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This time we will talk about an essential part for any car that wants to show off the horsepower hidden under the bonnet. This is the exhaust pipe, a part that is of great value in car engineering.

Exhausts are a set of pipe systems that run along the underside of the car. One end is connected to the engine, while the other end is visible at the rear of the vehicle. By means of the exhausts we can expel the gas that is generated by internal combustion and which, if it accumulates, would be very dangerous.

There are a wide variety of exhaust brands and models on the market, which is why we want to help you find the best exhaust pipe system to suit your vehicle and budget. Throughout the article we will show you all the benefits and main features that exhausts have.


  • Exhausts are a system of pipes that are connected to the engine and have the purpose of helping to safely expel the toxic gases generated during combustion. This is why exhausts are so long, so that they do not affect any passengers whether they are in the front or rear of the car.
  • Buying an exhaust pipe can be expensive as it gives us the advantages of being able to give more power to our machine and reduce the sound generated by the engine. We can also choose from 4 varieties of mufflers that considerably improve the noise issue.
  • Choosing a stainless steel or aluminium exhaust, having the best design to avoid bends or opting for a single or multiple exhaust are some of the factors that we must consider when we want to buy a good exhaust pipe for our car.

The best exhaust: Our picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about exhausts

Many people are unaware of the benefits that exhausts offer both to the car and the environment. Although this product can be very expensive, it is essential to have one installed. In addition to a good pipe, we must consider what type of muffler we are going to incorporate so as not to disturb the engine noise.

There is a wide range of exhaust models and designs to suit the needs of every car. (Photo: 36clicks /

What is an exhaust?

Exhausts are metal parts that are connected to the engine at one end, while the other end is directed to the rear and in some cases to one of the sides of the vehicle in order to expel the gases generated during the combustion phase. They also help to reduce the noise produced by the engine.

Exhausts can be considered one of the most important parts of a car as they allow us to drive without the risk of being affected by toxic fumes. Exhausts are usually made of heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant steel, as the gases may contain acids from combustion.

What are the advantages of an exhaust?

Part of the importance of exhausts is that they have a pipe which is connected to a catalytic converter that removes most of the pollutants from combustion, as well as a silencer that helps to eliminate most of the engine noise and a tailpipe that is more of a decorative object.

The design and size of the exhausts vary according to the space available in the lower part of the vehicle as they do not have a standard shape and must be able to be fitted perfectly so that accidents such as parts falling off when on the road do not occur.

  • They help to evacuate gases from the engine
  • reduce noise
  • reduce polluting emissions
  • help power
  • improve fuel consumption.
  • They are very expensive
  • some models can be easily damaged

Exhausts and their silencers: Absorption, side resonator, multi-chamber and expansion - what to look out for?

Exhausts as such do not vary much, as it is a pipe that collects gases coming from the engine. Where it differs is in its silencer, because the market offers 4 different models of this part. We can find absorption, side resonator, multi chamber and expansion silencers.

Absorption silencer. This model has a fibreglass cover that covers the pipe to act as an acoustic and thermal insulator. Of the 4 models, this silencer generates the least noise.

Side resonator silencer. In this type of silencer the exhaust pipe is surrounded by a larger diameter pipe with micro perforations. This causes the noise to bounce back and forth between the 2 pipes reducing the volume of noise generated by the engine.

Multi chamber silencer. This silencer has several chambers inside. These make the noise of the engine decrease as the sound passes through these chambers; this makes the waves bounce off the walls helping to reduce its power.

Expansion silencer. In these silencers, a widening is made to the exhaust pipe which allows a wide range of frequencies to be achieved. This silencer model is the noisiest of the four mentioned.

Absorption silencer Side resonator silencer Chamber silencer Expansion silencer
Design Fibreglass cover Larger diameter tube with micro perforations Multiple chambers inside Exhaust flaring
Function Sound reduction and thermal insulation Sound reduction Sound reduction Sound reduction Sound enhancement
Noise Very low Low Low Low High

If we see black smoke coming out of our exhaust it is a sign that something is wrong with our engine and we should check it immediately. (Photo: Akhararat Wathanasing /

Where to buy an exhaust?

The market offers us a wide range of options when we want to buy a good exhaust for our car. As a first alternative, there are the websites Amazon, Mercado Libre, or Ebay which offer a wide variety of exhaust models according to the type of car we have at very competitive prices.

You can also visit specialised exhaust shops such as Tuper, Ferotex, Accesorios y Refacciones Nañez, Sumicorp, among others, who sell a wide variety of exhaust models. You can also visit your local garage, as they often manufacture custom-made exhausts for your car.

Purchasing criteria: What to take into account when comparing the product

The use of car exhausts is extremely advantageous both for our engine and for the environment, as they prevent the release of a large part of the toxic substances into the atmosphere. But before you buy one, you need to be aware of certain factors that are important for purchasing the right exhaust.

We will go through each of these factors in more depth so that you have a more precise and concise way of knowing what to look for when you want to buy a good exhaust for your car.

The pipe material

As already mentioned, an exhaust pipe must be made of a good material that can withstand the high temperatures and acids that can arise from the internal combustion of the engine. In addition, they must be strong enough to withstand the abuse of the road. There are 3 materials available on the market.

Stainless Steel Tubes. This material is usually the most common in the manufacture of exhaust pipes. They can have different degrees of resistance according to the number they have. They are ideal for those with a limited budget because they are the most economical. Their negative point is that they are heavy.

Aluminium pipes. Exhaust pipes made of aluminium have the great advantage that they disperse heat better and are lighter than stainless steel ones, and they are easier to repair in case of a hole. On the downside, this material is more flimsy and can be affected by any stones or bumps that may occur.

The choice between a stainless steel or an aluminium exhaust pipe depends entirely on the budget. (Photo: Dolgachov /

Single or multiple exhaust

The choice between a single or multiple exhaust depends on two factors. On the one hand, there is the line and design of the car, which will dictate whether the car is suited to a single or a manifold exhaust. The other will be whether we want to gain more power and torque.

Single exhausts. This model consists of a single pipe through which the engine gases are expelled. Depending on its thickness and diameter, it can expel them a bit faster, which influences the power of the engine of our car.

Multiple Exhausts. This design allows us to have from 2 to 4 outlets depending on the design of the car and what it allows us. This exhaust model guarantees us to obtain a greater power of our motor because it helps us to expel the gases that are generated of the combustion with much more speed.

Pipe design

Knowing how many curvatures our exhaust will have is fundamental to be able to select one. Each vehicle has a different design at the bottom. To be able to adapt an exhaust to this design is vital to be able to have power in our machine and so that there is no risk of accidents due to a detachment.

Once we know how much space we have, it is important to study the best way to avoid bends, as having a large number of them, the gases travel more slowly to be expelled. If we can achieve straight lines as long as possible, we will obtain a better performance from our engine.


Another factor to take into account when buying an exhaust system is to have it checked periodically. Although many manufacturers offer lifetime warranties, this does not mean that our exhaust system will not suffer as it is located in the lower part of the car.

Depending on the climate in which you live and the conditions of the roads you drive on, it is recommended that every 6 months you check the exhaust system and make sure that there are no perforations along the pipe or that it is securely fastened.

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