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More and more home appliances are being developed to facilitate daily tasks such as cooking. Today, fast meals are part of the routine and counting on the electric grill can make you eat healthier.

With several formats and models, this product brings convenience for the preparation of recipes with meats, vegetables and even seafood. In our article you check out all the details about this appliance. Check it out!

First, the most important

  • The electric grill has a compact format, composed by non-stick plates and a removable container to collect oil. Its differential is to produce healthier recipes, without excess fat.
  • Meat, vegetables, fish and even seafood can be prepared with the help of a grill. Each food will require different temperature levels for its realization.
  • You can find different models of electric grill on the market, but never forget to observe the technical specificities of the appliance as the type of plate, functions and extra features available before buying.

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Buying guide: all you need to know about electric grill

Despite being a popular appliance for being ideal for preparing healthier recipes, questions about the electric grill are common. To explain everything about this appliance, we have prepared the following guide:

Grill elétrico em uma mesa de madeira sendo usado para a preparação de legumes, carnes e frutos do mar.

Even in the rush of the daily routine, you can eat healthier with the help of an electric grill. (Photo: photogrim1/ Pixabay)

What is the electric grill?

Many people may confuse the electric grill with other appliances, such as sandwich maker or frying pan, however the functions of each of these appliances are different in the kitchen.

The electric grill is non-stick and prepares recipes without fat

Generally, the electric grill is a compact equipment formed by plates with non-stick coating, where the food is prepared, and contains a removable tray to collect the fat used in the process.

Another interesting aspect about the grill is that it has a temperature controller, enabling the user to adjust the degrees according to the types of food and the way of preparing the recipe.

What are the types of electric grill?

The different models of electric grill can be classified according to various characteristics, but we will explain here the variations between the formats with double plate or a single plate. See what they are:

  • Double plate grill: Common models very similar to sandwich maker. They are ideal for preparing meat and vegetables more quickly, because each plate heats up equally, speeding up the process.
  • Grill with one plate: The formats are similar to iron pans and may or may not have a lid. The plate is only on the lower part and grills food more slowly. With the lid the process can be accelerated.

What can be prepared on the electric grill?

The grill can be used to grill meat, seafood, vegetables and fruit, or to make elaborate recipes such as pancakes, sandwiches or barbecues. The table shows the instructions for preparing some of these foods:

Types of food Preparation Method
Meats Beef, pork, poultry, fish and sausage Place the meat only when the grill is very hot. Grill one side completely to turn the other side later.
Vegetables Potatoes, bell peppers, courgette, mushrooms and carrots Grill the vegetables in pieces, the thinner the thinner the faster the preparation.
Cheeses Curd They should be breaded with egg and flour so they do not fall apart
Sandwiches Hot mix, hamburger It is preferable to use a grill with a top press

Remember that each food requires a different temperature level. Here is a popular recipe for potatoes that can be cooked on an electric grill for you to learn:

What is the difference between the electric grill and the sandwich maker?

Even if the grill and the sandwich maker are apparently very similar, each of the equipment brings specificities for the preparation of certain types of food. The main difference is in the temperature reached.

While the grill reaches higher levels to prepare ingredients such as meats, vegetables and other types of food, the sandwich maker is specific to make snacks and melt cheese and ham.

There is also a difference in the size of the product, almost always the grill is larger for preparing dishes for more people. However, it is possible to find models on the market that combine both devices in a single device.

Advantages and disadvantages of the electric grill: what are they?

You already know that the grill brings many facilities for your daily routine, but do you know what are these benefits? We list in the following table the main positive and negative points of acquiring this product, check:

  • Prepare healthy meals, without excess fat
  • Easy to clean and handle
  • Use as a decorative item on the dinner table
  • Prepare different types of food
  • Offers practicality in the kitchen
  • Low cost models can take longer to prepare food
  • Not all formats are ideal for preparing all types of food
  • Can be fragile
  • Some version does not have a nonstick plate

How to clean the electric grill correctly?

There are no secrets to cleaning the grill. First of all, unplug the appliance and let it cool down. Prefer paper towels, cloths that do not shed or soft sponges to remove dirt.

To clean, dampen them with warm water and neutral detergent and wipe them over the device. Then dry the device with another towel.

Carnes e legumes sendo grelhados em um grill elétrico

Food can leave residues on the grill after use. Prefer cleaning with a towel, warm water and mild detergent (Photo: suju-foto/ Pixabay)

Purchase criteria: What to consider when comparing electric grill models

The grill will only really be useful if you choose a model with the right technical controls that will serve your purpose when using the appliance. So always take the following points into account when buying:

Type of Plate

The grill plates may vary depending on the model of the product. The wavy griddles are recommended for those who seek a healthier life, since they drain the fat during preparation.

Flat plates accumulate more oil, but prepare food more quickly, because they are fully extended. It is also possible to find models with both features.

Extra Features

Some technical features of the grill can bring more ease when using the appliance. We have listed the main ones for you to know:

  • Non-stick plates: To have ease when cleaning the grill, always prefer plates with this criterion. Thus, the food will stick less to the surface. It is also interesting to choose formats with removable plates.
  • Glass lid: For round models there is this possibility. It is ideal to speed up the production of recipes with the heat that stays inside the appliance.
  • Temperature gauge: Most models have this mechanism which shows if the food is ready without having to open the lid.


The main purpose of this device is to grill food, however, nothing prevents the grill has other features. One of them is the possibility of also being a sandwich maker, preparing snacks more effectively.

Três hambúrgueres em uma tigela preta. Ao redor existem ingredientes como alface, tomate e azeite.

Three burgers Opting for multifunctional grill models can help prepare specific dishes with more precision. (Photo: timolina/123rf)


This is an important aspect because it interferes both in the electrical consumption made by the device and in the time of food preparation.

The higher the power of an electric grill, the faster it will finish the recipes, however, the expenses with the electricity bill will also be higher.


The electric grill is not just for grilling food such as meat, vegetables or seafood. Some models are multifunctional and allow you to prepare recipes like sandwiches, pancakes or barbecues.

These appliances are ideal for those who want a healthier lifestyle, as they remove excess fat from food during preparation. Each food needs a suitable temperature setting to be cooked.

Thus, the electric grill offers more practicality and efficiency to the kitchen, being used in the realization of culinary recipes that offer more health to individuals in less time.

One of the relevant points to take into account in this device is the power, as it will define the preparation time and also the energy consumption of the device. Thus, you will consume good dishes, without unnecessary expenses.

(Source of the highlighted image: rozmarina/123rf)

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