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Most people will remember these cups from their grandparents. With the right use and care, these robust and chic mugs can withstand a lot and are not easily destroyed.

Even if you take them to your outdoor activities, you don't have to worry about their stability. Before you buy an enamel mug, you should read our guide to find the perfect mug for you. We have compared several enamel mugs, summarised the most important criteria and answered the most frequently asked questions for you.


  • Because of their material, enamel mugs are very light, unbreakable and fire-resistant. That is why the cups are often used for camping or other outdoor activities.
  • Their enamel coating is bacteriostatic. This makes them easy to clean by hand.
  • The mugs are available in countless variations. You can either choose a mug or design it yourself and add your own personal touch.

The best Enamel Mug: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for enamel mugs

Before you buy an enamel mug, you should think about the following criteria:

In the following text we have explained the criteria in more detail.


If you decide to buy an enamel cup, you will come across different sizes. Starting with the smallest, there are the espresso enamel cups. They have a filling capacity of 120 to 150 ml. The next size is the coffee cup, which is the standard size. Here, the filling volume ranges from 250 to 350 ml.

This size is also suitable for making soups or a portion of porridge. The large mugs include an enamel one with a capacity of 500 ml. These are a handy substitute to other cooking vessels on a trip. The enamel mugs are not heavy, but you should still bear in mind that a large mug also takes up space in your luggage.


You can distinguish between two different materials of enamel mugs. Either the porcelain version. These are usually dishwasher and microwave safe but have the disadvantage that they break more quickly. Alternatively, there is also the metal version, which is much more durable and long-lasting.

You can put the metal mugs in the oven or on induction plates, and you can even heat the contents of your mug on an open fire. The enamel coating is what gives the mugs their name. This coating is composed in such a way that it can have an antibacterial effect. Which is practical, because the metal mugs are not allowed to be put in the dishwasher.


You can find enamel mugs in countless designs. After a short search, you can choose between small and large models. A large selection of different sayings and patterns. There is something for everyone, for adults as well as for children.

Most models have a handle on the cup and are just under 8 to 9 cm high, but there are also mugs without handles. These have a more elongated shape and are more of a drinking cup. Such cups are well suited for children, as they do not have an annoying handle and children can grip the cups better.


With enamel cups you cannot speak of a design. No matter which colour, which pattern, which picture or which saying you want. You can put together your cup the way you want it. You can buy a lot of pre-printed mugs. Mostly you will find common sayings like "The early bird needs a lot of coffee" or mugs with motifs, especially fan motifs, there is a lot of choice.

The special enamel mugs are the ones that you personalise yourself. You can choose whether you want to have names, a saying or even souvenir photos printed on the mug.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about enamel mugs answered in detail

Our guide answers the most important questions about enamel mugs so that you have a complete overview of the product.

What is an enamel mug?

These enamel mugs have been around for many years, your grandma will have known about them. The word enamel comes from the French émail and means melting or glaze. The mug itself can be made of metal or porcelain, for example, and is considered the carrier for the enamel coating.

It is this coating that makes the mug an enamel mug. The coating is created during a melting process. Inorganic raw materials are combined with various oxides and heated. After the carrier has been dipped into the enamel coating, it is dried and then burnt out. This process gives the coating its glassy texture, which is what makes an enamel coating.

Who is an enamel mug suitable for?

In principle, anyone can use an enamel mug. Even for children, these mugs are practical because they do not shatter into thousands of shards if they are dropped. They are the ideal companion when you are travelling. For example, you can use them for cooking. Or after your trip, you can use them at home and always remember your adventure.

Emaille Becher

Such a stylish and practical companion is a must for your next trip. (Image source: Simon Migaj/ Pexels)

And if you're not into outdoor travel, you can still get yourself enamel mugs. Decorate your room or use them as eye-catchers on your table when the next visitor arrives. Enamel mugs are also used in the catering industry. The stylish mugs are often used for cool cocktails in summer. But also in winter, for example, you can serve hot chocolate with a mountain of cream in it.

What does an enamel mug cost?

The price of enamel mugs can vary. Depending on the size, material, design or manufacturer, your mug may cost a little more. In general, however, they are not expensive. In the table below you can see that you can buy mugs with funny sayings or fan pictures for between 10 - 15 €.

Price range Available products
Cheap (5 - 10 €) colourful, no elaborate design, mass-produced
Medium-priced (10 - 15 €) slogans, more pompous pictures, personalised
High-priced (15 € and more) higher quality, sets, elaborately personalised

As you can see, even personalised mugs don't cost that much money when you consider how sturdy they are. As a gift idea for your team, you can order enamel mugs with ready-made designs or personalised inscriptions in bulk from certain suppliers.

How can the enamel mug be used?

Due to their stable material, enamel mugs can be used in many ways. You can drink from them, but you can also heat the contents in the mug. Depending on the coating of the mug, you can either put it on an open fire, on the induction hob, in the oven or in the microwave.

You should make sure that your cup is really allowed in the microwave. Enamel mugs are often used for camping or outdoor activities. You can also use them to cook, bake small cup cakes or make porridge. Apart from eating and drinking, the modern mugs also look really cool on your shelf or desk as a pen holder or flower pot.

A nice idea for a birthday is to order a blank mug and paint it yourself with ceramic or porcelain pens. Afterwards, the mugs only have to burn out in the oven for about 20 minutes.


In summary, the enamel mugs are simply the best all-rounders. Not only because there is a chic design for every taste - but also because it is really light and robust, which always makes it a good companion.

A frequent use of such mugs is when camping. The small metal cup can be placed on any open fire without hesitation. It can serve as a pot substitute and its enamel coating makes it bacteriostatic. This is advantageous, because it means that normal hand cleaning is sufficient. For the sake of durability, it should not be cleaned in the dishwasher.

(Cover photo: Jarkko Mänty/ Pixabay)