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Looking for healthy skin? Then take note on personal care with evening primrose oil. Today you will get first-hand information about the benefits of this wonderful substance, whose nutritional value brings great advantages for the proper development of our organism.

Also known as Evening Primrose and Oenothera, it comes from a plant with similar healing properties. Although it is native to North America, for many years it has spread to various countries around the world and can be identified by its pale yellow flowers, which open in the evening.

Today, the oil extracted from the seeds is used in the maintenance of the human body, according to the particular needs of each individual. We will share with you classified content that will help you choose the best and most effective evening primrose oil on the market.


  • It is a substance obtained from the evening primrose plant through a cold-pressing process that preserves the oil's medicinal properties. It stands out because it is rich in natural fatty acids that are essential for the well-being of our cells.
  • Identifying the purpose of evening primrose oil in your life helps you make a safe choice. At first glance, you can use it to treat inflammatory processes and rejuvenate your skin. It is up to you to decide which of the two you feel more identified with.
  • Analyse each purchasing criteria linked to the oil. Being aware of its presentation, natural extraction methods, labelling information and storage type will make the final selection process easier than you might expect.

The Best Evening Primrose Oil: Our Picks

Evening Primrose Oil: Shopping Guide

It is not enough to know which products are the best. It is also necessary to go deeper and nourish yourself with this promising content that follows from here on. Stay and read our information specially selected for you, who take care of your body with Evening Primrose.

Relieves inflammation of skin tissues. Photo: (CocoParisienne/Pixabay)

What is evening primrose oil and what are its benefits?

Evening primrose oil is a yellow viscous substance obtained by cold-pressing evening primrose seeds. Fatty acids are extracted from it that are not produced by the body on its own, but are nevertheless essential for the cell regeneration process, to name but a few.

Evening primrose is associated with a variety of benefits. Among the most common are its analgesic power, inhibition of inflammation and prevention of skin ageing. In fact, it is quite popular among women who seek it out in the form of soaps, creams and oils.

However, in order to know the benefits of this liquid, it is essential to turn to specific sources. That is why today we are providing you with valuable information so that you can clear your doubts and make a choice based on the right reasons. Because the personal care of our system deserves the right attention.

  • Contains essential acids
  • Lubricates the skin
  • Comes in different presentations
  • It is organic
  • Not tested on animals
  • Lacks scientific backing
  • Has a high cost
  • It is a scarce liquid
  • It is produced in few regions of the world
  • Specialised extraction process

Evening primrose oil, anti-inflammatory or rejuvenating - what to look out for?

Much is said about the benefits of this oil, but the truth is that two of the most important are the following. It is essential that you use it for the right reasons, the idea is to nourish your body with its healthy goodness and enjoy a satisfying experience.

Anti-inflammatory: It is recommended in order to alleviate inflammatory processes. Some women suffering from premenstrual syndrome use it to reduce swelling. On the other hand, it is used against the reaction of the skin by the blunt blows, and also diminishes the action of any trauma capable of affecting the tissues.

Rejuvenating: It is popular for its wonderful properties for the skin, as it has high concentrations of antioxidants. It copes with free radicals, the negative effects of stress and pollution. It provides a rejuvenating effect as time goes by.

Anti-inflammatory Rejuvenating
Presentation Capsules Oil
Packaging Plastic Glass
Price Moderate-High Moderate-High
Application Oral Topical
Extraction Cold Pressed Cold Pressed

Buying criteria: factors that enable you to buy and rate evening primrose oil

We have prepared special information to help you make sure you buy the best evening primrose oil. Analysing these criteria is essential, because only by paying attention to their content will you know which pillars to consider before making your investment.

  • Method of extraction
  • Presentation
  • Label
  • Oil storage

Extraction method

One element that influences the quality of essential oils is the method used to manufacture them, and evening primrose oil is no exception. In fact, this criterion will influence the properties and costs. Study it carefully and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Cold-pressed: This is the most common way of extracting evening primrose oil and other similar products, as heat does not deteriorate its active ingredients. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of all the properties and benefits, make sure it has been produced using this method.

Steam distillation: This is a slow extraction procedure, which requires a high level of technical knowledge and appropriate machinery. This is why distilled oils have a remarkable purity. Do you want a substance with excellent quality control? Then opt for oils of this style.

Maceration: A very powerful technique that preserves most of the properties and benefits of evening primrose, as well as its characteristic aroma. Highly recommended if you want to use the oil for therapeutic body care purposes.

Evening primrose oil capsules or pearls. Photo: (PublicDominePictures/Pixabay)


On the market you can find oils in different presentations and prices. However, you should know that each one is more useful for certain cases. Find out what they are and when you should choose one over the other.

Liquid: You can use it as a useful lotion for skin protection. Its properties help balance moisture and contribute to the prevention of wrinkles. If you want to maintain a fresh and well-groomed appearance, this is an excellent choice for you.

Capsules: This is one of the most common ways of consuming evening primrose oil, as it allows you to ingest all the benefits of Omega 6 fatty acids. Do you want to beautify your skin from within? This format is a good alternative, as well as being very easy to consume.

Cream: This is an ointment based on evening primrose oil, which you can use as a beautifying treatment at any time of the day. Women like it very much for its practicality and thick consistency, unlike oil. You can carry it anywhere in your handbag or purse.


When making your choice, be sure to check the label properly. It contains the most important information related to the manufacturer and the product in question. Take the following aspects into consideration.

Organic matter: It guarantees that the substance does not contain any additives, genetically modified or artificial components. We recommend you to take this into account, because you will benefit from the properties of all-natural elements.

Not tested on animals: This means that no tests that compromise the integrity of living beings were carried out in the manufacture of this substance. This way, buyers can be sure that they are not contributing to companies that test the effects of evening primrose oil on animals, which could threaten their lives.

Ideal for rejuvenating the skin from within. Photo: (Monicore/Pixabay)

Storage of the oil

The way you store the oil will change depending on the presentation you need. Of course, each one is adapted to the product, and to different environments and dynamics. Find out what they are, as well as the occasions when you can make the most of them.

Glass bottles: They are used to store oil and are dark in colour, in order to preserve it better. They are obviously a somewhat fragile material, so they are ideal to keep and use in an intimate environment, such as the bathroom. This reduces the likelihood of accidental breakage.

Plastic: Used to store capsules and creams. Noted for its strength and durability. If you want to take your evening primrose oil with you wherever you go, safe in the knowledge that it won't break under the impact of your daily routine, then this is just what you need.

(Featured image photo: Nir_Desing/Pixabay)