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Today we're going to talk about an appliance that makes your laundry routine easier: the Electrolux washing machine.

Electrolux is among the best washing machine manufacturers in the world. Not surprisingly, there are models for all tastes, pockets and needs.

In this article, you will learn about the Electrolux washing machine's differentials, plus tips on how to use the appliance best and how to choose the best model.


  • For 100 years in the market, Electrolux is a reference of quality and technology in the production of household appliances, including the washing machine.
  • With unique washing functions, the Electrolux washing machine stands out for its functionality and fair price.
  • We will show you what you should take into account when investing in the ideal Electrolux washing machine.

The best Electrolux Washing Machine: Our Picks

Electrolux washing machines are state-of-the-art in design, size and programs. So, there is an ideal model for every situation.

So, below we will introduce you to the best Electrolux washing machine models available.

Buying Guide

To buy the right Electrolux washing machine you need to consider everything from the amount of space you have in your kitchen to the shape, frequency and quantity of clothes you need to wash.

That is why we have created this Buying Guide with the information you will need to choose the best Electrolux washing machine.

Mulher cheirando roupa que tirou da máquina de lavar.

The Electrolux washing machine is among the best and most efficient on the market. (Source: Andriy Popov/

Electrolux washing machine: why should you invest in one?

Nowadays the washing machine is becoming more and more functional and modern. But it is a fact that some manufacturer brands stand out.

This is the case of Electrolux. Present in 150 countries, including Brazil, the company sells about 55 million products per year, including refrigerators, washers, cookers, dishwashers, microwaves, etc.

Created in 1919, the company arrived in Brazil in 1926 and, over the years, became a pioneer in the home appliance market.
It is no coincidence that the Electrolux washing machine is one of its highlights. This is because the brand has invested in high technology to offer models that make the washing routine easier.

In addition, Electrolux washing machines feature sophisticated design and unique functions.

Among them is the specific program so that you can wash your trainers in a safe way, both for the equipment and the shoes.

In addition, the Electrolux washing machine stands out for containing a wide variety of washing programs even in the most basic models.

The price of this appliance is also an attraction as it is usually cheaper than other manufacturers' machines.

What are the main differences between Electrolux and Brastemp washing machines?

Electrolux and Brastemp are certainly among the best home appliance manufacturers in the country.

The fact is that both Electrolux and Brastemp washing machines are a reference in tradition, quality and innovation.

But there are some differences that may be important for you when choosing the best washing machine brand.

Electrolux began manufacturing the washing machine in 1951. At the end of the same decade, Brastemp revolutionized with the launch of the first automatic washing machines with washing system by agitation and centrifugation.

Duas máquinas de lavar, uma delas com a tampa aberta.

Electrolux and Brastemp washing machines are top of the line, but there are differences between them that can make your life even easier. (Source: stevepb/

But Electrolux did not stand still and also invested in technology. So much so that the Electrolux washing machine has exclusive features such as the self-cleaning dispenser and the ruler with indication of water level inside the basket.

In addition, the Electrolux washing machine gains in versatility since, as we have seen, it is even possible to wash tennis shoes.

Other highlights are the Turbo Drying technology, which delivers the less wet garments, reducing the time of the garments on the clothesline, and the water reuse button.

As for the pre-programmed cleaning cycles, Brastemp models usually have fewer cycles, no more than seven. The Electrolux washing machine has, at least, 12.

Did you know that if the washing machine shakes excessively and moves, it may be out of level? To avoid this, choose an Electrolux washing machine that has adjustable feet

However, according to consumers and experts, it is common for the Electrolux washing machine to leak oil and make noises over time.

On the other hand, Electrolux offers models with higher capacity. To give you an overview, check out the main differences between an Electrolux and a Brastemp washing machine.

Electrolux Brastemp
Washing programs 12 to 14 5 to 7
Capacity 3kg to 17kg 8kg to 15kg
Functions Advanced Advanced
Differentials Washes tennis Stain Remover Pro
Design Modern Sophisticated

What are the washing programs of the Electrolux washing machine?

As we have seen, one of the great things about the Electrolux washing machine is that it has a large number of washing programs.

This way, you can choose the best program according to the type, quality and quantity of clothes you are going to wash.
To give you a general idea, in a 10kg washing machine there are around 12 programs, for example

  • Normal, for moderate dirt
  • Delicate
  • Bed and Bath
  • White
  • Coloured
  • Black
  • Duvet
  • Trainers
  • Fast
  • Stain Remover
  • Heavy duty/jeans
  • Basket Cleaning

In addition, the Electrolux washing machine has several washing stages which, in general, are: spin, rinse, short, normal and long.

You can also select the washing levels: extra low, low, medium, high, and duvet.

How to clean the lint filter in the Electrolux washing machine?

Cleaning your Electrolux washing machine properly is important because, over time, it accumulates traces of threads, fabrics, dirt, soap and fabric softener.

This can not only impair the machine's operation, but can also stain your clothes.

In addition, in the case of the Electrolux washing machine you also need to pay attention to cleaning the lint filter, which is responsible for removing lint from clothes during washing.

Ideally, you should clean the filter after each wash. To do so, turn it over and pull up the agitator lid. Next, detach the filter from the rod, remove lint and then wash under running water.

If necessary, use a soft brush with soap and a cleaning cloth. That's it! Now just fit the filter back on the stem and place the filter on the agitator, fitting it all the way in.

What are the advantages of the Electrolux washing machine?

As we have seen, the Electrolux washing machine has many advantages. Starting with the tradition of the brand, which guarantees quality and innovation.

In addition, Electrolux washing machines offer a wide variety of models and sizes, some with a silent system, making them one of the largest capacity washing machines on the market.

Another advantage is that the internal basket where the clothes are washed has a 10-year guarantee.

But it is also possible to point out some disadvantages regarding the Electrolux washing machine.

As is often the case with other brands, Electrolux spare parts can be very expensive for you in case of damage and malfunctions.

Below you will find the main advantages and disadvantages of the Electrolux washing machine:

  • Tradition and high technology
  • Wide variety of washing programs
  • High capacity
  • Tennis wash cycle
  • 10 year guarantee on the basket
  • Silent models
  • Spare parts are expensive

Buying criteria: things to watch out for when choosing an Electrolux washing machine

Now that you have a better idea of how the Electrolux washing machine works, it's time to understand how to choose the best option from the many models on sale.

To help you in this task, we have listed the factors that you should check when you are choosing the Electrolux washing machine. They are:

Below, we will explain in detail each of these factors so that you make the best choice and invest your money in the ideal machine.


First of all, you should check the dimensions of the washing machine. And this should be done after you have in hand the measurements of the space in which the appliance will be installed in your kitchen.

In general, you will find small, medium and large models. So, check the height, width and length of the Electrolux washing machine which are displayed in centimetres on the product packaging.

Washing capacity

Next, take into account the washing capacity of the Electrolux washing machine. As we have seen, this factor varies from 3kg to 17kg.
The choice for the adequate model depends on your house routine and frequency of use.

In general, singles and couples will be well served by an Electrolux washing machine with a capacity between 5 and 7kg. The 7 to 12kg washing machine is better suited for families of three to five people.

For a general idea, here's how much washing each Electrolux washing machine can do

Capacity Amount of clothes
Small 3kg to 9kg
Medium 10kg to 14kg
Large 15kg to 17kg


Another factor you should consider is the opening of the Electrolux washing machine lid. You can choose to open either the front or the top.

The frontal opening, also known as Front Load, is more efficient to wash and spin, since it uses up to 30% less water and wears the clothes less.

Duas máquinas de lavar com abertura de tampa frontal.

Front Load is more efficient, but it also makes the washing machine more expensive. (Source: ErikaWittlieb/

However, this type usually makes the price of the Electrolux washing machine more expensive.

On the other hand, the top opening is the most popular. This type is also recommended especially if you have little space to open and close the lid of the washer.

Basket type

Also, check the basket of the Electrolux washing machine. Here, you will have two options: the plastic one and the stainless steel one.

The stainless steel one is lighter and more resistant, and does not absorb the fading colours of the fabrics. However, this material increases the final price of the washer.

The plastic basket is made of polypropylene, a very resistant material. Furthermore, Electrolux offers a 10 year guarantee for this type of basket.

Hot water or not

Not all Electrolux washing machines have hot water. So, if this is an important feature for you, check before you buy.

Hot water is an interesting feature as it helps get rid of heavy dirt and disinfects clothes.

However, in the case of delicate items hot water can fade and even shrink clothes.

Special functions

Also observe if the Electrolux washing machine has special functions that can help your work. Among the most functional ones you will find:

  • Water levels inside the basket: Makes it easier to select the best amount of water for the load of clothes.
  • Self-cleaning dispenser: Dissolves the products before they come into contact with the clothes, avoiding stains.
  • Turbo agitation and Turbo drying: Ensures clothes are clean and dry faster.

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