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We will show you a complete buying guide about electric saws. There are different models. By choosing the best option thick logs will never be a problem in day to day work.

Portable, large, medium, small, powerful, in short, there are many features in each version. When considering the wide range of technical criteria you cannot give up reading this text to learn more about the subject.

Really, there is not much point in buying the best blade in the world when the electric saw does not offer a corresponding power. This tool has high prices, but by unravelling a few secrets you can even save money.


  • There are 6 main types of electric saws. Choose a version according to the type of material to be sawn.
  • Power saw is not an electric saw.
  • This tool cuts wood and other hard materials.

The Best Electric Saw: Our Picks

Do you want to set up a carpenter's shop? Do you only want to use the electric saw for hobby work? Whatever your motivation is, choose one of the most reliable productions. These are the models:

Buying Guide

A perfect cut in wood depends on three factors: the skill of the joiner, the quality of the chainsaw and the type of service. Studying to use the output in the right way is a must.

The site will point out to you the information that helps experienced or amateur buyers. Continue reading:

Um homem usa uma serra elétrica de fita.

Find out how to buy the electric saw as per the needs of your services (Source: skeeze /

What is an electric saw?

The meaning of the chainsaw is clear from the very name of the product, a saw that runs on electricity. The tool is popular for cutting wood, but it can also be used to cut fiberglass, acrylic, aluminum, metal, among other materials.

The cuts of the electric saw happen in a straight or curved manner. You can cut at an angle ranging from 0 to 90 degrees or more, depending on the model. The cutting blades wear out quickly and must be replaced after a certain period of use.

Uma serra elétrica tico-tico da marca Black & Decker.

Modern chainsaw models have a low level of vibration (Source: Paul Jantz /

What are the main types of electric saws?

Now you will know the definition of the 6 main types of chainsaws that are popular among amateurs and professionals:

  • Band saw: Straight or irregular cuts can be made with this large electric tool. It is one of the most versatile models, suitable for thick materials, difficult to be handled by other machines.
  • Poly-cutting saw: Tubes, profiles, steel, aluminium, in short, various robust materials can be sawed with this medium-sized and expensive saw.
  • Circular saw: Perfect for straight and fast cutting of wood. It also works on other materials, depending on the blade. Product with less rotation and more blade size if compared with the marble saw, although it is similar in aesthetics.
  • Half mit resaw: Popular in carpentry, construction or flat renovation. Most versions cut only wood, although there are power editions to cut aluminum, vinyl or plastic.
  • Marble saw: This is a machine that can drill even stones due to the power of the motor. The blades that must be used have a diamond structure. In some specific cuts it is possible to use it on wood.
  • Tico-tic saw: It is a choice that can make different types of fine cuts in various materials, taken as the most diverse option for cutting.

The table below summarises the differences in chainsaws:

Cuts Size Materials
Band saw Various Large Various
Poly-cutting saw Various Medium Various, except wood
Half-square saw Cuts at different angles from 45° to 90° Medium Wood and other materials
Circular saw Straight Can go from small to medium Wood and other materials
Marble saw Straight Can go from small to medium Stones, floors, bricks, wall and tiles
Tico-saw Curved or straight Small Tiles, floors, metal, plastic or wood

What are the advantages of having an electric saw?

Cut different materials, regardless of size or rigidity, using the best chainsaws. You can cut straight or curved, in large and small sizes, in detail.

The current models have an increasingly ergonomic design and offer safety for operators. However, it is necessary to have some technical knowledge in order to use the power tool correctly. Take a closer look at the pros and cons:

  • Cuts at different angles
  • Curved or straight cuts
  • Ergonomic
  • Cutting wood and other materials
  • Easy to find on the market
  • Bivolt
  • Technical knowledge to use
  • Needs power source to work
  • Expensive

What is the difference between an electric saw and a chainsaw?

You are on your site, need to cut a hard material and do not know which tool to select? Calm down, now learn the differences between the chainsaw and the electric saw.

Electric saw: It is an easier to use production that runs on battery or plug-in. The issue offers lightness and can be easily repaired in case of defects.

Chainsaw: Heavier choice that works with a higher power motor. Worth using if you are in places without electricity.

Um homem usa uma serra elétrica para cortar uma tábua de madeira enquanto outro homem observa o trabalho de perto.

The cutting depth of a given circular saw needs to be greater than the thickness of the material that will be cut. (Source: skeeze / Pixabay)

Buying Criteria: Factors to compare electric saw models

A clean, fast and flattering job is the goal that can be completed if you use the top quality tools. In order not to pay abusive prices for average outputs see how to compare the models according to specific points:

  • Power
  • Ergonomics
  • Blade
  • Special Features

Understand below what each comparison criteria of the offers means:


You can find chainsaws with a power range from 500 to 2000 W, up to a maximum of 20,000 RPM (revolutions per minute).

For cutting lighter structures like MDF, for example, you should avoid using a very powerful drill, especially if there is no power controller. This is because the structure may have its base cracked by the power of the tool.

In the case of cutting more rigid structures it is recommended to use the powerful electric saws, otherwise the device may even break.

Um homem com uma serra elétrica circular em uma das mãos. Ele veste um macacão azul, óculos de proteção e uma camiseta amarela. Ele aponta o dedo indicador da mão sem a serra.

Saving money on the purchase of a quality chainsaw leaves more money to invest in building materials (Source: Elnur Amikishiyev /


Weight, design, handles, in short, various aspects of the chainsaw must be analysed to find out whether the structure is ergonomic. This represents an important criterion, especially when you work for several hours at a time.

The cheapest models can be very heavy and offer low power, which consequently requires more effort in the application, increasing the chances of accidents happening in the work environment.

The modern versions, on the other hand, have robust and light handles, and offer more power, also increasing safety in the services.


Some sellers hoping to sell more products than the market competitors offer the electric saws accompanied by dozens of blades - which generates a lot of economy in the end to buyers.

Other times, the offer does not come with any blades, something bad if you want to use the product as soon as it arrives in your workshop. Usually the versions come with two blades.

Special features

The more special features the better the product is considered - this rule also applies to the vast majority of chainsaw offers.

One example is the blowing system, which gets dust out of the way and makes sure you don't waste time blowing to see holes. There are also electric saw versions with a safety lock, power regulation and a low-vibration system.

(Featured image source: schan / 123rf)