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Espadrilles are ideal for those hot days when we want to feel comfortable and look good, as their design is made for that purpose. Their materials are of natural origin and allow them to be flexible, light and comfortable. We know you'll love them!

There are usually several doubts before making the purchase of a product; so today we want to help you, providing you with the necessary information so that you are aware of every detail and that at the time of your purchase you are completely satisfied.


  • Espadrilles are a type of footwear spun from completely natural fibres, either jute, leather or cotton. It is the ideal type of footwear for those extremely hot days, the favourite for the summer.
  • There are endless designs of these shoes: with straps, without straps, printed, decorated, with or without platform, in short... There is something for all kinds of tastes! We know that you will be fascinated and when you make your purchase you will be more than happy.
  • Among the main aspects to consider when buying this product are comfort, design and price. In this issue we will give you all the information you need to make your purchase completely satisfactory.

The Best Espadrilles: Our Picks

Buying Guide

We tend to think that buying a shoe is a matter of a few minutes; that we only have to see if we like the design and if there is the right size for us, but there are several factors that we have to take into account before making our purchase and that is why we are here today, to provide you with the necessary information so that your purchase is a successful one.

Perfect for a day walking on the beach! (Photo: Clementa Moreno Ecija /

What are espadrilles and what are their advantages?

The espadrille is a type of footwear made of spun fibres from nature, such as cotton, canvas, jute mix or animal skins; it is secured by simple fastening, a piece of elastic sewn to the fabric or with ribbons. They are used in places such as Spain, the south of France and various parts of Latin America.

If you like to be comfortable at all times, espadrilles are the footwear for you. Their lightweight, cool and also eco-friendly material will guarantee you immediate comfort; even on super hot days, these shoes will be a great choice, as well as being ideal to combine with casual summer outfits.

  • They are comfortable
  • They are ideal for hot days
  • They are ecological
  • They are economical
  • Their material is delicate
  • They are not suitable for sports
  • As they are made of fabric, they tend to get dirty fast

Espadrilles with or without a strap - What should you pay attention to?

Undoubtedly one of the main objectives we want to achieve when buying a shoe, is that it is comfortable, beautiful and combines with many of our outfits. And when it comes to comfortable footwear, this pair can easily go hand in hand, as it is one of the most defining characteristics.

However, there are some aspects that differentiate them from each other, which we want you to be aware of so that at the moment of making your purchase there is no complication or regret whatsoever. We are here to inform you and provide you with the best products on the market!

Espadrilles without straps: This type of footwear is made with natural materials, mostly jute; its sole is flat, made with leather or cocuiza and has a fabric cover over it, which will prevent your feet from being exposed to the sun. This type of espadrilles generally do not use straps to adjust them.

Espadrilles with straps: Most of these espadrilles are made of the same material as the regular espadrilles, but they have a strap adjustment, which is connected to the surface of the shoe. This type of design is not as popular as the previous one, but it is often used, especially in many traditional costumes.

espadrilles without straps espadrilles with straps
Type of sole jute jute and plastic
Level of comfort Excellent The straps can be uncomfortable and generate heat
Decoration various colourful prints pompoms, costume jewellery or coloured feathers on the surface

How have traditional espadrilles evolved?

This footwear has been part of the typical costume in a large part of the American continent and in different regions of the Iberian Peninsula and the south of France. Today, they are still a fundamental part of various cultural costumes, for example in Venezuela, where they are used to complement a dance costume.

Nowadays, espadrilles have become an impact in fashion. Do you doubt it? Brands such as Channel, Castañer, Gaimo, among others, have been in charge of showing the world how amazing, beautiful and comfortable they are.

And if all this has not convinced you, we are sure that their incredible price will do it once and for all, because in addition to a variety of styles, designs, brands and manufacturing materials, also vary the prices of each one of them, all within your reach of your pocket.

Beautiful, colourful, comfortable and ecological! (Photo: Bilyana Stoyanovska/

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different espadrille styles

We know that you love to be fashionable, that you are aware of every trend and how important your comfort is to you, so we want you to always be informed about every product you buy. It is necessary to take into account several factors before making your purchase.

Manufacturing materials

This type of footwear owes its freshness and comfort to the incredible materials with which they are made; most of them are of natural origin, although with the passage of time have begun to use synthetic materials to improve the quality of the product.

Jute: It is an ecological vegetable fibre, which is used to make various products, such as bags, sacks, carpets and shoes. It is known for being light and resistant. If you are in a hot environment, this material will give the necessary coolness to your feet.

Cotton fabric: This material is a natural textile fibre such as silk, wool and linen that can be easily differentiated from synthetic fibres such as polyester, acrylic, among others. If you are looking for comfort, cotton fabric is ideal.

Animal skins: Some types of espadrilles are made of animal skins; mostly horse, cow or bull skins. This type of material will give a more elegant look to your espadrilles, however it tends to generate heat to your feet. It is ideal for autumn days.

Plastic: Although espadrilles are known as footwear made of completely natural materials, nowadays a variety of models have come onto the market that have replaced the jute sole with a sole made of plastic or PVC sole. For pool and beach days, this material is ideal.

Nylon: Another synthetic material that has been present in the creation of espadrilles. It is an elastic textile fibre that is often used to create the embroidery that gives espadrilles that special touch. Like cotton fabric, nylon guarantees comfort and freshness.

Your ideal footwear; cool, comfortable and fashionable. (photo: Branislav Ostojic/

Type of sole

Your comfort is the priority, so being aware of factors such as which type of sole is best for which occasion is of great importance. Soles are not only differentiated by their height, but also by the materials they are made of.

Platform soles: This type of espadrilles is usually heavier than normal espadrilles, as their sole is made of PVC plastic and although the same level of comfort still exists within it, you won't have the same lightness.

Sole without platform: This type of sole is undoubtedly the ideal one for your walking days to be totally satisfactory, since it gives you the lightness and comfort that you need. This type of sole is usually made of jute, although there are designs made of plastic.

The first type of sole is more recommended for an office environment or one where the dress is more formal, while the second type is more recommended for walks in the park or on the beach, since it is much lighter and more casual.


This type of footwear, although cool and comfortable, is also very delicate, especially those made of jute or fabric, as they can tear very easily; it is estimated that the duration of a shoe like this is between 2 to 3 years. It is important to take this point into account before making your purchase.

Additional features

Like many products on the market, there are many types of espadrilles that come with a warranty. Depending on the brand, there will be some that will give you a refund or exchange the item if it is a manufacturing defect, while others may offer you a maintenance service for your shoes.

It is of great importance that you are aware of this factor if you want a totally satisfactory purchase, as we want you to be comfortable with your purchase; this information will undoubtedly prevent you from having a bad time if you purchase a defective product.

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