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By buying an electronic dartboard, you bring the fun of playing directly into your home. And you also benefit from the numerous advantages that an e-board has over a conventional dartboard made of cork: automatic point counting and a colourful mix of many fun game modes guarantee an entertaining evening with your friends.

Our big electronic dartboard test 2022 will help you find your perfect electronic dartboard. Whether you're a professional or a casual player, we'll show you what to look for when buying an electronic dartboard and present the different advantages and disadvantages of each model.


  • Electronic dartboards allow you to have an entertaining pastime with your friends: Thanks to the automatic counting of points and the colourful selection of game modes, a successful evening is guaranteed.
  • Basically, electronic dartboards are divided into two types: 2-hole and 3-hole dartboards. The difference lies in the number of rows in the triple field. While 2-hole discs are particularly suitable for professionals, the 3-hole variant offers an optimal alternative for every casual player.
  • Since there are countless versions of electronic dartboards in just as many price ranges, there is something for everyone: whether beginner or professional, everyone gets their money's worth.

The Best Electronic Dartboard: Our Picks

Advisor: Questions you should deal with before buying an electronic dartboard

What are the advantages of an electronic dartboard?

What are the advantages of an electronic dartboard and which electronic dartboard should you choose?

We explain how an electronic dartboard works and how it differs from a conventional dartboard.

elektronische Dartscheibe-1

Unlike cork dartboards, with an electronic dartboard you don't have to count the points yourself: Software built into the dartboard automatically counts the points for you.
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The biggest advantage of an electronic dartboard is the automatic counting of points. The software evaluates your throw and adds up the points.

You want to play together with your friends on your new electronic dartboard? No problem: a good electronic dartboard has a multiplayer mode and a variety of popular games, such as cricket or 301, ready for you.

You don't have any friends? Then don't be sad: many new electronic dartboards let you play against the computer. Who needs friends when you have an electronic dartboard?

Electronic dartboard dartboard made of cork
Counts points automatically points must be scored and added manually
Play against computer possible Play against computer not possible
Played with soft darts Played with stone darts

What should you look for when buying an electronic dartboard?

When buying an electronic dartboard, you should first look at the quality of the workmanship and the mechanics.

Are your flatmates and neighbours allergic to too much noise? Then you should look for an adjustable volume when buying an electronic dartboard. A good electronic dartboard should not be too loud and must produce clear sounds.

With high-quality electronic dartboards, you should also check whether the dartboard has an LED display and whether this accurately shows the score.

Electronic dartboards usually have a power supply unit with which they are connected to the power supply. However, there are also electronic dartboards that run on batteries.

When buying an electronic dartboard, you should check how many players your electronic dartboard can manage at the same time.

And if you and your friends are already professionals, you should make sure that the dartboard meets the current tournament standards.

How much does an electronic dartboard cost?

The price of an electronic dartboard can vary greatly. When buying an electronic dartboard, you should pay attention to the price-performance ratio. On Amazon, you can find the cheapest dartboard for as little as €20. The most expensive models reach prices of up to 500 €.

Even professionals are usually well advised with a device in the price range around 150 €.

As a beginner, you are already well off with a model at a price of less than 100 €, and even as a professional you should not dig too deep into your pockets.

Electronic dartboards that cost more than 250 € usually do not bring any necessary additional benefits. Especially the price range around 150 € offers many great devices.

What types of electronic dartboards are there and which is the right one for you?

When buying an electronic dartboard, you can basically distinguish between two different types:

  • 2-hole dartboards
  • 3-hole dartboards

The 3-hole board can be called the beginner's version. With these dartboards, the triple fields count three rows of holes. The situation is completely different with official tournament boards: These have only two rows of holes in the triple fields as standard.

Both types of electronic dartboards have various advantages and disadvantages: Depending on your demands and skills as a player, you should choose one of the two variants.

We have made the ultimate comparison and would like to make the decision easier for you in the following section.

What distinguishes a 2-hole dartboard and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Are you already a darts pro or do you want to become one? Then you should choose the 2-hole version when buying an electronic dartboard.

2-hole dartboards have only two rows of holes in their triple fields, so they are harder to hit. This can often lead to frustration, especially for beginners.

E-dartboards with the 2-hole variant are also used for official play and meet the tournament standard. For this reason, however, they are often a little more expensive.

So if you are no longer a beginner or you want to move up to professional play as quickly as possible, then a 2-hole board is exactly the right choice for you.

  • Ideal for advanced players
  • Complies with official tournament standards
  • Good quality
  • High price
  • Steep learning curve
  • Not ideal for beginners

What are the characteristics of a 3-hole dartboard and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

3-hole dartboards count three rows in their triple fields. With an electronic dartboard of this type it is therefore much easier to hit a triple field.

So if you just want to have some fun with your friends every now and then, this electronic dartboard is perfect for you.

However, if you have ambitions to go pro or are just a bit more serious about playing darts, then you should decide against this variant. 3-hole dartboards are never used in official tournaments and are often of a lower quality than 2-hole boards.

However, 3-hole dartboards are often much less expensive than electronic dartboards with the 2-hole version.

  • Low(er) price
  • Perfectly suitable for beginners
  • Uncomplicated fun
  • Low(er) quality
  • Unsuitable for professionals
  • Does not meet official tournament standards

Buying criteria: These are the factors you can use to compare and evaluate electronic dartboards

In the following section we will show you which criteria you should pay special attention to when buying an electronic dartboard.

The criteria with which you can compare the colourful selection of electronic dartboards include:

Quality of workmanship

Your electronic dartboard should be made of a high-quality material (usually plastic) and be perfectly finished. Especially the mechanics of the e-board play an important role.

When buying an electronic dartboard, you should pay special attention to the quality of workmanship.

If the boards are not processed precisely, it can happen that thrown darts do not stick optimally. This not only destroys the fun of the game, but can also become quite frustrating over time. The points are also not counted correctly.

However, sometimes the opposite is also the case: If the holes in the electronic dartboard are too narrow, the dart can only be removed from the electronic dartboard by force.

The housing should also feel of high quality. This plays an important role especially when mounting your electronic dartboard. The board should be stable and safe to mount on the wall.

Good quality of workmanship Poor quality of workmanship
High-quality plastic Cheap plastic
Precise mechanics with precisely drilled holes Holes that are too large or too small
Stable housing with well-placed drill holes Housing and drill holes do not allow for secure mounting

Number of players

Each electronic dartboard has a certain limit of players. This means that you cannot have as many players as you want on your electronic dartboard at the same time.

So make sure that your electronic dartboard meets your requirements and can manage all your friends at the same time.

Not every electronic dartboard can manage the same number of players at the same time. Don't leave any of your friends out and respect the maximum number of players.

Number of game modes

You should also consider the number of game modes when buying an e-board. Not every electronic dartboard offers the same range of selectable games.

elektronische Dartscheibe-3

Bullseye! A hit in the middle of the board earns you 50 points.
(Image source: / DS-Foto)

However, good electronic dartboards usually have a variety of popular games and game modes stored on their software.

Popular game variations include game modes such as 301, 501 or cricket. You should definitely consider these games when you decide to buy an electronic dartboard.


The software is the heart and soul of an electronic dartboard. It not only makes itself known through its voice, but also helps you count your points.

A good software should be able to correctly score and add up the points without any problems.

The software is also responsible for the various game modes, so it should be easy and intuitive to use. Electronic dartboards do not only provide you with a wide range of game modes: they also generate a soundscape.

Every hit is accompanied by a sound. This can get quite loud over time. That's why you should be able to regulate the volume and various other sounds with the help of the software.

Tournament version

Electronic dartboards are available in different versions. However, professionals only use a tournament version with predefined tournament dimensions.

You want to become a dart pro and the new van Gerwen? Then when buying an electronic dartboard, you should also make sure that its dimensions are suitable for official play.

The official dimensions of the DDV (German Darts Association) are:

  • Bullseye: 12.7 mm (diameter)
  • Bull: 31,8 mm (diameter)
  • Width of the Triple/Double fields: 8 mm (diameter)
  • Outer edge of the Doublering to the middle of the Bullseye: 170 mm (diameter)
  • Outer edge of the triplering to the middle of the bullseye: 107 mm (diameter)
  • Playing surface diameter: 340 mm (diameter)

Facts worth knowing on the subject of electronic dartboards

How do you hang an electronic dartboard correctly?

If you want to mount your electronic dartboard according to the official rules and dimensions, then you should pay attention to two points in particular: The height and the distance to the launch line. The height is measured at the centre of the board, the bullseye.

With an electronic dartboard, the bullseye should be exactly 1.72m above the ground. The distance to the launch line is 2.44m.

The manufacturer usually supplies a suitable drilling template for mounting the electronic dartboard. If this is not the case, you can draw it yourself with paper and pencil.

  • 1. Draw template: Lay the electronic dartboard flat with its front side on the floor and transfer the position of the drill holes onto a sheet of paper. Make sure that the sheet of paper is large enough. (you may need to join two A3 sheets together)
  • 2. Determine the position of the bullseye: After you have transferred the drill holes onto the sheet, use a ruler to connect the horizontal and vertical points. This should form a cross with the bullseye in the middle.
  • 3. Check the measurements again: Check that the distance to the drop line (2.44m) is correct. If the measurements are correct, you can start drilling and mount the electronic dartboard.

You want to start playing immediately after hanging up your electronic dartboard but don't know the most important dart rules yet? Then watch the following video.

Which darts are used for an electronic dartboard?

Basically, there are two different types of darts. The soft and the stone darts. But which type of darts is best suited for your electronic dartboard?

Electronic dartboards should only be played with soft darts. Stick darts damage the mechanics of your dartboard.

You should only use soft darts for your electronic dartboard. As the name suggests, soft darts are much lighter and not as hard as stone darts.

Stone darts are only used for dartboards made of cork. They are too heavy and massive for your electronic dartboard and would damage the sensitive electronics of your e-board if used.

How do you insulate an electronic dartboard?

Electronic dartboards can be quite noisy. In this guide we will show you how to dampen your dartboard. This will not only protect your neighbours' eardrums, but also your walls.

elektronische Dartscheibe-4

An electronic dartboard can be quite loud. We explain how to properly insulate an e-board.
(Image source: / Pexels)
  • 1. Buy impact sound insulation: You can silence your electronic dartboard with the help of impact sound insulation. You can find it cheaply and in small quantities in most DIY stores.
  • 2. Cut the impact sound insulation to size: Place the impact sound insulation on your dartboard and cut it to the right size.
  • 3. Attach the impact sound insulation: Attach the impact sound insulation to the back of your electronic dartboard. Now you can mount your e-board on the wall.

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