Last updated: August 12, 2021

You are very welcome! Are you thinking about taking an electrician course for new professional possibilities? Then stay with us! We'll tell you what you need to know about it.

A good electrician course can be taken both by those who have just finished high school, and by those who want a change of professional airs. The electrical field is solid and well-established, and can be very beneficial for you!


  • Electrician courses are suitable for those who want to follow a profession that always has vacancies and pays a little above the national average. They also help those who work as a "handyman".
  • You can choose which area of the electrician you want to work with and whether you prefer to take an online or face-to-face course.
  • Who chooses to take an online electrician course needs to pay attention to the assistance offered: Moments to clear doubts are essential in the formation of a good professional.

The best Electrician Course: Our Picks

Choices guide: What you need to know about electrical training

Are you still in doubt whether an electrician course is the best option for your future? Not sure how to make your choice from those available? Don't worry, in the buying guide we will answer your main questions!

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An electrician should be very meticulous in his work. (Source: jarmoluk/

Is an electrician still a good career?

We know that there are difficulties regarding jobs in Brazil. The electrical field, however, is holding firm. There will always be internal or external networks to install or maintain, and new professionals will always be needed.

Research shows that the demand for professionals in the electrical sector has grown 20% in recent times and that salaries are a little above the national average. Therefore, opting for an electrician course is a good idea for those looking for some comfort.

If you want to be an electrician, know that you'll need to deal with a lot of people, including entering their homes, that a physical body capable of dealing with services that require strength and endurance is necessary, and that some knowledge of physics and mathematics cannot be missing either.

You are unlikely to become rich as an electrician, but the work can be rewarding and pay relatively well.

Did you know that color blindness is a condition that can make an electrician's job difficult? Many wires are oriented by the colours green, red and yellow, which confuses colour blind people.

However, just have one person around to point you to the correct colours to solve the problem!

What types of electrician courses are available?

Electricity is a very broad area and an electrician can have many different specialities. Listed below are some of the most famous and with plenty of courses:

  • Electrician residential and building: It is the professional who solves domestic problems or condominiums related to the electrical area, making visits and specializing in maintenance. The course also helps self-employed professionals such as "handyman" or renters.
  • Electrical Installation: Working mainly in civil construction, the electrician specializing in installation is responsible for setting up new electrical networks.
  • Industrial electrician: This is the professional who deals with motors, equipment and machinery. It is a job that involves less human contact, often enclosed in specific places.

There are also longer general electrician courses, which train students to perform tasks in all areas, but may still ask for a small specialisation add-on.

If you want to work on more complex problems and have the chance to earn more, you can also pursue a technologist course in the field of electrical energy or attend a college of electrical engineering.

Is it worth taking an online electrician course?

Like all online courses, the electrician course has a number of advantages: You don't have to leave home, you can do everything in your own time, there is saving money on commuting, you can study the material as many times as you like.

Being an electrician, however, is an extremely practical job. Can you learn everything from theory alone?

It may not be enough for you to just watch videos and watch lessons on how each job needs to be done. In any case, even with face-to-face courses, it's only by getting hands-on, on the job site, that the experience will really be gained.

If you feel that you learn better from a distance and that videos are sufficient, we recommend the online electrician course. If you think you need to practice hard to develop your skills, it's better to choose a face-to-face course.

In any case, demand that the online course has satisfactory attendance. It is one of the most important criteria.

Check out the main advantages and disadvantages of an online electrician course:

  • It is possible to take classes when and where you want
  • The course is done in your own time
  • There is the possibility of attending the same class as many times as needed
  • The money for commuting and food is saved
  • There is no way to learn by doing
  • Special time is needed to ask questions with the instructors

What are the essential topics of a good electrician course?

A quality electrician course must cover from the more technical parts, such as the handling of tools essential to the profession(screwdriver, spanner, pliers ammeter, wire stripper pliers, among others), to the more theoretical ones.

A good course should also teach how to deal with customers in a polite way

Even social skills, such as ethics and politeness when dealing with customers, should be addressed by a course that intends to form a qualified and complete professional.

Check if the course offers basic concepts of physics, mathematics and electricity so that you have a grasp of the whys of doing what you should do. There is no way to be a good professional knowing only the practice.

Safety standards, necessary equipment, knowledge of wires, circuits, networks, measurement criteria and distribution boards are fundamental topics.

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The electrician needs to know how to handle various tools. (Source: Sid74/

Choice criteria: How to decide on an electrician course

Those who have already decided to take an electrician course also need to know how to decide on the one that best meets their needs. We will now discuss some important criteria for choice:


To be a good electrician you need to have some knowledge of areas such as physics, mathematics and electrical circuits. That's why courses in the area often ask for prerequisite training.

The most common is that an electrician course asks for a complete high school education as a prerequisite. There are some, however, that are not so demanding and are already satisfied with the certification of completion of primary schools.

Anyway, check what is the prerequisite of the course in question and if you meet it.


The great majority of people that take an electrician course have the intention of working in the area right afterwards. For this, they need documentation to prove that they have a satisfactory education.

The course should offer a certificate that is accepted by employers

An electrician course should offer a certificate of completion that is accepted by employers and allows you to work once you have passed all the modules taught.

Also check what the course relates to and what the certificate says: it should state what you have studied, for example "residential electrician" or "electrical installer".


In an online course, there is not the same direct contact with instructors as in face-to-face classes. Asking questions is much more complicated.

That is why any high level course must have a satisfactory assistance. It is not enough just to offer video classes and handouts, it is necessary that instructors are available at various times to talk to students.

High level assistance is perhaps the most important criterion in deciding which course to choose. Read the course description carefully on the subject before enrolling.

Imagem mostra um eletricista fazendo um reparo em um poste.

It is important that the electrician masters the practice of his work, not only the theory. (Source: Bru-nO/


Online courses usually have a variety of different methodologies. The teaching can be based mainly on handouts, live classes, recorded classes, among others.

Think about what is your most efficient way of learning and opt for a course that bases its methodology on it. This way, your time will be optimised and your chances of becoming a great professional will grow quickly!


The profession of electrician will always be needed and will have job openings available. It is divided into areas such as residential, building and industrial. Courses can be specific or focused on one of the subdivisions.

Those who wish to practice as an electrician can opt for an online course. The most important category to analyse is the quality of the assistance provided, but the methodology and the certificate issued should also be taken into account.

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