Last updated: August 6, 2021
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With an electronic photo frame, you can easily play all your favourite pictures one after the other without much effort and no longer have to look at the same photo on the wall for months. Simply upload your photos to your photo frame using a USB stick or an app and play them either as a slideshow or simply as a still image.

With our big electronic picture frame test 2022 we want to help you find the perfect device for you. We have taken a look at different digital picture frames and have compiled the most important information for you. We also show you the different advantages and disadvantages of electronic picture frames. Have fun reading.


  • Unlike traditional picture frames, a digital picture frame lets you display all your favourite photos as still images or play them as a slideshow without having to change the picture itself.
  • Electronic photo frames come with many different functions and features. Be well informed and think about which features you want before you buy.
  • Despite the technology, a digital picture frame does not always have to be difficult to use. Many products are also suitable as gifts for older people who find the digital age difficult.

The Best Electronic Picture Frames: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for electronic picture frames

The following is a list of the most important aspects that are crucial when buying a digital picture frame.

The criteria that will help you best compare different picture frames include:


The size of electronic picture frames can vary greatly. You should consider where you want to place or hang your frame and decide whether a large or small picture frame would be more suitable.

Digital picture frames are often sold in sizes ranging from 8 to 12.1 inches.

The picture frames are usually offered in sizes between 7 and 20 inches, where the size indicates the diameter of the diagonal side of the frame. An inch has the same size as an inch, as 2.54cm.


Many electronic picture frames come with a variety of other add-ons. Here are the most common of these.

Features function
Remote control for remote control, easy operation
App for instant sharing of pictures and videos (usually on devices with Wi-Fi connection)
Connections (HDMI,USB,SD) to load photos onto the photo frame
Wall mount / stand for stable mounting
Speakers for playing videos or music
Backlight for a more beautiful visual experience


Besides playing your photos, digital photo frames usually have many more features. These often include:

  • Calendar
  • Clock
  • Alarm clock
  • Timer
  • Play movies
  • Play music
  • Motion sensor

With these functions, the frame is more than just a simple digital picture frame and can therefore also replace other everyday devices, such as an alarm clock. However, the more functions you include, the more expensive the picture frame usually is. So make sure you know what functions you really need.

Screen resolution

The screen resolution is an important purchase criterion for digital picture frames, as it determines whether your pictures are displayed sharply or not.

The resolution is given in pixels or (picture) points and also depends on the size of your device.

For screens of 7 to 8 inches, the frame should have a resolution of at least 720 or 800 dots in length. However, 1024 points would be even better.

Frames that have only 480 x 234 pixels are better not to buy, especially if they are 8 to 10 inches. If you have a smaller budget, it is better to choose a small frame with fewer pixels than a large one with the same number of pixels.

Ease of use

Often digital devices seem far too complicated, especially for older users. However, with electronic photo frames, this does not have to be the case. Many products have a very easy-to-use interface. This is often equipped with buttons on the frame itself, a remote control or a touch screen.

So depending on where you want to place your picture frame (on the shelf, on the wall, etc.), certain features are more suitable.

If you want to hang your digital frame, larger models are often more suitable, while smaller models fit better on a shelf or desk.

Guide: Questions to ask yourself before buying an electronic picture frame

In the following guide, we will answer all your basic questions about digital photo frames. Hopefully, after reading the guide, all your questions will be answered and it will be easier for you to make a purchase decision.

What is an electronic picture frame and what advantages does it offer?

A digital picture frame has a monitor, similar to a laptop or tablet, which can be used to play your pictures as still images or slide shows. You can decide for yourself which photos, depending on the device also videos or music, are to be played and how long they are to be displayed.

Elektronischer Bilderrahmen-1

In contrast to a normal picture frame, a digital frame offers more variety.
(Image source: Free-Photos/Pixabay)

Unlike a normal picture frame, a digital frame offers the possibility of displaying not just one photo, but several.

They are perfect as a gift to share your most beautiful moments with your loved ones.

The frame also usually comes with various functions, such as a calendar, timer or clock.

Photo frames come in a variety of designs with different features and functions, so there is something for everyone.

How does an electronic photo frame work?

To load and display photos on your photo frame, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Photo selection: Collect your favourite photos from your mobile phone or camera and import them to your laptop
  2. Storage medium: Load all selected photos onto a storage medium (usually a USB stick or SD card) for which your frame has a connection
  3. Picture frame: Insert the storage medium into your digital picture frame and play the photos

If you have a picture frame with WLAN function, you usually do not need a storage medium, but can load your selected photos directly onto the picture frame via an app.

What types of electronic photo frames are there?

The two main types of digital picture frames are explained in more detail below. A basic distinction is made between frames with WLAN function and those without WLAN function. Since both are often very different in terms of price, you should think about which type you want to buy beforehand.

Electronic picture frame with Wi-Fi function

Electronic picture frames with Wi-Fi function are very practical. You can access the photos on the frame quickly and from anywhere with the help of an app. As soon as you have taken a new favourite photo, you can immediately upload it to the app and thus to the picture frame.

  • quick access
  • upload photos to the photo frame from anywhere
  • instant sharing of new photos
  • More expensive
  • app required

However, electronic photo frames with Wi-Fi functionality are also very expensive and usually found at the end of the price range. Due to the high technology, the price is higher than for simple digital frames. It also requires that you have a Wi-Fi connection and a compatible mobile phone for the app.

Electronic picture frame without WLAN function

Digital photo frames without a Wi-Fi function are usually cheaper and easier to use. You don't need a Wi-Fi connection and you don't have to download an app. These versions are particularly suitable as gifts for people who are not very familiar with technology. The photos are simply loaded onto the frame with the help of a USB stick and played back immediately.

  • Cheaper
  • no WLAN connection required
  • usually more user-friendly
  • Do not upload new pictures immediately
  • access only at home

However, you can only access the device at home and must first upload the photos from your mobile phone or camera to a USB stick or SD card. This takes more time than an app.

Who are electronic photo frames suitable for?

Digital photo frames are suitable for anyone who doesn't always want to have the same picture hanging on the wall, but is looking for more variety. Instead of changing the photo in the frame every few months, with an electronic picture frame you can simply display a new picture every 30 seconds.

The picture frames also have many other functions and can often replace a calendar, a clock or an alarm clock, depending on which device you choose.

They also make perfect gifts for parents or grandparents. There are very user-friendly models that even people without much experience in technology can easily handle. This way, you can share your most beautiful moments with your loved ones.

How much does an electronic picture frame cost?

The price of digital photo frames varies greatly depending on the brand and the features included in the purchase. They are available from as little as €30, but can cost as much as €170. Especially compared to normal picture frames, digital frames are very expensive, but they also serve a completely different purpose.

Type price range
Electronic picture frame without WLAN function 30-100€
Electronic picture frame with WLAN function 80-170€

Cheaper digital picture frames are often easier to use and make good gifts for grandparents, as they do not have too many functions and can usually be operated with the help of two to four buttons, or a small remote control.

The more expensive the price of a digital picture frame, the more functions it usually has.

Especially models with built-in Wi-Fi tend to be on the expensive side of the price range. These frames usually have so many other functions that they are no longer just a picture frame.

Before buying, you should think carefully about which features you would like to have in your digital picture frame and decide on a model depending on this.

What are the alternatives to electronic photo frames?

If you are looking for an alternative to electronic photo frames, you can use other digital devices. One option would be to place or hang a tablet. In terms of design, both digital devices are very similar, as they both have a screen and are similar in shape and size.

On the tablet, you can play pictures via a slideshow, which then serves the same purpose as a digital picture frame. However, you can also use the tablet to surf the internet.

Elektronischer Bilderrahmen-2

Instead of a digital picture frame, you can also use a tablet. It is more expensive, but has many more functions.
(Image source: Ralf Kunze/Pixabay)

You can also use a small TV or a laptop and do the same. Compatible slideshow programmes include Windows Media Player.

However, all alternatives are more expensive than a simple digital picture frame. So you have to decide beforehand if you want to use the device mainly for viewing photos or if other functions, such as using the internet, are also important.

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