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An etagere refers to a rack with several levels. An etagere can be used, for example, for sweets, biscuits, cakes, fruit, chocolates, tarts, cold cuts or cheese. Most etagere are made of porcelain and consist of three tiers, but can also have more or fewer.

However, the minimum number of tiers is two. When using an etagere, the possibilities are endless. Everyday objects such as keys, jewellery and other items can also be stored on an etagere. Etagere can be very classy and offer the possibility to decorate them in different ways.

The most important facts

  • An etagere is a rack with at least two, but usually three, tiers on which fruit or small desserts are often displayed.
  • There are different types of etagere. Some are made of metal mesh and are mainly for fruit and vegetables.
  • Another common type of etagere is one made of porcelain. These etagere are mostly used to present small desserts and delicacies on the dining table.

The Best Etagere: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for etagères

In the following, we have listed some buying criteria that you should keep in mind before buying an etagere. We have briefly explained these criteria for you.


The size of the etagere is crucial because it can quickly take up a lot of space. It must therefore be planned well so that the purchase is not just wasted money due to a lack of space. One question you should ask yourself about the size is how many steps it should have and what it will be used for.


The material should be robust and not break after a short time. Since it is mostly for daily use, it should also look nice. Depending on what the task of the etagere should be, the material can vary. For example, it can also be made of fine porcelain, glass or steel. There are endless possibilities, but it is important to pay attention to the quality, because not every material has been processed in the same way and is therefore of high quality.


The design of the etagere should be chosen so that it matches the rest of the setting. If the kitchen is rather bright, a black etagere will be very eye-catching. There are endless possibilities to choose the design so that it makes the table or the kitchen a really beautiful sight.


What do you want to use the etagere for? Should it have a practical function or serve more as decoration? These questions can play an important role in choosing the perfect one. A fruit and vegetable etagere will be different in shape and material than an etagere for a wedding on which delicacies are served.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about etagere answered in detail

In this section, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions on the subject of etagere and then answered them for you in detail.

What is an etagere?

An etagere is a shelf-like frame for books, dishes or food. It must consist of at least two levels, but typically has three.


The perfect dessert look is achieved with an etagere. It is practical, space-saving and can be used for a range of different foods and items. (Image source: Unsplash/ Ibrahim Boran)

An etagere offers a space-saving option to store things and is often used in the catering industry. With the right decoration, this tray with several levels can offer a beautiful accessory for a dessert or a brunch. But it can also serve as a fruit bowl or for storing everyday items.

What types of etagere are there?

Etageren come in many different types with different functions. Etageren can be round or square and made of different materials. Examples are glass, porcelain but also other materials such as self-cast resin etc. An etagere made of metal is specially designed for storing fruit and vegetables. However, these types of etagere are not suitable for small desserts or the like. In the catering trade, food is often served and transported on etagères. Etageren are usually multifunctional and can also be used to store jewellery or cosmetics.

What does an etagere cost?

The following table offers a guideline to help you choose the perfect etagere.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (up to 20 €) Most small etagere made of porcelain or metal
Medium-priced (20 - 70 €) More special etagere made of aluminium with antique design Some branded etagere, very high quality
High-priced (from 70 €) Very high-quality material and unusual designs

This list should help you with your purchase decision and serve as a guideline for the price ranges.

How do you decorate an etagere?

An etagere can be decorated as the mood takes you. Whether autumnal, wintry or as Easter table decoration. The etagere can be decorated in an infinite number of different ways. For example, the Easter table decoration can be decorated with pastel-coloured Easter eggs and a chocolate bunny. In winter, it can be decorated with Christmas tree balls in all kinds of colours and stars.

What goes on the etagere?

Depending on the model, fruit and vegetables can be presented on an etagere. Often, the plates of the etagere are filled with chocolates, cupcakes and other delicious pastries. For a brunch, a meat and cheese platter can go on the etagere. Of course, keys, jewellery and cosmetics can be stored in it.


An etagere refers to a practical, beautiful, multi-tiered stand. The choice of the perfect etagere must be adapted to the individual need. Etagere are available in different materials and designs with different functions. They are mostly used for delicacies and enhance the aesthetics of the food on display.

Image source: Unsplash/ Sebastian Coman Photography