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Beauty is a territory full of different styles and preferences, and for each of them there are tools and complements that allow the person to highlight their attributes. For the eyes, for example, there are eyelash extensions.

When it comes to make-up, your natural talents may not be enhanced enough to achieve the look you want. Eyelashes, for example, may be too short to allow your eyes to stand out as you plan, and for that there are extensions, which help you look even bigger than they usually are.

When it comes to buying eyelash extensions, you may find it difficult to choose due to the wide variety on the market, so the following article will teach you everything you need to know about eyelash extensions.


  • An eyelash extension is, in short, a cosmetic accessory or complement, consisting of false hair with a longer length than ordinary eyelashes, which is applied to the eyelid area, where the natural eyelashes are, allowing to enhance and deepen the look of the wearer.
  • There are many different types of eyelash extensions on the market, but the most popular are 1D and 2D extensions, which create classic effects such as mascara and eyeliner. In the case of 1D, the eye expands with an effect similar to mascara, while 2D eyelash extensions achieve a fine and elegant finish, like eyeliner.
  • Before making the decision and buying your ideal eyelash extensions model, you should take into account certain factors that allow you to establish comparisons between one option and another, so that you can make the right purchase without any mishap. Aspects such as effect, thickness, adhesion and strength are essential.

The best Eyelash Extension: Our Picks

Buying Guide: What you need to know about Eyelash Extensions

After getting to know the best models on the market, according to customer reviews and the quality of each product presentation, you may already have a fairly clear idea of what you want to buy. However, there are several terms and factors that you should know before you make your purchase, so that the product is the right one.

The right eyelash extensions can completely change your look, giving you a deeper, more feminine look. (Photo: Aliaksandr Barouski /

What are eyelash extensions and what are their advantages?

An eyelash extension is basically an artificial or semi-natural cosmetic accessory, which allows the eyelashes to look longer and more prominent by adhering to the eyelid skin in the area of the natural eyelashes. They are manageable in the same way as natural lashes, so mascara can be used.

Among their most relevant advantages is that, because their main function is to extend the eyelashes visually, they allow the eye to stand out and look wider, so they help to highlight this facial attribute very easily.

While it may seem like the perfect product, the truth is that all products have advantages and disadvantages, which you should be fully aware of so that you are certain of what you are really buying. Keep in mind that the fact that they have disadvantages does not make them a bad product, but it is good to be aware of them.

  • They enhance the eye
  • They are inexpensive
  • They are usually easy to apply
  • They can fall out with water depending on the model
  • Some can look very artificial
  • If they are not applied correctly, they fall out

1D and 2D eyelash extensions: What should you pay attention to?

Within the cosmetics section, when we talk about eyelash extensions, there are certain types that you should know about before purchasing your ideal model. In this case, there are two very relevant types that you should take into account, which are 1D and 2D eyelash extensions.

1D Extension

This model of eyelash extension allows, in short, to generate a mascara or mascara effect, without the need to use it, all using only the shape of the extension.

Among the main characteristics of this type of extension is the curly shape. As we have already said, the effect needs to be as if mascara has been applied, so this type of extension is curved and enhanced to create this appearance.

2D extension

This model generates a different effect to the previous one. While with the 1D the effect is similar to mascara, with the 2D the "eyeliner" or eyeliner is generated, which allows not only the eye to stand out, but also to see a make-up effect that is not really there.

The difference is that 2D normally has two eyelash hairs per point, whereas 1D only has one. The addition is what allows the eye to visually appear as if there is make-up on it.

1D extension 2D extension
Number of hairs One per point Two per point
Effect Mascara Eyeliner
Thinness Medium thin Very thin, as they are double
Durability Approximately one month Between 3 and 4 weeks

Buying Criteria

As a last point, it is important that you know certain aspects that will allow you to make comparisons between one model and another, so that you can choose the one that completely meets your needs and leaves you satisfied with the final result.


Although eyeliner and mascara effects are among the most popular and well-known, there are other much more voluminous effects that you should know about, because depending on your style and taste, you will choose the one that is most suitable for you.

  • Cat Eye" effect: When using eyelash extensions with this effect, your eyes will get a medium deep, deep, medium-lashed style, similar to the look of a feline (hence the name).
  • Kim" effect: Inspired by the iconic Kim Kardashian, this eyelash extension model simulates the lashes normally worn by the star. With a blunt look, it makes the eye stand out completely. Paired with nude make-up, it's perfect.
  • Shadow effect: The shadow effect can easily be confused with the eyeliner effect, however, there are differences that make each one unique. With the shadow effect you get to deepen and deepen the level of shadow on the lash, while the eyeliner effect creates the illusion that there is a line on the eye.

By applying the right effect you can create the look and style you've been dreaming of. (Photo: Puhhha /


Depending on the model and effect they have, each eyelash extension has a thickness. This directly affects the look you get, as the extension can be thick and prominent, or thin and delicate.

The stronger and more voluminous the final effect, the thinner the extensions tend to be. This is because they are usually doubled depending on what you want to achieve. Those with a diameter of 0.10 mm are usually between 1D and 2D, creating effects such as mascara, eyeliner or Kim.

If you are looking for effects such as Shadow or Cat eye, the diameter of the extension would be thinner, being 0.07 mm. Even more voluminous eyelashes are available with a diameter of 0.06 mm.


Something very important that you should evaluate among the eyelash extension models is the resistance, and it depends on this feature how long the applied eyelashes will last.

Although it is true that this type of cosmetic complement is mostly used for special occasions, the truth is that you should evaluate the durability of the model, as well as the external agents to which it has high levels of resistance.

  • 12 hours and 24 hours: These are intended for special occasions, where you will do eyelash extensions for one night. When you finish using them you must remove them, taking care not to sleep with them to avoid the risk of infection.
  • Semi-permanent: These models are for when you want to maintain the look for a prolonged period of time. Normally these extensions last 15 days, even longer depending on the quality and brand.

The main external agents to which an eyelash extension should have high resistance are water and dust, therefore, depending on your budget and the frequency of use you give to the extensions, it is recommended that you use waterproof ones.


There are ways to attach the extensions to the eyelid, and depending on it, it will be more or less comfortable and expensive. That's why it's good to analyse the two main types of eyelash attachment, so that you can make the right choice according to your needs.

Glue bonding

This is the classic model. Eyelash extensions use a special glue which, when placed on the tips of the extensions, attaches them directly to the eyelid. This is a safe way of attaching them, as it is very difficult for them to fall out unless you remove them.

It is important to note that misapplication of glue and extension can cause allergies, as well as eye diseases such as conjunctivitis. Because of this, when glue bonding is used, it should be removed after the extensions have been worn to avoid such complications.

Magnetic bonding

In this case, the task of attaching the eyelashes becomes much simpler and less risky. With micromagnet technology, the extensions are attached directly to the eyelid quickly, without using any type of product to help adhere them to the skin.

This type of eyelashes may have a higher cost than the classic ones; however, it is justified by the convenience it offers in the application, in addition to reducing the risk of infection by not using an extra product, as in the first case.


The material of which the extensions are made directly influences factors such as price and appearance. That is why it is important that you know which are the main ones you will find in the market, so that you can choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

  • Natural extensions: These are the most coveted and generate the best finishes, as they are made of a natural composition (hair, silk, etc.), when applied they look extremely real, which allows them to go unnoticed, as if they were your natural eyelashes. Their price can be high for the quality they offer.
  • Artificial extensions: They are very easy to find, and very cheap. The finishes are not really neat, but they are functional. They are usually made of synthetic material. The effect can look artificial if well detailed.

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