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Fishing is a sport for some and a hobby for many. There are several types of equipment developed for those who practice this activity frequently and, therefore, the choice can be difficult.

In this article we are going to talk about an acquisition that can solve all problems at once: the fishing kit. With all the necessary equipment for fishing, such as rod, reel and hooks, a good fishing kit is a great tool for anglers!

We will tell you in the next lines how to choose the best model, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this equipment and other important information!


  • A good fishing kit contains all the items that are essential for a fishing trip, from rod to tools such as scissors and pliers.
  • The choice between buying a fishing kit or each equipment individually is something quite personal. It depends on your experience, patience and available time.
  • Before buying your fishing kit, find out what kind of fishing you will be doing most often. The materials used for freshwater fishing are different from those for saltwater, for example.

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Are you interested in a fishing kit but don't know whether you should go for one or each separate piece of equipment? Or how to choose the right one for the type of fishing you are used to? Maybe you want to know what you can't miss in your chosen set? Don't worry, in our Buying Guide we will answer all these questions!

 Imagem mostra um homem pescando em um barco.

Good fishing requires the right equipment and a lot of patience. (Source: Pictures of Scotland/

What is a fishing kit?

Fishing is an enjoyable activity, but it requires a long list of equipment. Just to mention the basics, you will need a fishing rod, reel or reel, hooks, lures, line, scissors and pliers. For someone more distracted, forgetting some equipment can be commonplace and result in a big headache. And for those just starting out in the business, choosing each item individually is also a difficulty.

The fishing kit exists to solve this issue: it is a set that already has all this equipment at the time of purchase. So, all you need to do is get yours and go to the fishing spot!

Did you know that fishing boats, such a successful business model in Brazil, are relatively new? Until the mid 1980s the idea of paying to fish for a few hours or days was frowned upon by fishermen. But with time, the idea of being in a place that offers varied activities for the family, security and perhaps even a place to sleep comfortably gained strength. Today, fishing in fishing grounds is one of the most practised in the country!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the fishing kit?

You must be asking yourself: is it more advantageous to buy a fishing kit or each equipment separately? It all depends on your relationship with fishing. This is a personal question related to your taste for choosing each item individually, your patience and time for it.
The fishing kit provides the convenience of having all the items at hand with just one purchase.

The fishing kit provides convenience and speed in the choice. You will have all the items in your hands with just one purchase, and they will be of good quality and suitable for a specific fishery, whether large or small fish, in the river, in the sea or in a fishing ground. But if you are more experienced, you can decide for your taste or your need. And selecting the rod, line and lures for each situation can be a very pleasurable thing, which ceases to exist the moment you buy everything at once.

We still need to emphasize that the cost-benefit of the fishing kit is excellent, since the joint acquisition generates a better price than each item separately. Basically, there is no right or wrong between buying the kit or each equipment individually.

It is a very personal question that varies according to your preference. See below a table with the advantages and disadvantages of the fishing kit:

  • It offers the practicality of acquiring all the necessary items at once
  • It has all the equipment already chosen for a certain type of fishing
  • It is more cost-effective than buying each item separately
  • It helps with organization and storage
  • Experienced fishermen may prefer to choose their own equipment
  • It does not usually have the highest quality equipment in each segment

What are the essential items in a fishing kit?

A very important question when buying a fishing kit is: what should be included in it? We list, then, some of the essential equipment:

  • Fishing rod: The most important part of any fishing trip. It is with this rod that you will catch the fish. It is necessary to have the correct rod for your fishing and there are several specifications that involve the correct choice.
  • Reelor spool: There are reel rods and reel rods. These are the equipment responsible for stretching and pulling the line. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Fishing line: It is the extension of your rod, which will go to the depth to catch the fish. Some rods do not require line, but are only for surface fishing.
  • Hook: This is the part responsible for hooking the fish. Like the rods, it is necessary to know the right one for each species and location.
  • Bait: This is to attract the fish and make them bite the hook. You can choose between live bait or artificial bait.
  • Scissors, pliers and other accessories: These are the key items to avoid problems during fishing, tidy up any issues with the line or hook and make sure everything runs smoothly.

A quality fishing kit should have all these items. The more the better. Once you choose to buy all the equipment at once, you don't want to have to go back to purchase anything individually, do you?

What are the types of fishing kit?

When choosing your fishing kit, you need to be sure about what type of fishing will be done most often. Think about whether you will go more in river, fishing grounds or sea, whether you will target small or large fish and whether you prefer surface or deep sea fishing. This way you will be able to choose your kit according to the primordial characteristics of your fishing. Know that freshwater and saltwater require different equipment and, mainly, the size of the fish.

Most of the kits already have a specification of which type of fishing is recommended. But what is the difference between, for example, freshwater and saltwater fishing? We have put together a table talking about the main issues:

Freshwater fishing Saltwater fishing
Fishing rod Has variations related to the size of fish and depth Needs to be faster and have higher libration
Reel and reel Require lower speed of collection Require higher speed of collection and good brake
Line Can have lower density Must have higher density and be "tropicalized"
Cleaning equipment Can be done regularly after fishing Must be done very carefully, removing all traces of salt with warm water

Purchase Criteria: What to take into consideration when choosing your fishing kit

Decided to buy a fishing kit? Then let's talk now about some more criteria that can be very important when choosing the ideal set:

Below, we talk a little about each of them:

Quantity of items

As we have already mentioned, there are many items needed for a fishing trip. And, once you choose to buy a fishing kit, the ideal is that it already contains practically everything that is needed. There are some kits that come close to having 100 items.

They come with baits and hooks that are suitable for a variety of situations, as well as essential accessories. If you can choose one with these features, do not think twice. The convenience of not having to make new purchases will be fantastic!

 Imagem mostra uma maleta com diversos equipamentos para pesca.

The more items your kit has, the easier your fishing will be. (Source: JamesDeMers/


The relationship between the amount of items and the price is important. After all, if you can get a fishing kit with almost 100 tackle for the same price as one with around 20, there is no doubt that cost-effectiveness is decisive.

One of the main advantages of buying a fishing kit is the discount on the overall value compared to choosing each item individually. Pay attention if you are really getting a value that makes the purchase worth it!


The best materials for rods are carbon, fiberglass and graphite fiber.

There is no doubt that you want a fishing kit with durable items that will stick with you for a long time. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the quality of the materials. Especially when it comes to the rod. The best materials for a fishing rod are carbon, fiberglass and graphite fiber. All of them have good resistance, but the last one is the best in this respect. This becomes even more important when you are into sea fishing.

Storage and transportation

How are the items in your fishing kit stored and organised? The best possibility is that they come in a case with dividers, enabling you to always know where each thing is and not run the risk of forgetting anything.

It is also important that the kit has a suitcase or case to help with transportation. If it has handles, carrying it from one place to another will be even easier! Make sure to check what the chosen model offers in this regard!

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