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Who hasn't experienced this? You don't really feel like cooking or you need to do it quickly. So you reach for the tin can. Often there are dishes that you can fire straight from the can into the pot and only need to heat them up. Just what you need!

But first you have to get the tin open. So bang - grab the can opener, put it on and start twisting. Unfortunately, the opener doesn't want to open the can the way you want it to. The thing keeps slipping off, you have to start again, start all over again. Quite time-consuming. And in the end there are sharp edges on the edge of the lid. Great. With the kitchen gadget presented below, such stories are a thing of the past. It's about the electric can opener.


  • Electric can openers are not only used in private households, thanks to their size you can also use them outdoors, for example when camping
  • Electric can openers are available in many different designs and colours, so there is something for everyone
  • Electric can openers are available as small mobile helpers or standing upright with a fixed place

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Buying and evaluation criteria for electric can openers

As you can see, there are many different electric can openers. To make your choice easier, we have summarised the most important criteria for you here:

In the following, you will find out what the criteria are all about!


Not all electric can openers are the same. This means, for example, that you only have to attach some openers to the can and the opener does the rest. With others, you have to hold the can.

The edge formation also plays an important role. If the opener leaves sharp edges on the cans, this can be quite dangerous.

Handling can be especially important for people who are no longer able to open a can with a mechanical can opener.


The material should always play a role when choosing kitchen products such as an electric can opener. Electric can openers are used often and not infrequently come into contact with food. They must therefore be durable and easy to clean.

Electric can openers are not particularly heavy or large, so it is easy to miss them when they are lying on the table. So a fall from the table cannot be ruled out. To prevent the appliance from falling to pieces, it makes sense to check the material before buying.

Power supply

Especially nowadays, more and more appliances run on an internal power supply. However, this is by no means a matter of course. Especially in the kitchen, many appliances still have a cable for power supply. Often, however, an appliance is available in both versions. This is also the case with the electric can opener.

Depending on the intended use, the requirements for the electric can opener can be different. Would you like to take the electric can opener camping with you to open your cans in the wild without much effort? Then a battery-operated can opener is definitely the right choice for you, because they perfectly complement your outdoor equipment.


Design always plays a role. Of course, you always know best how appealing you find an electric can opener in terms of external appearance!

But there are also electric can openers that have been so cleverly designed that they hide extras such as bottle openers or knife sharpeners! You can always use sharp knives!

Guide: Frequently asked questions about the electric can opener answered in detail

Now that you know what to look for when buying an electric can opener, we'll answer the most frequently asked questions about the devices:

How does an electric can opener work?

As a rule, you place the can opener on the edge of the can, just like a mechanical can opener. Depending on the model, the electric can opener then moves automatically and opens the can or you have to guide the electric can opener yourself.

Elektrischer Dosenöffner

You don't have to throw away your used cans. Like so many products, you can simply reuse them elsewhere. (Image source: Nathan Dumlao/ Unsplash)

With other models, you may also have to hold on to the can. What they all have in common, however, is the reduced effort required compared to mechanical can openers.

Who is an electric can opener suitable for?

With an electric can opener, you have to exert almost no force at all to open the can. This is why such openers are particularly suitable for people who can no longer muster enough strength to open a can mechanically. This can be the case, for example, for senior citizens or people with wrist disorders or similar.

An electric can opener is also recommended for all households where a lot of cans have to be opened. The electric device saves time and effort that can be better invested elsewhere!

What types of electric can openers are there?

In principle, there are only two types of electric can openers. The scope for such a specific device is, of course, strongly linked to the way it works. Either you use an electric can opener that you can also use on the go. Or you can get an upright electric can opener that has a permanent place in your kitchen. The advantage of standing electric can openers is that they are less likely to get lost. Some models also have extras. For example, some upright electric can openers have a bottle opener, others even a knife sharpener.

How much does an electric can opener cost?

When it comes to price, as with any product, there is a certain amount of leeway with electric can openers. We have summarised the exact pricing in the following table.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (10,99 - 29,99 €) Simple plastic devices
Medium-priced (30,00 - 44,99 €) More ease of use and better materials
High-priced (45 - 70 €) High-quality materials in noble design

How do you clean an electric can opener?

As a rule, a mobile electric can opener can be cleaned quickly and easily. You wet a cloth with hot water and wipe the electric can opener with it. Make sure you have removed all food residues.

For upright appliances, it is best to follow the manufacturer's instructions!

Since this is an electric appliance, cleaning it in the dishwasher or generally under running water is an absolute no-no!


To open your cans as effortlessly as possible, an electric can opener is indispensable. It's a small, very useful kitchen gadget that takes some of the work out of your kitchen. The devices presented here usually all open the lid without sharp edges.

When buying an electric can opener, there is more to consider than you might have thought at first. This article has provided you with an overview. Whether standing or mobile, with start-stop function or at the touch of a button, completely automatic. Electric can openers are available in different versions. With our guide and our buying recommendations, you are optimally prepared to make the right decision and find the right appliance for your kitchen!

Cover photo: PublicDomainArchive/ Pixabay