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Welcome to our big feed bin test 2021. Here we present all the feed bins that we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best feed bin for you. You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a feed bin.


  • Feed bins allow you to store pet food properly. This can be food for dogs, cats, chickens, fish or horses.
  • By storing the food in a feed bin, it is protected from vermin. At the same time, it retains its smell, taste and shelf life much longer.
  • The size and type of closure are the most important factors in deciding which feed bin is right for you.

The Best Feed Bin: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a feed bin

What is a feed bin?

A feed bin is a container designed to keep pet food vermin-free, hygienic, fresh and conveniently stored. There are an extremely wide range of models available, and their design caters to the different needs of the people asking for them. There are various sizes, shapes, materials and types of closure. When you order food for your dog, horse, rodents or birds, it is usually delivered in impractical, non-reclosable bags. This is where the benefit of the feed bin comes in: The size and shape of the feed bins allows you to store even large quantities of food for a long time and in a space-saving way.

For which types of feed is a feed bin suitable?

There is a general answer to this question: A feed bin is suitable for all types of feed! Feed bins are advertised for dogs, horses, birds, rodents such as rabbits and hamsters and also for fish. So feed bins are suitable for all types of food. However, we advise you to store dry food in a food bin.

A food bin is suitable for all types of dry food. (Image source: / kalhh)

Otherwise, you can store any kind of dry food (e.g. dry dog food or dry cat food) in a food bin. Storage in a food bin saves space and keeps the taste, smell and shelf life of the food longer. Some species, such as dogs, are fed wet food by some owners.

We do not recommend storing wet food in a bin for long periods of time as it will spoil more quickly.

How much does a food bin cost?

We have analysed 349 products to give you a general idea of how much a food bin costs. Our analysis refers to the online prices of the products. It can therefore be the case that you have to pay significantly higher prices for the exact same products in specialist shops. You can even buy 4 of the 349 products online for less than 5 €.

However, these are small, extremely simple no-name products. You can buy 21 products for 5 to 9 € and 47 products for between 9 and 15 €. As the price increases, so does the quality of the workmanship. For example, you can buy airtight, lockable feed bins with wheels in different sizes.

Since horses and large dogs eat a lot anyway, only large sizes are worthwhile for such animals. Also for people who buy their food in bulk because of the quantity discount, only large feed bins are worthwhile. We recommend that you buy a high quality product and spend a little more money once.

A feed bin is a one-time purchase that should last for a long time. To save a few euros, you should not buy a low-quality product that will leave you dissatisfied after a short time.

Which well-known manufacturers are there in the feed bin segment?

The feed bin market is huge! It feels like every manufacturer of animal products also offers its own feed bin. Manufacturers in the horse segment (such as Loesdau) offer their feed bins. I

n the same way, manufacturers of dog food such as Wolfsblut also offer their feed bins. Furthermore, one must not forget manufacturers like Kerbl, who supply every demand around every animal.

The Curver brand has a large share of the feed bin market. Curver specialise in household products, which also includes storage. This specialisation makes the distribution of feed bins an obvious choice. Many users swear by Curver products and their usefulness.

Manufacturers of food such as Eukanuba, Marstall, Sanabelle or Bewi Dog also sell food bins as a complement to their products.

What alternatives are there to a feed bin?

In our opinion, there is no real alternative to the feed bin. Some people report using rubbish bins or laundry bins as food bins.

We advise you to look at food bins to see if they are BPA free.

This does not happen with bins and laundry bins as they are not designed for food storage. Alternatively, you can store your food in the packaging provided. If the packaging supplied has a freshness seal, this is another alternative. If it does not have a closure, you should definitely get a food bin.

Especially if you are storing larger quantities for longer periods of time. All in all, you should not forget the visual aspect. Feed bins are available in attractive designs that look nicer than an opened package.

What are the advantages of feed bins?

Feeding bins with closable lid

Airtight feed bins with a sealable lid have several advantages. On the one hand, the airtight feature does not reduce the taste and smell of the stored feed. In addition, no odour can escape.

Furthermore, when dry food is stored, it remains dry because no moisture can get into it.

  • Taste and smell are preserved
  • smell cannot escape
  • moisture cannot penetrate
  • animals cannot open the lid on their own

Another advantage of the lockable lid is that animals such as dogs cannot open this food bin.

Some intelligent quadrupeds can open doors, cupboards and other things to get to their beloved food. A food bin with a lockable lid prevents this.

Food bin with wheels

If you don't always store your food bin in one place and you often need or want to move it, a food bin with wheels is ideal.

  • Flexibility even with a heavy load
  • wheels can also be easily unscrewed

The wheels allow you to move your feed bin even if it is very heavy due to the feed. This gives you flexibility at all times. If you get tired of the wheels, you can simply unscrew them.

Buying criteria: You can compare and evaluate feed bins based on these factors

In the following, we would like to show you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate feed bins. This will make it easier for you to decide whether a particular feed bin is suitable for you or not. In summary, these are:

  • Size
  • Type of closure
  • Rolls
  • Material
  • Pollutants
  • Design


The size determines how much space the feed bin takes up and how much feed you can store. The dimensions and volume are usually given in litres and kilograms. Since you can't simply extrapolate the volume from litres to kilograms, you should read customer reviews.

For example, 15 kg of Wolfsblut dry food will fit into a 45 litre container. This is because this dry food is relatively fine and therefore a lot of mass fits into the container. The coarser the dry food, the more air there is between the individual particles and the less will fit in the container.

Type of closure

I have already explained the advantages of a sealable lid and an airtight closure in detail in the advice section. In short, they are:

  • Longer lasting odour and taste of the feed
  • No odour leakage
  • No moisture penetration
  • Longer general shelf life
  • The animal (dog) cannot open closable lids by itself


I also described these advantages in the advice section. The advantage of products that come with castors is that you have the freedom to choose whether you mount and use them or whether you simply use your feed bin without the castors and do not screw them on.

The advantage of castors is that you can move even a full bin that weighs a lot from one place to another. If you need this flexibility, we advise you to choose a product with wheels.


Feeding bins are made of different materials. Most often you will find products made of plastic. Products made of metal are also sold. In itself, metal has no advantage over plastic. Some people only like the design of, for example, GDR bins, which they use as feed bins.


Since food is stored in feed bins for a long time, it is important that the material is free of harmful substances. If this were not the case, these pollutants could pass into the food over time, which could have negative consequences for the health of the animal.

The pollutant BPA plays a major role in this context. BPA is used in many plastics and has a negative effect on the health of organisms. So make sure that the product is free of BPA. Mostly this is assured by the statement that the product is free of harmful substances.


The design decides whether you perceive a product as visually beautiful. On the other hand, the design also determines whether the object fits into its intended place due to its dimensions.

Since it is difficult to judge a design that is equally beautiful for everyone, you have to evaluate the different designs for yourself. Maybe one design fits perfectly with the other items that will be placed near the food bin.

Facts worth knowing about the feed bin

Can I build a feed bin myself?

Of course you can build a feed bin yourself! The only question is whether it is worth the effort in terms of time and cost. You also need to bear in mind that you will need some manual skills. The only option is to build a wooden box yourself.

For this, you have to cut your wood or chipboard into the right sizes, screw them together with angles and make a lid. Even then, you only have a very trivial wooden box, and wood is not perfect for storing food because wood can get damp.

Wood is also difficult to clean and allows the smell of the food to penetrate deep into the fibres. Therefore, we tend to advise against building your own food bin because you will tend to spend more money on the materials than buying a food bin. It will also take some time to build and get the materials.

Is my bin mouse-proof?

This question can be answered in a general way. If you buy a food bin that has a lockable lid and is possibly even airtight, neither mice nor smaller vermin will find their way to the food. It is simply not possible for the animals to nibble their way through plastic or metal to get to your food.

The mouse has no antidote to lockable (airtight) feed bins. The food is safely stored there. (Image source: / Alexas_Fotos)

What is the shelf life of food in the food bin?

Dried food is characterised by an extremely long best-before date anyway. However, the food cannot last much longer if it is stored properly.

The food can be kept for a long time if it is stored properly. You should store the food in a dry, cool, dark and airtight

place. You can meet all these requirements with a suitable feed bin. Of course, you should not store it in the sun. This way, even the smallest vermin such as mites and co. will not find their way into the pet food.

An odour test will tell you whether your food will keep long after the best-before date. If the fats in the pet food are rancid, an unpleasant odour will spread. However, you can delay this expiry date for a long time by storing your food in a food bin.

Are there free feed bins?

Some distributors of high quality feed offer a small feed bin with large quantities of their feed. This is supposed to have the effect that more customers order the feed because they seem to get the feed bin for free.

We advise you not to buy such a feed bin, because it is usually made of inferior quality and does not meet the requirements that a feed bin has to fulfil for a long shelf life and storage.

Picture source: / Svetlana Medvedeva