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Hello, welcome! If there is a bag that generates controversy this is the fanny pack. Small and considered by many a stylish item, this is the product that will be today's topic here.

The fanny pack appeared more than 100 years ago and has been widely used by men and women, being a unisex piece. In recent years it has become successful again and currently exists in several versions.

And if you are thinking about joining this fashion, but still have doubts if the fanny pack is an item for you do not worry. In this article we will answer all your questions and at the end of the reading you will be ready to make a decision about it.

First things first

  • The fanny pack exists in several models and there are options for the day to day, for sports and even party.
  • For a long time the fanny pack became a forgotten piece, but in recent years several brands have invested in this product and launched their own versions.
  • The fanny pack can be worn on the shoulders, across the waist and around the waist.

The Best Fanny Pack: Our Picks

Buying Guide

If you lived between the 80s and 90s surely you have seen several people using the famous fanny pack. This bag, which for a long time accompanied men and women, has come back into fashion in recent years and has won over those who like stylish, striking products.

But is it worth investing in this piece? This is a question that many people ask themselves when talking about products that come and go in fashion. To answer it and also tell you all about the fanny pack, we created this super complete buying guide. So if you want to know everything just keep reading.

Na foto uma mulher de costas com roupas esportivas em uma praia.

The fanny pack is a stylish bag and ideal for the day to day. (Source: maridav / 123rf)

What is a fanny pack?

Also called a belt bag, the fanny pack is perhaps the most contradictory bag in the history of fashion. This is because it has had its glory days and others in which it fell into the public's disgust.

The truth is that fashion always brings back items that were successful. From this, in recent years this piece has returned to accompany celebrities, women and men around the world.

Basically, the fanny pack is a small bag, which contains an adjustable strap. It has multiple forms of use and can be placed on the shoulder, across the body and even on the waist, where it has always been present.

How did the fanny pack come about?

The fanny pack has a curious history, to say the least, and its use began around the 1st World War, back in 1900. Years later, in 1970, it still continued to accompany women and the English singer Jane Birkin was a fan of this piece and made it very well known, being a success until today.

The 80s and 90s were the heyday of the fanny pack and at that time, the fact of leaving the hands and shoulders free made sportsmen start to use it too.

After this period the fanny pack was forgotten, until the designer Karl Lagerfeld brought it back in the summer show of the brand Chanel in 2014. Then other brands like Tory Burch, Emporio Armani and Gucci created their versions of this bag and it reappeared, being used until today

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a fanny pack?

The fanny pack goes far beyond style and acts as a very functional and advantageous piece for those who choose it. One of the reasons for this is its practicality. It is possible to store only what is necessary, eliminating weight and excess products on a daily basis.

Besides, the fact that it can be placed on the waist, leaving the arms and shoulders free is another high point. This is because it makes it possible to perform the most diverse activities with them without worries.

The versatility of the fanny pack can also be considered an advantage. It is available in several models and matches the most varied occasions, and can be used with jeans, tailoring, sportswear, dresses and more. Not to mention that it adds a lot of personality to the look.

But it also has its negative points. One of them is precisely related to this limitation of space and for times when you need to take several items it is not indicated.

Another disadvantage is linked to the fact that it is a very striking item in fashion and that soon it may no longer be a trend again.

  • It is practical
  • it leaves the arms and shoulders free
  • it can be used with several looks
  • it allows carrying only what is necessary
  • It has limited space
  • It may go out of fashion quickly

On what occasions can a fanny pack be used?

The fanny pack has multiple possibilities of use and can be the accessory of choice for almost any occasion.

For the day to day it is a great bet, as it can be used on walks, on the way to work and even in bars, parties and special dinners.

Even in more formal parties the fanny pack can be included and it exists in versions with glitter and different shapes especially for this.

Another form of use for which the fanny pack is very indicated is in the practice of physical activities. Especially for those who exercise outdoors, like running for example, they are a good choice and there are many different models of this piece made for this.

How much does a fanny pack cost?

The fanny pack can be found with a large variation in price and this is due to some factors. The first is related to the model, that is, if it is more casual or sportier and usually the casual ones are more expensive.

The second is related to the material, and leather models, in most cases, have a higher price than those made with other fabrics. And the third concerns the brand, and the most famous options are the most expensive. From this, there are options that start at GBP$ 3 to about GBP$ 65, on average.

Where to buy a fanny pack?

There are several shops that sell fanny packs and in the handbag, department and sports shops you can easily get one. Some examples of shops for this are Le Postiche, C&A and Centauro.

On the Internet there is also a wide variation of fanny pack models and there are several sites that sell this product, such as: Amazon, Americanas, Zattini or Mercado Livre.

Purchase criteria: Factors to compare fanny pack models

When choosing a fanny pack to buy it is important to take into account some factors so as not to make a mistake. To help you with this we have separated below everything you should analyse when comparing the options.

  • Size
  • Material
  • Model
  • Style

Below we detail each of these criteria for you to buy the ideal fanny pack.


As the fanny pack has undergone a revamp in recent years there were several options of this product. Within this, there are models of all sizes and at the time of choice you should analyze your needs.

If you intend to use your fanny pack on a daily basis or when practicing sports and have a list of items that are essential, then you should purchase a model that fits all of them. Otherwise the use of this accessory will be more limited and not according to your wishes.

If the fanny pack purchased is for evening events, then the ideal is to choose a smaller model, the size of a clutch. This way, it will match more with the occasion and will not be left over space, since in these appointments we take little things.


The fanny pack is made in several different materials that change both its visual aspect and its characteristics as a whole. In general there are those made of leather and those made of synthetic fabrics like fake leather, nylon, neoprene, polyester and more.

The models of fanny packs in natural leather are those with greater durability and resistance.

The models of fanny packs in natural leather are those with greater durability and resistance. They may be more rustic or sophisticated and are the least suitable for sporting activities.

On the other hand, the options made of synthetic fabrics adapt to all occasions. The sportiest fanny packs are usually made of nylon, neoprene and polyester, because these materials either dry quickly or are treated to become waterproof.

These same fabrics are also used to make casual fanny packs, and there are many models made with polyester and faux leather.


Previously the fanny pack was only found in the rounded rectangular format and this was its standard. This has changed a lot in recent years and although the traditional ones still exist, there are many more modern models.

Examples are the square and round fanny packs, which are ideal for those who want a more differentiated and striking option.

In addition, the handle of this type of bag has also undergone a renewal. Currently there are options that receive applications of glitter, other colorful and some have adjustment by buckle.

Precisely because of this, today it is possible to find a series of fanny pack models and which one to buy will depend on whether you want something more basic or more striking.


By itself the fanny pack is a product that adds a lot of style to your look and because it exists in a wide range of models you can choose an option that suits your way of dressing.

Traditional fanny packs are great for those who like to follow a more retro or simple style. The more current ones are for people who like to get out of the classic and want to use different pieces.

(Source of image: miafox / 123rf)