your baby having fun being rocked in a rocker by its own parents?

Baby carrier/sling

If you want to soothe your toddler just as you do with the electric baby swing, and at the same time you want to do something else, e.g. household chores, then carrycots/scarves are suitable for this.

There are a few carrycots that are very easy to put on. With a few straps, buckles and clicks, the carrier is attached and the baby sits safely inside. It doesn't take long and your baby soon falls asleep. You can still wash the dishes, hang out the laundry or prepare papers for work.

The only downside is that you may not be able to exercise yourself fully. For example, if you bend down too much or lean against something. You might push your baby in too hard or scare him when he is tilted upside down.

Baby cot with cradle function

Who doesn't know them? The cute little cots that you can put next to your bed so that you can rock your baby back and forth in them.

They also help out during the day. Instead of an electric baby bouncer, you put your baby in the cradle and rock your little one back and forth until he or she calms down.

The advantage of this is its dual function. At night it serves as a cot and during the day as a cradle for calming.

The following table summarises the differences between the alternatives to the baby swing:

Alternatives Description
Non-electric baby swing Swing does not rock electrically, only by nudging the rocker
Baby carrier/sling Parent carries baby with a sling or bag tied to the body, can also do other work
Baby cot with cradle function Baby cot which starts rocking when nudged

Decision: What types of baby swings are there and which one is right for your baby?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an electric baby swing?

  • Automatic rocking to calm the baby
  • Different levels of rocking possible
  • Music and sounds
  • Lying too long harms infant's posture
  • Power consumption/battery use
  • Baby might get too used to being rocked and have a harder time falling asleep without moving

Buying criteria: These are the factors you can use to compare and evaluate electric baby bouncers

In the following, we show you the most important criteria that you should use as a guide before you buy an electric baby swing.

In summary, these are the following criteria:

  • Age recommendation
  • Load capacity
  • Washability
  • Safety
  • Mobility
  • Swing steps
  • Timer
  • Music settings
  • Battery or electricity?
  • Toys

Age recommendation

Most people always look at the price before buying. Of course, it should not be too high.

In the case of a baby watch, however, it is also important to pay attention to the recommendation as to when your baby can start using it. Many providers allow use from birth onwards.

However, doctors say that the spine is still too malleable directly after birth and that the use of the baby swing should therefore be postponed until the sixth week.

Load-bearing capacity

Not only from when is important, but also until when. After all, the swings are not all made of the same material and hold together in different ways.

That's why the carrying capacity in kilograms is decisive for how long you want or are allowed to have your baby weighed electronically. The higher the load capacity, the longer your baby can be cradled in it.

Some baby swings can hold a weight of up to 8kg. Stronger ones can even hold up to 12kg.


All babies in the first few months spit up a little of their milk or drool. This eventually contaminates the cover your baby is lying on. Over time, it looks pretty messy and starts to stink.

That's why you should find out whether the covers of the rockers can be removed. Then you can also wash them.

Did you know that babies need many new experiences to stimulate their brain?

If your baby gets restless after a while in the car seat, you can try changing the toys. Babies get bored very quickly with toys they already know. Then give your baby something new.


3-point system or 5-point system? Which baby bouncer is the safest for your baby?

There are two options when it comes to safety for your baby. Do you only want to secure your baby around the hips and with a third strap between the legs? This is generally sufficient as long as your baby is not yet able to move very much.

If your baby is already a few months older and moves around quite a lot and pushes off with his feet to slide up further, a 5-point system would be advisable. The two other straps secure your baby at the shoulders and run to the middle of the other three straps.


If the weight of the product is higher, it is more difficult to move the swing or take it to a friend's house. In addition, some swings are foldable. This means it is much easier to transport and takes up less space when stowed away.

Seesaw steps

Only one speed or strength to adjust the swing or does it have several steps?

The younger, the easier the motion should be. After all, the child should not get any shaking trauma. With increasing age, however, some babies need more intensive rocking movements to be able to calm down. That is why the providers also have several levels to choose from, from level 1 to level 3 or even up to level 5.

Then there are those that not only rock more in one direction, i.e. back and forth. Special models can also swing from left to right or turn in a circle.


If an automatic baby bouncer has a timer, you can set how long the baby bouncer plays music or rocks. This way, your baby only gets the rocking function as an aid to falling asleep and does not get used to rocking movements while sleeping.

Did you know that lying down for too long also delays the baby's hair growth?

If your baby already has hair, but is still bald at the back of the head, it could be that lying down for too long is responsible. In this case, the baby may already be too old for the cradle or should simply sit more.

Music settings

How many melodies can you play? Does it have animal sounds to choose from? Or is it possible to add your own songs and sounds via USB connection?

In addition to the three main questions, various settings for the sound volume are also important to consider.

Battery or electricity?

You should consider whether you can always place an electric baby bouncer near a power socket. If this is not possible, an extra extension cable would help, but who wants to create an unnecessary tangle of cables.

For this problem, there are baby bouncers that you can operate with batteries. The best ones are those that can be used with both electricity and batteries. This gives you and your baby much more flexibility when it comes to adjusting the electric baby swing.

It is not advisable to use only batteries, as the batteries have to be constantly bought or recharged and the power consumption is cheaper in comparison.


When your baby is lying in the electric cradle, its eyes are directed upwards. In the best case, there should be a small toy mobile hanging there, which the baby can play with or practise grasping.

If there are no colourful animals or other toys or rattles, you will have to buy some more. Otherwise, your toddler would get bored with this addition because he would not have anything to do.

Facts worth knowing about the electric baby swing

Baby rockers have been around for more than half a century. At that time, they had no electrical functions at all. However, they fulfilled their purpose right from the start and various functions were added over time. Animal sounds, lullabies, lights and swing strengths.

When using them, the safety of the baby should be a priority. It is therefore important to ensure that the baby is properly secured with the harnesses and also to pay attention to the length of time the child is in the rocker.

Unsecured babies can slip or even fall out if they are kicking too hard. Lying in the rocker for too long bends the child and consequently the spine, and this should be prevented. At least, according to experts, it is okay if it lies inside for 30 to 60 minutes.

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