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Work, meetings, conferences, or brunch with the girls. In an ordinary day, we find ourselves in all kinds of situations which involve human contact. In any social situation, you always want to look your best. This not only gives us confidence, but our appearance sends a certain message to others.

This is where makeup comes in. Using makeup properly helps us to tailor our image and achieve the look we want. For this reason, it's useful to have a good understanding of what makes the best everyday makeup. In that vein, we have included everything you need to know in this article.


  • Every day makeup aims to enhance the natural beauty of the face in a subtle way. It is made up of a combination of different products to achieve the results you're looking for, including foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick.
  • Using everyday makeup can have cosmetic, psychological and health benefits. For the best possible results, you should follow a few basic rules in applying everyday makeup
  • There are certain disadvantages of using everyday makeup, mostly linked to specific products.

The best every day make up: Our Picks

Here are the best products which will let you create your own lovely everyday makeup look. We've included a range of products so you can decide which are the most suitable for you and also detail the main characteristics of each product so you can easily compare them.

Shopping Guide: What you should know about everyday makeup

It's important to know the key things about everyday makeup before buying one of these products. Below you will find the key aspects and considerations when it comes to everyday makeup so you can be well informed in this respect. We'll also cover the most frequently asked questions on the topic.

You should use products in neutral, soft tones, as close as possible to the natural colour of your skin. (Source: Victorias: 46144411/

What is everyday makeup exactly?

Makeup and cosmetics compromise of a wide range of products aimed to enhance our skin, our face and other parts of our body. Makeup is widely used these days, for a range of purposes. One of these purposes can be to create a daytime look which is at the same time natural but also sophisticated.

That is essentially what every day make up is all about. The key is to combine different beauty products in the right way for beautiful results which can be used in everyday life. Its purpose is to enhance, augment and generally make the face's features more beautiful in a subtle and discreet way.

Foundation is a key element for getting the best results.
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Expert makeup artists say the best makeup is that which is largely unnoticeable. That is, the purpose of everyday makeup is not to create a striking, dramatic look but rather the opposite. The ultimate goal is to create a natural look which highlights the beauty of the face and harmonises its features.

Why is everyday makeup recommended?

Everyday makeup has many benefits, not only a cosmetic level but also psychological and health advantages. Cosmetics can help us look after our skin, lips and eyelashes. They have nutritional components with many beneficial properties, as well as protecting you from external agents.

Makeup also protects us from harmful UV rays. Most foundation these days contains some sunscreen. Everyday makeup has an additional benefit of boosting our self-esteem. It makes us feel more confident and attractive, which improves our mood and our attitude.

For this type of makeup its advisable to use natural tones.
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Finally, everyday makeup has obvious cosmetic benefits. It gives the skin a natural, healthy appearance, enhancing its features. These products make our skin tone more uniform, defines our facial features, gives our lips body and makes us shine. Overall, everyday makeup gives you the beauty boost you need for a radiant look.

What are the differences between everyday makeup and evening makeup?

It's important to know the difference between everyday makeup and evening makeup. Certain products may seem the same, but they can be used for different purposes. Certain cosmetics can create a completely different look to others. When it comes to everyday makeup, they aim to enhance the beauty in a natural way.

Evening makeup, on the other hand, is designed specifically to attract attention, highlight and enhance the face as much as possible. In both cases, the types of makeup are distinguished by the colours they predominantly use. Daytime makeup typically uses soft, discreet shades, while evening tones use striking and dramatic colours.

Another point of difference is the products used in each type of makeup. In everyday makeup, the use of eyeliner, blusher and lipstick is common. In the evening, on the other hand, it's key to highlight the eyes and the lips in particular. Below is a table which compares the defining features of every day and evening makeup.

Every day makeup Evening makeup
Goal Natural and subtle results. Striking and dramatic results.
Colours Soft and discreet tones. Strong tones.
Face Smooth foundation the same colour as the skin, limited use of blush Foundation which matched natural skin tone. Features reinforced with blush and highlighter.
Eyes Mascara, subtle eyeshadow as desired. Limited use of eyeliner Highlight the eyes with dramatic eye-shadow, eyeliner and mascara. Possibly false eyelashes.
Lips Matte colours of natural hue or sometimes only gloss. Intense, passionate and striking colours.

What characteristics should everyday makeup have?

To understand everyday makeup, you should keep its central purpose in mind. As we've already covered, everyday makeup is designed to achieve natural and discrete results. It is all about creating a balanced look which is effective but at the same time subtle. This may seem tricky but it is achievable if you know how.

Essentially, the main characteristic of everyday makeup is that it should be simple and natural. Products with neutral and soft tones, as close as possible to your natural skin tone, should be used. It is important not to be too bold with the eyes or the lips, which can appear fake and is not very subtle for daytime.

For this reason, limited use of eyeliner and strong lipstick shades is recommended. A little bit of blush on the cheeks is ok, but not too much. For these kinds of results, matte products can be very effective. This prevents too much sparkle or shine which has an unnatural effect.

There are a number of differences between every day and evening makeup. Daytime makeup is discreet, whereas evening makeup is intended to draw attention.

What foundation should I use for everyday makeup?

Foundation is an essential beauty product to get the results you're looking for. As a first step, it's key to choose a foundation which matches your skin tone well. It's particularly important to avoid tones which are darker than your natural complexion. This is a common mistake that can create an unnatural look.

In terms of foundation, it's best to go for the most natural product possible. Liquid foundation is a good option, as they have a lighter consistency and give a  natural finish. Powder foundation can also produce a good look, but it is better to avoid overly compact powdered foundation which can look very heavy.

Everyday makeup gives your skin a healthy and natural appearance. 
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You should also choose the most natural type of foundation. Liquid foundations are generally good for this, as they have a lighter consistency. These days another alternative is available: BB cream and CC cream, which are tinted moisturisers. They are lighter than conventional foundation, so give more subtle results. Finally, whichever type of foundation you choose to use, it is essential that it offers sun protection.

How can I do my eyes with everyday makeup?

One of the key pieces of advice for a natural look is to keep your eyes subtle. Avoid using dark or attention-grabbing shades, such as blue, red or purple. Experts recommend neutral or soft colours instead, such as nude and earthy tones. You should also steer clear of shimmer and sparkly eye shadows.

Along with eye shadow, you can also use eyeliner, but always in moderation. One way to do this is to use it on the upper or lower eyelid only. You should always keep eyeliner thin for everyday makeup, and brown eyeliner pencil, rather than black, gives a more subtle effect.

Makeup remover is an essential part of your daily skincare routine. (Source: Dan Grytsku: 113837539/

Finally, eyebrow pencil and mascara can also be used. Mascara should be kept light, and with a simple black or transparent product. For eyebrows, you should use eyeliner pencil which is the same colour of your brows. This will fill in any gaps and enhance your appearance in an elegant way.

What type of lipstick is recommended for everyday makeup?

Lips should be full and moist in appearance, but this doesn't necessarily mean they need to be very dramatic. That is to say, the most important things is that you style them to achieve the result you want. For everyday makeup this means a natural result, using neutral and soft tones. This means sticking to pink and earthy tones and avoiding bright reds and similar.

Creamy lipsticks are the best type to use, as they give natural, hydrated lips. You can also use lip gloss, which gives a casual and fun flash of colour. It's better to avoid matt or very bright tones, as they are more intense and dramatic.

As you get older, you will find you need products which are more suitable to your skin.

What other types of products are useful for everyday makeup?

Along with those we've already mentioned, there are other products which are great for everyday makeup. For example, concealer is handy for covering up imperfections. Remember that concealer should be a lighter shade than your skin tone. Foundation powder, on the other hand, can control shine.

This can be applied after liquid foundation in the most oily areas, usually the forehead, nose and chin. Finally, a little blush can add colour to the cheeks. It is important not to use too much. Soft tones, such as pink, peach or earthy colours are recommended for every day.

How should I apply everyday makeup?

It is essential to apply everyday makeup correctly to achieve the desired results. Here is the optimal process step by step. First, clean your face and apply your usual moisturiser. Next, use concealer to cover up any imperfections.

Next, use foundation or BB cream to give the face a uniform appearance. Apply an adequate amount but not too much. Then add a little blusher to your cheeks, using a colour which suits your skin and also the colour of eyeshadow you are using, which you can apply next.

Every day make up aims to achieve beauty in a natural form, while evening makeup is designed to attract attention.
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You can enhance the upper or lower eyelids with eyeliner. Finally, define your brows and apply mascara. To finish, use a suitable lipstick. Follow these steps for a fresh, subtle and natural look, perfect for everyday makeup.

What disadvantages does everyday makeup have?

The disadvantages of using everyday makeup are mainly related to particular products. For example, all makeup products can produce allergic or hypersensitivity reactions in susceptible people. Makeup can also make skin oily and encourage acne.

Eye irritations can be caused by the use of eye makeup. The lips, on the other hand, can dry out depending on which lipstick you use. In addition, makeup involves some kind of financial investment. Finally, it requires time and patience, both to apply it and to maintain it later. It is very important that before using makeup your skin is hydrated.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using everyday makeup?

As mentioned, the use of everyday makeup has cosmetic, psychological and health benefits. However, using makeup everyday is not without potential complications. The table below summarises the key advantages and disadvantages of using everyday makeup.

  • Nourishes and cares for the skin, lips and lashes
  • Protection from external agents
  • Promotes our self esteem
  • Improves our humour and attitude
  • Improves our facial appearance
  • Allergic reactions in susceptible individuals
  • Eye irritation
  • Lip dryness
  • Economic costs
  • Time demanding

Shopping criteria

When buying everyday makeup, it is important to consider certain aspects. Next, we will outline the most relevant factors you should consider before buying these products. This means you will be able to make the best decision, and choose the cosmetics which best suit your needs.


An essential aspect when choosing everyday makeup products is their colour. Remember that the main objective is to obtain the most natural results possible. Therefore, always opt for neutral, discrete, soft and subtle tones. This applies to any makeup product.

For example, foundation should be the same colour as our skin. Blusher is recommended to be pink or earthy tones. The best eye shadows are those of raw or earthy colours. For the lips, it is advisable to choose a pink or brown tones. As you can see, these are all natural colours.

If you want to give your lips a fresh look, go for a lip gloss.

Product characteristics

It is very important to take into account a product's characteristics before making a purchase. Among them, we must assess the texture of the products, its pigmentation and the finish it provides. Liquid foundation is usually better than powder for a daytime look.

On the other hand, eye shadows do not have to be opaque or bright. Blusher is preferably matt, without exaggerated shine. The best everyday lipsticks are creamy ones, avoiding matte or excessively bright tones. In other words, you should choose the most natural characteristics possible.

Skin type

Remember that the makeup is applied to the skin, so skin tone is important to keep in mind. It is essential to choose a foundation that matches your skin colour. Otherwise, you will get an artificial, overwhelming and even unsightly result.

If you have oily skin you should usually choose oil-free, matte or sebum-regulating products. You may also benefit from shine-controlling powders. People with dry skin, on the other hand, should opt for more moisturizing cosmetics rich with hydrating ingredients. It is essential to choose products that best suit our skin.

Matte products lend a natural, simple tone.
(Source: Lightfieldstudios: 82797707/

Stage of life

Although it may seem not seem important, the time of year also influences the makeup we should choose. In summer it is better to choose sheerer, lighter products so that let your skin breathe. Also colours should be fresher, happier and warmer.

It is also important to ensure that the products you wear in summer, in particular, have sun protection. On the other hand, in winter the cold can punish our skin. Therefore, in cold months you should choose products which are more hydrating. The tones will be paler and for the cheeks, we can use warmer colours. Earthy colours are always a good option in these months.

The importance of everyday makeup is to highlight and enhance your face, giving a natural and radiant look.


Finally, quality is something that we must always keep in mind when buying any cosmetic. Poor quality products can cause adverse reactions that can be unpleasant, annoying and even serious. In addition, you can expect poor results if the quality is not optimal.

There are a few things you can do to ensure that a product is of good quality. For example, we can check the composition to make sure it is correct. It is usually better to opt for a prestigious, known and, therefore, safer brand. Finally, check the advice of experts in the cosmetic sector.


Thanks to everyday makeup, we can look natural with a flash of beauty and sophistication. In this way, we face our daily lives with more confidence, feeling more attractive and comfortable with ourselves. To achieve such results, it is necessary to know how to combine the appropriate beauty products in an optimal way.

Is fatigue evident on your face? Do you want to correct it, but are you wary of applying excessive makeup? Everyday makeup is the solution to your problems. Give your look the vitality you need with simple and practical makeup touches. In a matter of minutes, your face will have a fresh and healthy appearance.

Will you apply everyday makeup from now on? If you liked our guide on everyday makeup, share it on social media or leave us a comment.

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