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A good eyeshadow palette is an indispensable item among the makeup products of any woman. The type of palette will depend on the style of makeup you like. Want to learn how to choose the right palette for your needs? You are welcome!

Here in this buying guide you will learn how to consider all the essentials to choose the best eyeshadow palette!


  • There are shadows with different textures, they can be shimmery or matte. Defining whether you will use it in the day to day or to produce night time make up can change your choice.
  • An eyeshadow palette can have few colours or cover the most varied shades. They can vary from two to more than 100 colours.
  • The more neutral tones are indicated for the day by day. The more colourful palettes are great for more elaborate make up.

The best Eyeshadow Palette: Our Picks

We've selected different styles of eyeshadow palettes for you to find the one that suits you best. Take a look:

Buying guide: everything you need to know about eyeshadow palettes

An eyeshadow palette can make all the difference to your make-up. The shadow is the makeup responsible for highlighting the eyes and give a finish to your production. But, you also need to be careful not to make a mistake in the choice of colours and finishes.

With that in mind, we've put together this complete guide to bring you the best information on this topic. Come with us!

Imagem em close de mãos segurando uma paleta de sombras

A good eyeshadow palette for the day to day is one with more neutral tones. (Source: cottonbro/

What are the advantages of investing in an eyeshadow palette?

The eyeshadow palette groups several colours in a single kit. This ends up being more practical to keep at home and also carry with you wherever you go. In addition, the palette ends up having a better cost benefit than if you buy the shadows individually.

Also, you can find in the same palette, different finishes for specific occasions, such as matte shadows for the day to day and metallic shadows for evening events.

But you need to pay attention to the quality of the shadow, some are bad and do not fix on the skin. Prefer to invest in known brands.

  • More practical to store
  • Easy to carry
  • Best value for money
  • Different colours and finishes in a single kit
  • Some shadows do not stay on the skin

What are the different types of eyeshadow palettes?

An eyeshadow palette can be differentiated by the textures it has, the finishes it offers, the colours available and also the quantity of shades.

We have brought a summary of textures and finishes for you to understand a little more about the different types of eyeshadow palettes. But first it is worth mentioning that the texture is related to the touch, while the finish is related to what we saw.


Texture Characteristic Ideal for:
Powder Compacted powder, more common and easy to be found Any situation
Cream They have wet touch and has high fixing power Who does not have much practice
Liquid It has wet touch and great transfer of colour Turbine the make-up
Gel It does not smear and has great pigmentation Smudge
Glitter Microparticles of pressed glitters Highlight the eyes with glitter
Spongy Halfway between the powder shade and cream For those who do not have much practice


Finish Characteristic Ideal for:
Matte or opaque Dry and without glare Prepare the eyes for other finishes or make a more basic makeup
Sparkling Fine texture, dry touch and good pigmentation Highlight the eyes with little glare
Pearly or satin Fine texture and slightly shiny Highlight specific points
Metallic Creamy texture and high colour transfer Very glossy finish

How to apply the shadow correctly?

There is no single way to apply eyeshadow correctly, because it depends on the amount of eyeshadow you have chosen to use. Anyway, there is a standardized guideline, used by professionals.

We have selected some tips for you to use with three colours of eyeshadow making a basic make-up. Check them out:

  1. The first thing to do is to choose three colour nuances: light, medium and strong.
  2. Contrary to popular belief, the medium shade should be applied across the entire concave. You can use your finger or a cat-tongue brush.
  3. The lighter shade can be used to lighten the area above the browbone and below the brow.
  4. And the darker one will give a highlight to the eyes. You can use a small bevelled brush to apply the shadow close to the lashes, along the entire length of the strands. With the same shade and a pencil brush, make a light smoky brush in the corner of the eye.

Tip: Makeup brushes can make application much easier and give your make-up a more professional finish

Which eyeshadow colours never go out of fashion?

You may have already seen makeup trends that come and go out of fashion every year, an example of this is the colored mascara. However, there are some shadows that are like jokers in the necessaire of any woman, surviving any trend. They are:

  • Pearl: This shade, and its variants, is perfect to brighten both the corner of the eyes and the centre of the eyelid. Because it is slightly shiny, it can be used in makeup for various situations.
  • Black: Who likes a smoky can not be without a black eye shadow, it is perfect for this effect or even make an outline. This shade never goes out of fashion.
  • Nude matte: That shade that can be worn both day and night, at work or at a party. It is the perfect shade in any eyeshadow palette.

Maquiagens abertas sobre uma mesa vistas de cima

Pearl, nude and black are shades that never go out of fashion. (Source: Element5 Digital/

Buying criteria: What to take into account when comparing different types of eyeshadow palettes

There is a giant market for eyeshadow palettes. There are several brands, textures and styles. It is important to know how to choose among so many options. We want to finish this guide with some important tips to help you bring the right eyeshadow palette home.


For what purpose are you looking for an eyeshadow palette? To use it on a daily basis or to do a more produced make up when going out? This small reflection can completely change your decision.

Your work, for example, may require a lighter makeup, being a palette with nude, brown and pink tones the most suitable. If, on the other hand, you want well-pigmented colours to make eyes stand out and colourful eyeshadows, a 3D palette has more of what you are looking for.

Colour diversity

Another important aspect to note is the diversity of colours. A palette may have few shadows, but all very distinct from each other, such as a quartet with the colours green, blue, red and yellow. Also, there are options with more than 15 shades varying between the same tones.

Paletas de sombras em close

Diversity of colours is important for those who have only one eyeshadow palette. (Source:

Number of shades

How many shades does the palette have? You can find small kits with only two shadows or even giant palettes with more than 100 shades. This criterion is closely related to the previous two.

A palette for day to day work can be small and with few shades, it is even the best option to carry in your handbag. Now, a makeup artist will need a large palette with the most varied colours.

Textures and finishes

Dry, creamy, gel or matte eyeshadows? We dedicate a whole section to explain its characteristics and indications, so it is important that you understand which texture you prefer. This changes both the finish of your make-up and the way and ease of applying the eyeshadows.

Colour transfer

The quality of the eyeshadow palette can determine the colour transfer to the skin, as well as its durability. Bet on known brands to ensure a good pigmentation and also that your make up will last as long as you need it to.


The eyeshadow palette is great because it has different shades in one kit. It can be composed of shadows with different textures and finishes. An important point for the choice is to define in which moments you want your palette, although some shadows are very versatile, others are very specific for parties, for example.

We hope that this guide has helped you to understand a little more about the different options of eyeshadow palettes on the market. Now it's up to you. Choose yours and start practicing your amazing makeup.

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