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Elna sewing machines are timeless and offer a suitable model for everyone, from the latest technology to the new edition of the retro Lotus sewing machine. At the same time, the functions seem to be especially important for the entry-level models.

With a reduced number of functions, Elna helps many beginners to slowly feel their way forward in the field of sewing without completely overwhelming them. In addition, Elna sewing machines land at the top of sewing machines with innovative novelties and pioneering work and convince worldwide with their range of products.

With the Elna sewing machine test 2021 we want to make your decision easier and help you find the best Elna sewing machine for you. Therefore, we have compared basic sewing machines, creative sewing machines and the overlock sewing machine for you. With the buying criteria that we have determined for you, you will quickly find the model that suits you best. Your purchase decision will be as relaxed and easy as possible for you.


  • The sewing machine manufacturer Elna is not known to everyone on the international market. Nevertheless, customers benefit from decades of experience, which can be seen in the innovative design and uncomplicated handling.
  • The focus of Elna sewing machines is on the wishes of the customers and offers models that meet every requirement. In addition to classic sewing, there are also sewing machines for embroidery and quilting for every skill level.
  • The overlock sewing machine from Elna is not a replacement for the traditional sewing machine. It supports you by simplifying work steps and scores with a good price-performance ratio.

The Best Elna Sewing Machine: Our Choices

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and evaluate Elna sewing machines

There are several criteria that can help you compare and evaluate Elna sewing machines. We have identified the following for you:

In the next section we will discuss each aspect in more detail. The additional information will bring you one step closer to deciding which Elna sewing machine to buy.


When it comes to Elna mechanical sewing machines, the Elna eXplore range starts with simple functions and clear stitch selection. Elna wants to keep this simplicity even as the models become more professional and offer great sewing aids like the automatic threader or thread cutter. As the technology grows, so does the range of features and you can even end up connecting your sewing machine to your computer to use patterns you create yourself.

The only thing that matters is the price-quality ratio and the purpose for which you want to buy your Elna sewing machine.

Intended use

The intended use of the machine will determine the direction you should take in your purchase decision. If price is not an issue for you, then of course it's a different story. Ask yourself honestly whether you want to buy the Elna sewing machine because you occasionally shorten the legs of your trousers and occasionally want to sew a garment for the children, or whether you are an ambitious beginner who sews several hours a week.

Even if you would love to have the full-featured Elna sewing machine that even gives you embroidery patterns and an incredible number of automatic functions, it might just not be worth it for you to buy such a model. The convenience that increases as the sewing machine becomes more professional should be linked to long hours in the studio or sewing room.

Elna Nähmaschine-1

For all creative fashion designers and interested fashionistas, the Elna sewing machine is the perfect introduction to the world of sewing. It allows you to easily make your own clothes.
(Image source: /Catalin Apostol)

Skill level

Besides the purpose, your skill level plays an essential role. Since Elna sewing machines are designed for ease of use, if you are an ambitious beginner, you can choose a model with more features to get the most out of it for as long as possible.

Type Description
Beginners mechanical or computer-controlled sewing machines that are easy to use.
Advanced ambitious beginners and advanced sewers also benefit from easy operation and should consider a creative sewing machine.
Professionals note the price-performance ratio of Elna sewing machines. Otherwise, there are attractive models especially for the fashion industry that feature modern technology and deliver excellent quality in the embroidery sector.
Overlock from a skill level for better beginners. Rather from advanced to professional.

Later on, the Elna overlock sewing machine can reduce your working time as it takes care of sewing, cleaning seams and removing excess seam allowance. If you are a fashion designer, the overlock is very time efficient for you.

Otherwise, a mechanical or simple computer sewing machine from Elna will give you an excellent and easy-to-understand introduction to sewing without overwhelming you.

Elna Nähmaschine-2

Depending on your skills, you may be able to make your own patterns later. An overlock can help, saving you a lot of time in some steps.
(Image source: / Shironosov)


Several applications that can be particularly important to you as a sewer is quilting. For this, the Elna sewing machine with long arm is suitable and should have the appropriate quilting stitches. These range from straight stitches to curves and patterns.

Up to the professional sewing machine from Elna, there are already many embroidery patterns in the small style. You can find them in the alphabets. If you want more in this direction, it's just a question of price. In addition, there are a variety of patterns, extra large embroidery hoops and a speed of 1000 stitches per minute.


Because Elna sewing machines are designed with the customer in mind, there is a wide range of machines to suit your own preferences and needs. The sewing machine can be easily and quickly adjusted by you.

This is independent of whether you choose a mechanical or computer sewing machine from Elna. The selection is made via buttons or a touch screen that you can easily operate.

With the touch screen or the simply designed buttons you can adjust your Elna sewing machine to your liking and easily see what functions your sewing machine has to offer.

The Lotus sewing machine by Elna has been relaunched due to the rising retro trend and appears with modern features but a sewing feel that can compete with modern comfort. You will find the sewing machine that suits you best.

Elna Nähmaschine-3

Handling plays an important role for you. It is best to try out your Elna sewing machine beforehand at a specialist dealer. This way you can be 100 percent sure that the sewing machine is right for you.
(Image source: / Volha Flaxeco)

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying an Elna sewing machine

When it comes to buying an Elna sewing machine, there are some interesting facts that can help you make your decision. The following topic will provide you with the most important background information.

What makes Elna sewing machines different from other manufacturers?

The company behind Elna sewing machines focuses on the wishes of the customer. In recent years, it has become trendy to sew with retro sewing machines again. Elna has followed this trend. Compact sewing machines that have all the necessary functions but don't overdo it.
It's all about the fun of sewing.

It should be about the fun you have sewing, whether you are a beginner or a professional. Because the machines are easy to use and yet have different levels of automation, Elna has something for every sewing enthusiast.

Being able to fall back on a wealth of experience spanning several decades is often noticeable in the company's history. In the past, Elna was often a pioneer and was able to offer the first sewing machine with integrated overlock on the German market. This enabled the company to keep up with the times and push the market forward in development and for the customer.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Elna sewing machines?

One of the big advantages is the ease of use. You can quickly set your desired functions and get started right away. What else stands in the way of you and your project? Thanks to a diverse range of models, Elna answers a wide variety of demands. It's not just the features of a sewing machine model that are impressive.

Far from the classic sewing, there are also quilting and embroidery functions or overlock sewing machines.

  • quick adjustment
  • diverse range
  • inexpensive to buy
  • recommended for beginners
  • practical sewing aids
  • traditional equipment
  • high weight
  • performance not always corresponding to high price

With a focus on being uncomplicated and simple, you are offered a range of equipment that is more traditional. This is practical for beginners and can also be convincing for professionals. As the price of high-class models continues to skyrocket, this does not always correspond to the performance offered.

What price range is the Elna sewing machine in?

For beginners, an Elna sewing machine is available from around 200 € and starts in the middle price range. In our opinion, the quality and durability you invest in are convincing. After that it goes up to 6000 €.

You will not only get your money's worth as a beginner but also as an advanced and professional sewer. Since Elna sewing machines are considered to be home sewing machines, it is questionable whether the purchase is still worthwhile for you above a certain price.

What alternatives are there to Elna sewing machines?

The company W6 stands for Wir Wissen Wie Wertarbeit Wahr Wird (We know how value work is done) with the aim of offering you an affordable sewing machine with high quality. This is aimed at a target group that is new to the sewing business and is looking for the right sewing machine for a solid start.

In terms of price, we can recommend that this consideration may well make sense for you. Keep in mind that you will want to learn a lot, especially in the beginning, and will quickly outgrow the shoes of your first sewing machine. Therefore, think about what your goal is, otherwise you will soon need a new sewing machine.

Type Description
W6 Mainly sewing machines for beginners at reasonable prices, good warranty and inexpensive maintenance.
Husqvarna Viking After the gun business has declined, Husqvarna produces sewing machines, more and more popular, however, certain weak points possible as assortment is not only aimed at home sewing machines.

Husqvarna sewing machines have secured a firm place in the market. A wide audience enjoys their high-performance models. However, opinions on the sewing machines are more divided and split into two camps. From enthusiastic fans to disappointed comments, everything can be found.

Nevertheless, it is worth taking a look at the Husqvarna sewing machine, which is equipped with innovative technology and has an absolutely convincing design. If you sew professionally, we do not recommend the Husqvarna sewing machine. Otherwise, if you appreciate combination sewing machines and inventive systems, you're well advised to go for this one.

Decision: What types of Elna sewing machines are there and which is the right one for me?

The Elna company offers a wide range of sewing machines. For a first overview, we have divided them into the following categories:

  • the basic sewing machine from Elna
  • Elna's creative sewing machine
  • the overlock sewing machine from Elna

In the following section, we will go into more detail about the individual types and show you what Elna sewing machines have to offer. For each category there are advantages and disadvantages that will influence your purchase decision.

What are the features of an Elna basic sewing machine and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

With a compact design and solid, reliable operation, you'll find an Elna sewing machine that lasts a long time and helps you with occasional work. If you are new to sewing, the basic sewing machines are suitable for beginners as the simple features are easy to use.

These are available in both mechanical and computer-controlled models and are in the lower price range of Elna sewing machines.

  • reliable
  • mechanical or computer-controlled
  • recommended for beginners
  • occasional sewing
  • little for difficult work
  • creative work limited
  • fabric choice limited

If you want to get started right away and after a short learning period move on to more complicated and demanding sewing projects, a basic sewing machine will not be enough for you. Therefore, it may be worthwhile for you to buy a higher quality sewing machine right from the start.

If you want to try your hand at fashion design and like to sew with light fabrics such as jersey, the basic sewing machine may have difficulties with the workmanship. Then it will feed incorrectly due to the stretchiness. Thin fabrics like silk will be pulled together.

What distinguishes a creative sewing machine from Elna and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

With the Elna creative sewing machine, the choice of stitches, settings and functions increases. Embroidery and quilting work just as well as simple sewing, darning or hemming. The stitches per minute increase compared to the basic sewing machine and increase the speed.

At the same time you get a precise sewing result. Thick and thin fabrics can be sewn with few problems and you can be more creative. Elna's creative sewing machines are equipped with modern computer technology and can be operated with an LCD display or touch.

  • Embroidery and quilting
  • creative stitches
  • modern technology
  • fast speed
  • more complicated handling
  • difficult maintenance
  • more expensive to buy

Overall, handling becomes more complex for you, as you need to be much more familiar with the functions and properties of fabrics and techniques. Maintenance also becomes more important, as your sewing machine has much more sophisticated technology. This requires regular maintenance.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an Elna overlock sewing machine?

First and foremost, the Elna overlock sewing machine is easy to use and provides you with a fast sewing speed. If you want to sew garments, an overlock is the next step to a professional result as it simplifies several sewing steps. Your sewing products will be neatly finished by you, which prevents annoying threads or edges.

  • easy to use
  • fast speed
  • modern design
  • simplifies sewing steps
  • partly high price
  • does not replace a sewing machine
  • requires a lot of cleaning

Depending on the model, Elna overlock sewing machines can cost a lot. It is therefore advisable to only buy an overlock if it is really worth it for you.

Facts worth knowing about Elna sewing machines

After your purchase, there is more information about your Elna sewing machine that may be important to you. The most important questions are answered in this section.

How are Elna sewing machines produced?

In the beginning, the Swiss company produced its Elna sewing machines directly in Switzerland and has since moved to Japan. The company explicitly states that high quality standards are maintained. It is a very durable sewing machine, which thus actively contributes to environmental protection.

You are actively helping to save resources and the energy used in production.

In addition, spare parts are available for years, so you can repair your Elna sewing machine if necessary. The factories are also ISO 14001 certified and audited by independent institutes such as TÜV.

What warranty does Elna give on your sewing machine?

If you want to buy a sewing machine, a three-year warranty is a good guideline. With Elna you even get a five-year warranty and extensive support and help from your Elna dealer.

Elna will take care of repairs and fix the problem. This happens regardless of whether you bought your Elna sewing machine online or in a shop. If you are looking for accessories for your Elna, just take your model number to the shop.

How do I care for my Elna sewing machine?

The instruction manual for your Elna sewing machine contains all the important tips and descriptions on how to care for it. In addition, you should always use quality needles and thread. Elna also recommends that you use only resin-free and acid-free sewing machine oil. Also, take your sewing machine in for regular maintenance.

The workshop can repair damage or defects early and you can be confident that your Elna sewing machine will work reliably. Otherwise, you can find help for the most common problems on the Elna website. There you can find out what you need to know if you notice any problems.

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