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The electric screwdriver will help you save a lot of time and money by screwing without much effort. In any manual work, it is always a good idea to reduce the effort we make during the execution of repetitive tasks.

Taking into account that you should be interested in knowing which of the existing ones on the Mexican market is the most suitable for you, we have prepared the most relevant information for you to make your decision professionally. Here you will know what to expect from your next portable helper!

First, the most important

  • The electric screwdriver is a delicate tool that should be used under adult supervision. Keep it away from children and in a safe place after purchase.
  • Although they all look the same, with a shape similar to a drill, they do not all have the same manoeuvrability and features. Pay attention to the differences between one and the other to ensure the best user experience.
  • Buy the product in a reliable place where you can be sure of its origin and proper functioning with a guarantee against damage. There are many imitations in Latin American markets that do not meet the quality standards of good brands.

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Buying Guide

Electric screwdrivers are very versatile and useful.
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What is an electric screwdriver and what are its advantages?

Electric screwdrivers are devices that have an internal motor that rotates a bit or chuck that holds a bit inside. In doing so, it allows the user to avoid needing a power tool for every type of task that involves turning a different part.

Simply place the tip that fits snugly into the target object. While some electric screwdrivers include standard bits in their package, the cost of these bits is far less than having to purchase a tool for each type of screw or fastener.

Every electrician, mechanic, carpenter, and even a bricklayer should have a power screwdriver as one of their main tools. The time it takes to disassemble something as simple as a lamp can be as little as 15 to 3 minutes.

  • Physical effort is greatly reduced by avoiding the manual turning of a traditional screwdriver
  • Technology has advanced and made it cheaper than in previous decades
  • Lighting is included
  • Their power can help tighten firmly when needed
  • The weight of the tool is much greater than that of a traditional screwdriver, so breaks will have to be taken for prolonged tasks
  • They are still much more expensive than a traditional screwdriver
  • Their size can make them unusable in confined or very tight areas
  • Their power can damage the head of very sensitive screws

High and low power electric screwdrivers What should you pay attention to?

We could classify electric screwdrivers into several categories, but the main one remains their power. It affects performance and use, functionality, and also notably the price of the tool.

Before deciding on the one with the most power or the most accessories, ask yourself what kind of work you will be doing with the equipment. This comparison chart will help you understand the differences between the two categories, and will help you understand the features of the one you really need.

High Power Low Power
Designed for jobs where low, medium and high torque is required. For example, from a small lamp screw to a car nut Only for domestic use, or very specialised screws that do not need to be tightened with force
Size and weight are often larger than low power, which can make them less manoeuvrable Not having to generate as much torque helps to alleviate weight and size, making it ideal for reaching into tight spaces
Battery usually charges quickly Longer battery charging time
More revolutions per minute, more force and also higher risk of injury during use Lower risk of injury due to being less powerful
Higher cost relative to low power Cheapest on the market

In addition to these comparisons, consider the following: If I apply too much torque with a high-powered electric screwdriver, can I damage the screw? The truth is that this used to happen frequently, but the new technology activates a mechanism to avoid damaging the head when it detects that this may occur.

Buying criteria: compare and rate different types of electric screwdrivers

Know the most important variables to consider before making the decision to purchase a piece of equipment that can last you many, many years if you use it properly. To really decide which electric screwdriver is right for you, consider the following variables.

Revolutions Per Minute (RPM)

The power of the motor is related to the number of turns the chuck, where the bit you will use is fitted, will make in a minute. A powerful electric screwdriver will give up to 800 RPM, and a small motor will give 200 or 300.

Ask yourself how much force you will need for your jobs and you will know which electric screwdriver is right for your home, office, or business.

For all uses. Lighter or heavier, you'll always appreciate having one around at home or at work.
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Battery life

The autonomy of the device will have the importance that you assign to it. If you are thinking of using it for small jobs, where you will not operate the equipment too often, you may want to opt for one with a shorter battery life and lower cost.

If, on the other hand, you are planning to use it for long periods of time, or to assemble or disassemble several things in a single day, it is advisable to buy one with Lithium-Ion batteries instead of Nickel-Cadmium.

You can also buy a small one and purchase an additional small battery. Most home jobs take no more than ten minutes of use.


How small a space do you usually work in? If you expect to use it inside a car, the smaller screwdriver will give you more manoeuvrability. If, on the other hand, you need more robustness and don't mind the weight, choose one that weighs between 1kg and 2kg.

A small electric screwdriver will be enough to assemble the furniture you bought for your living room, or to disassemble the baby's cot. If you want to work in one day all over your home or office putting everything together and taking it apart, then you need a big one. What are you waiting for - your next favourite tool is waiting for you!

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