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You love to cook and you like to season your food with freshly ground pepper? Are you tired of seasoning your food with a manual pepper mill because you always need both hands? Then you should think about buying an electric pepper mill, which will make cooking even more fun.

In this guide, you will find important information about electric pepper mills. This should help you to find the best one for you. We have compared different types and worked out the most important criteria for you.


  • An electric pepper mill is a practical cooking utensil and at the same time an eye-catcher in the kitchen.
  • It is an alternative to a manual pepper mill and is operated either by pressing a button or by a tilting mechanism.
  • Some electric pepper mills grind the pepper and others cut it up.

The Best Electric Pepper Mills: Our Choices

In this section, you'll learn all about our favourites. There is something for every taste. The list should help you find the right electric pepper mill for you.

Buying and evaluation criteria for electric pepper mills

To help you find the right electric pepper mill for you, we have compiled the most important criteria. These are the following:

  • Grinder
  • Operating mode
  • Power supply
  • Outer material

In this section, we show you what is behind the individual criteria so that you know what to look for when buying an electric pepper mill.


Electric pepper mills can grind the beloved pepper coarsely or finely with a stainless steel grinder, a ceramic grinder or, in rare cases, a titanium grinder, depending on your preference. The decision for one or the other grinder depends on how you want to use your electric pepper mill.

With a steel grinder, the pepper is cut up. You can use this only for pepper. This ensures a particularly intense pepper aroma. If you like to season your food intensively, you should consider an electric pepper mill with a steel grinder. With a ceramic grinder, on the other hand, the pepper is ground. The advantage is that you can also grind salt with a ceramic grinder.

A titanium grinder grinds the pepper, but can also grind salt. Grinders made of titanium are considerably more expensive. Depending on which pepper you want to grind and how you want to grind it, you should compare the different grinders carefully.

Operating mode

Electric pepper mills can be operated by tilting or by pressing a switch. Which operating mode suits you best depends on your personal taste and the way you work in the kitchen.

Pepper mills with a tilt sensor only need to be turned over to start the grinding process. It is important to remember that this also happens if the pepper mill accidentally falls over. Pepper mills with a push mechanism must be deliberately pressed.

Power supply

A few electric pepper mills are operated by a rechargeable battery. The majority are powered by several batteries. These are usually 4 to 6 batteries. When buying, remember to have spare batteries in the house at all times in case the batteries suddenly run out while cooking.

Exterior material

An electric pepper mill can be made of different materials. Wood, stainless steel, plastic or glass can be used. With regard to the exterior material, it should be noted that not every electric pepper mill is suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about electric pepper mills answered in detail

In this section, we have compiled the most important questions and answers about electric pepper mills. You should then be able to decide which electric pepper mill is best for you.

Who is an electric pepper mill suitable for?

In principle, an electric pepper mill is suitable for everyone who likes to season their food with freshly ground pepper. Are you annoyed when cooking that you always need both hands to season your dishes with a manual pepper mill? Then an electric pepper mill (with its electric grinder) is particularly suitable for you instead of a manual pepper mill.

What types of electric pepper mills are there?

Electric pepper mills, as we have already shown you, can consist of different grinders. They can be steel grinders, ceramic grinders or titanium grinders.

Type explanation
Ceramic grinder grinds pepper and can also be used for salt and other spices
Steel grinder cuts pepper and cannot be used for other spices

An electric pepper mill with a ceramic grinder can be used for all purposes. In addition to pepper, you can also put salt and other spices in it. An electric pepper mill with a steel grinder can only be used for pepper. The pepper aroma is more intense with this type of pepper mill.

How much does an electric pepper mill cost?

The price of an electric pepper mill is influenced in particular by the grinder it contains. You can find a list of the price ranges in the table below.

Type price range
Electric pepper mill with ceramic grinder set of 2 approx. 10 - 40 euros
Electric pepper mill with ceramic grinder (single) approx. 12 - 55 euros
Electric pepper mill with steel grinder approx. 25 - 85 euros

The comparison shows that electric pepper mills with a ceramic grinder are cheaper than those with a steel grinder. Pepper mills with a steel grinder are especially the Peugeot brand, which is well-known among spice mills and is of high quality. The cheaper pepper mills with a ceramic grinder offer good value for money and can be purchased in a practical set of 2.

Which pepper is recommended for an electric pepper mill?

When buying an electric pepper mill, you should bear in mind that not every pepper is equally suitable. It is important that the peppercorns are dried and firm. Most white and black peppers meet this criterion.

However, colourful pepper should not be ground in an electric pepper mill, as it contains too much moisture and thus clogs the grinder. (Image source: Pixabay / Couleur)

Examples of colourful peppers are pink pepper, berry pepper and clove pepper. You can grind these with a mortar instead.


An electric pepper mill is particularly convincing because of its practical handling and should not be missing in any hobby or professional chef's kitchen. You can choose between an electric pepper mill with stainless steel or ceramic grinder. The decisive factor here is for which dishes you use the pepper and how intense the pepper should be.

There are also other extras that you should include in your purchase decision. These are a tilting mechanism, an integrated stand and an integrated light for additional fun when seasoning with an electric pepper mill.

Image: 123rf / 108238270