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Welcome to our big fire basket test 2021. Here we present all the fire baskets we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the internet. With this, we would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best fire basket for you. You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a fire basket.

The most important facts in a nutshell

  • Fireplaces provide warmth and light for romantic evenings. In addition, some fire baskets offer you the possibility to cook steaks and other grilled food.
  • There are basically two types of fireplaces: the fire basket and the fire bowl. Both are available in various designs and sizes.
  • Fire baskets are often well suited as holiday or travel companions (depending on size). Fire pits, on the other hand, are best placed in the garden or on the terrace.

Fire basket: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a fire basket

What are the possible uses of a fire basket?

Your fire basket not only provides warmth and light, you can also use it as a barbecue. The special shape of the fire basket offers an exciting play of light and shadow in the darkness and also provides warmth.

Fireplaces give you warmth and light for pleasant and cool evenings. (Photo: ItsMirkwoodGirl /

Because of their size and light weight, they are ideal fireplaces that change places often and are suitable for a romantic picnic by the lake, for example. However, you should always follow the safety instructions in the manual. You can also use your mobile fireplace for barbecuing. However, a barbecue grill must be included in the set. It is often very difficult to buy a grill grate afterwards, as you cannot find the right size immediately.

Did you know that fire baskets were also used to destroy files in the past? Before electric shredders were introduced, companies used to burn secret files in a fire basket. You can still see this in some historical films.

Where is the most suitable location?

Whether you choose a fire basket or a fire bowl, it is important to protect yourself from the flying sparks. Place your fireplaces at a sufficient distance from your house wall or other combustible materials. As an additional safety measure, you can also buy a spark protection grid made of close-meshed wire mesh. With fire baskets, you simply insert the grid into the basket; with fire bowls, you put the hood-shaped spark protection over the bowl. These safety measures should definitely be standard when using the fire on the balcony! As far as the downward heat is concerned, both fire pots can get very hot on the ground and thus damage the grass or, if you place it on your terrace, the ground. To avoid this, it helps if you water the lawn beforehand or put a fireproof base under your fireplace. If you have very long legs, this measure is not necessary, provided that the feet do not transmit the heat.

You can place your fire basket in many different places! However, pay attention to distances and safety measures!

What sizes are available?

There are all sizes you can imagine. The height refers to the fire baskets and the widths are more fixed to fire bowls. There are all widths from small (approx. 40cm diameter) up to xx-large (120-150 cm diameter). The average buyer opts for fire bowls with a size of around 70-80 cm in diameter, as this size range fits well in the garden and doesn't take up much space, but is still an eye-catcher. For the fire basket, the popular height is around 50-60 cm.

How much does a fire pit cost?

The price of your fireplace cannot be given as a lump sum. It depends on factors such as material, size, quality and accessories. Since a fire bowl is not very mobile, it is at the mercy of the weather in the garden, so a stainless steel fire bowl is almost exclusively recommended.
Type Price
Fire bowl small 75-100 Euro
Fire bowl medium 120-150 Euro
Fire bowl large from approx. 200 Euro
Fire basket made of steel approx. 35 Euro
Fire basket made of stainless steel 80-150 Euro

Due to the higher quality, it is more expensive than a fire bowl made of ceramic or clay. In addition, the accessories included are another price indicator. For example, fire bowls with grills or spark guards are correspondingly more expensive than models without accessories.

What material should your fire basket be made of?

Not only the shape, but above all the material plays an important role when deciding on the right fire pit. The various materials differ in price and robustness.

Fire basket clay, ceramic

Because of the disadvantages, charcoal is not suitable, as the temperatures are higher than with normal firewood.

  • Cheap
  • Striking
  • Decorative
  • Heat-sensitive
  • Not weatherproof

In addition, the open-pored surface of this fireplace allows water to pass through more easily, which causes the water that has penetrated it to expand due to the heat, resulting in cracks and fissures. Therefore, your ceramic fire basket is not suitable for outdoor celebrations.

Fire basket stainless steel, steel, iron

The rust gives your basket a natural touch, which makes it unique again. However, if you don't want that, a stainless steel fire basket is your basket.

  • Very robust
  • Heat-resistant
  • Weatherproof
  • Stores heat very well
  • Expensive
  • Rust-prone
  • Turns blue at high temperature (stainless steel)

These three materials won't cause you any problems even when it's wet or cold, so nothing stands in the way of a party in the snow.

What motifs are there?

You wouldn't believe how many different designs there are for fire baskets and fire bowls. The motto is: the more unusual, the better your fireplace will be received by your party guests.

Popular motifs are:

  • Fire basket with horseshoe
  • Fire basket with hunting motifs
  • Fire basket with Jägermeister
  • Fire basket with dragon

You can also have names engraved, for example as a wedding gift for your barbecue master. With your fire basket, you are the artist and can let your imagination run wild according to your wishes.

What accessories are available?

As with all things, accessories are a big factor in making your fire basket special. Especially with the fire basket with grill, the appropriate accessories are the be-all and end-all. The following utensils are a must for every grill master:

  • Barbecue grill (best included in the purchase, it is difficult to buy additional grills)
  • Suitable barbecue accessories such as barbecue skewers

For further accessories for protection, we recommend that you purchase a spark guard. This protects you from flying sparks and is especially necessary for children. When used in the garden, a base plate is worth its weight in gold as it protects your grass or soil. A cover for your fire pit is not a bad idea either, especially if it is made of material that is not weatherproof.

Can I build a fire basket myself?

Are you a "do-it-yourselfer" and want to save yourself some money? Then you can also build your own fire basket. In just 3 steps, you can turn a laundry drum into a fire basket for your balcony or terrace. All you need is:

  • a laundry drum
  • 3 furniture feet
  • an ash tray

If you have already removed your washing machine drum, drill 3 holes for the legs in the drum. For better stabilisation you should only use 3 legs, which you fix in the pre-drilled holes. It is also advisable to place a sheet of metal under the fire basket to protect your terrace from burns. And your do-it-yourself fire basket is ready!

Are there also used fire baskets?

Is a new fire basket too expensive for you? But you still don't want to miss out on the party eye-catcher? Then a second-hand fire basket is just the thing for you. Like almost everything, you can also buy your fireplace second-hand on ebay. The fire basket is also available on Shpock (flea market app) via your smartphone. However, we recommend that you only buy a used fire basket made of stainless steel, as the quality is very high, your fireplace will look like new and you will enjoy it for longer.

What would be an alternative for the fire basket/fire bowl?

There is actually no good alternative for a fire basket or fire bowl, as these two types provide warmth and light and are also suitable for barbecues. However, we can recommend a self-built fire pit made of cobblestones or rubble stones. It looks good, is easy to build and inexpensive. It is therefore a good alternative for your party, but not a replacement for your fire basket!

There is also the option of buying a patio stove. This also warms and can often be used for barbecues.

Decision: What types of fire baskets are there and which one is right for you?

Basically, there are two ways to make a nice, safe and decorative campfire outdoors:

  • Fire basket
  • Fire bowl

However, there are some differences that you need to consider. In the next section, we will show you how the two fireplaces are characterised and what advantages and disadvantages the different materials bring with them.

What is a fire bowl and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A fire bowl is a portable fireplace. It is a vessel that, thanks to fireproof material, is ideally suited for lighting fires in.

  • Scatters fewer sparks
  • Clear view of the fire
  • Not mobile
  • Heavy

The fire bowl basically combines two purposes and, depending on the equipment, an additional benefit:

  • Fire bowl warms
  • Fire bowl provides natural and romantic light
  • Fire bowl can be converted into a barbecue

The shape of a fire bowl is very flat and resembles a tub with a large diameter. It is closed all around. These fire pits are usually made of clay, steel or cast iron and have feet to keep the heat off the ground. Unlike a fire basket, the fire bowl is firmly anchored to the ground and therefore not very mobile.

What is a fire basket and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The fire basket, on the other hand, is, as the name suggests, a basket forged from steel strips with open sides. Its base plate is often made of ash grate due to its construction. This special construction method The special construction method of the fire basket not only gives it more capacity, however.

  • Very robust
  • Rustic charm
  • High capacity for fuel
  • View of fire not unobstructed

In fact, this makes fire baskets somewhat more stable than a three-legged fire bowl. The diameter is smaller than that of a fire bowl. The baskets are more mobile because they are smaller and lighter. Which is the big advantage of the fire basket.

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate fire baskets

Since the number of different fireplaces is very large and it is not easy to find the right one for you, we would like to help you. The most important criteria are:

  • Size / Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Material
  • Colour
  • Application
  • Extra features
  • Easy care

In this section, we show you which factors are important when buying your future fireplace and what you should pay particular attention to.

Size / Dimensions

There are all sizes you can imagine. Which one is right for you depends on whether you use your fire basket for large parties or just like to spend evenings in front of romantic flames for two or three. The height refers to the fire baskets and the widths are rather fixed to fire bowls. There are all widths from small (approx. 40cm diameter) to xx-large (120-150 cm diameter). The average buyer opts for fire bowls with a size of about 70-80 cm in diameter. The popular height for the fire basket is around 50-60 cm. If there are only two or three of you who want to spend your evenings outdoors or on the terrace, a small fire basket or a small fire bowl is perfectly adequate. If you are more of a party animal and like to celebrate in a large group, then a fire bowl with a diameter of approx. 80 cm is perfect for you. You can use it optimally for barbecuing and amaze your party guests with its diversity.


It is not only the size that is important for your fire maker, but also the weight. Especially with fire baskets, as they are often preferred to fire bowls due to their mobility. Fire bowls are usually heavier than fire baskets. The average weight of fire bowls is around 15 kg, while the fire basket weighs only 8 kg. The weight of fire baskets is largely dependent on the material and, of course, the size also plays a role in the weight. Large fire baskets made of cast iron are therefore not very recommendable if you want to set up your fireplace not only in your garden, as cast iron is the heaviest material. If you don't want to miss your fire friend on your holiday, we recommend a stainless steel fire basket because of its lighter material.


The most important purchase criterion is the material. It is decisive for the ease of care, quality and your use. You can choose between the following materials:

  • Clay
  • Ceramic
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Iron
  • Metal

Ceramic and clay are cheaper compared to the other materials. These fire baskets are also very decorative because of their reddish colour and suitable for a romantic evening outdoors. Glazed fire baskets are not very difficult to clean, but you will have to store the clay fire basket indoors anyway, as it is very susceptible to weathering. The open-pored surface allows water to penetrate easily. Due to the heat build-up, the water that has penetrated expands and causes small cracks and fissures. If you can store your fire maker indoors and you are attracted by the noble design, a clay or ceramic fire basket is ideal for your evenings with your friends. The iron, steel and metal fire baskets are more expensive, but much more robust. They have a much higher heat resistance, which also underlines their higher quality. They also don't cause you any problems with wetness and cold. So you can light your steel or iron fire pit in winter without any worries.

Did you know that a campfire gets about 800 degrees hot? How hot a fire gets depends on how much oxygen it gets and what material is burnt.

But the Porsche of firemakers is definitely the stainless steel fire basket! It is not only absolutely weatherproof, its ease of maintenance is simply impressive. So if you don't want to invest a lot of time in cleaning and leave your fire basket in the garden for the winter, you will have to dig deep into your pockets for your "Porsche" fire basket.

Easy care

Careful care and cleaning is very important so that you don't have to replace your fire basket after a few parties. Which fire basket is easier to clean and which requires more cleaning hours depends on the material. For the following 3 materials, you should pay attention to some important factors:

  • Stainless steel
  • Steel
  • Cast iron

Care of a stainless steel fire bowl

The stainless steel fire bowl is relatively easy to clean. Its main advantage is the smooth surface. This means that barbecue and ash residues rarely stick to it. However, if the fire bowl gets very dirty, you should use stainless steel wool to remove the coarse dirt.

Care of a cast iron fire bowl

The development of a rust patina is often desired with cast iron fire bowls. Nevertheless, you can ensure that this fire bowl can be used for a long time by special cleaning and care. However, this cleaning is more time-consuming than with the stainless steel version. In order to limit rusting, it is usually sufficient to rub off and rub in cooking oil. This protects the outer skin of the cast iron fire bowl.

Care of a steel fire bowl

You should also invest some time in the maintenance of steel fire bowls. However, the time required is not as great as for cast iron fire bowls. The amount of care required for steel fire bowls depends on whether the fireplace is painted or unpainted. With unpainted steel fire bowls, cleaning is somewhat easier than with painted ones, as you only need to use cooking oil.


The colour of your fire pit is also a crucial criterion when buying, after all it is one of the most striking features we first notice in a product. Most fire baskets shine in a matt black or grey. But there are also some other colours in which your fire maker stands out. For example, clay or ceramic fire bowls (due to their material) give your garden a rustic flair with their rusty brown colour. However, the colour you choose for your fire maker is entirely up to you. However, you can't go wrong with a smooth black metal fire basket or steel fire basket.

Extra equipment

The extra equipment or rather the accessories are the be-all and end-all for fire bowls and fire baskets. As it is better with some extra equipment to take it with you immediately when you buy it, we would like to show you in the following which accessories are essential for your fire maker. The 3 most important accessories are:

  • Grill grate
  • Spark guard
  • Base plate

If you want to convert your fire basket into a grill, this is only possible with a grill grate. You should buy this when you buy your fire maker. It is often difficult to buy an additional grate, as you will not find the right size immediately. A fire basket is only safe with a suitable spark guard that protects you from flying sparks. You can also buy a base plate to protect your grass from turning brown. To transport the wood safely and in style, we also recommend a firewood basket.

Application area

You almost don't believe it, but the area of use of your fire basket is also an important criterion when buying a fire basket. You should get other accessories if you use your fire basket on the terrace instead of in the garden. If you place your patio stove on the balcony, you should definitely get a spark protection grid. In the case of fire bowls, the spark protection is not in the form of a grille but is similar to a bonnet that you put over the bowl. If, on the other hand, you have a beautiful large garden and want to decorate it with a fire pit, you should also think about your green lawn. To avoid burning it, it helps to water your lawn beforehand or to place a fireproof stand underneath. You should use the same base especially when using it on tiles and stone.

Facts worth knowing about fire bowls

Which wood is best suited for the fire basket?

The right wood is an essential criterion for your fire maker, otherwise the safety of your fire basket and that of your party guests is at risk. You should only use dry wood as fuel. If the wood is still damp, it is very difficult to light and smokes very strongly. To prevent the wood from becoming damp during transport, we also advise you to buy a firewood basket. Hardwood such as beech or oak is ideal. You can also use spruce or fir logs for lighting, but they do not burn as long as hardwood.

Attention: Please do not light your fireplace with garden waste!

What dishes can you prepare with your fire basket?

Basically, you can grill all dishes on a fire basket that you can also prepare on a "normal" barbecue.

  • Steaks (very suitable because of the high temperature)
  • Sausages
  • Vegetables and much more

A real party hit is grilling marshmallows. The practical thing is that you don't need a grill. You can simply hold them over the fire maker. But if you do want to use your fire basket with grill, please make sure there is enough distance between the hot flame and the food to be grilled, otherwise the meat will turn black and still be raw inside and therefore inedible! Enjoy your meal!

How can you protect yourself from fire bowls and fire baskets?

Please make sure that you never leave your fireplace unattended! Here are 4 important safety tips that you must follow.

  • Only use your fireplace outdoors!
  • Make sure your fire bowl is well positioned!
  • Only use barbecue and charcoal lighters or wood shavings! Do not use petrol from a petrol can or other flammable liquids!
  • Make sure you always have an extinguishing agent (water, fire blanket) nearby!

Image source: / ItsMirkwoodGirl

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