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It is common knowledge that sleeping contributes to human health. During sleep, our body regenerates and it strengthens our defences. The Fitbit company wants to help people do something for their health with their products. That's why their products include sleep trackers, which are designed to help users improve their sleep patterns.

With our Fitbit sleep tracker test 2021 we want to introduce and explain the Fitbit products to you. For example, we will explain how a Fitbit sleep tracker works. We also present criteria that you should pay attention to before and after buying.


  • The services of a Fitbit sleep tracker include automatic sleep recognition and alarm clock, tracking of sleep phases, creation of a sleep schedule and delivery of sleep insights.
  • Important purchase criteria are above all the weight, battery life, functions, material and size. These points should be considered before buying.
  • Fitbit gives various guarantees when buying a sleep tracker. These include free shipping on purchases over €50, a two-year warranty and a 45-day money-back guarantee.

The Best Fitbit sleep tracker: Our Choices

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Fitbit sleep tracker

What is the price range of Fitbit sleep trackers?

Fitbit sleep trackers have a very wide price range. This is mainly because the more expensive products have additional features. Thus, the price range for a Fitbit sleep tracker is between 80€ and 300€. This puts Fitbit's products in both the lower and upper price ranges.

What distinguishes a Fitbit sleep tracker from other manufacturers?

While many of the other providers also have other products in their range, Fitbit has specialised almost exclusively in tracking. This includes fitness trackers, all of which also have a sleep tracking function. The so-called smartwatches also all have this function. Thus, Fitbit is very competent in this area and focuses entirely on tracking.

Furthermore, Fitbit openly states that they want to help people with their products. Their motivation is that they want to help their customers take care of their health.

How does a Fitbit sleep tracker work?

The way a Fitbit sleep tracker works consists of various tracking services. These together aim to improve your sleep rest. These services include:

  • Automatic sleep detection and alarm clock
  • Sleep phases
  • Sleep schedule
  • Sleep insights

To give you a better understanding, we would now like to explain them briefly and compactly:

Automatic sleep detection and alarm clock

When you wear a Fitbit sleep tracker at night, it automatically detects when you fall asleep. The next morning, you can use the Fitbit app to check how much you slept during the night and when you fell asleep.

The sleep tracker also has an integrated alarm clock. This allows you to wake up relaxed with the help of vibrations on your arm. This happens without annoying ring tones, which many people curse in the morning.

Sleep phases

During sleep, the body is in different sleep phases. Each of these sleep phases in particular brings different benefits for recovery.

Fitbit Schlaftracker-1

Fitbit analyses light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep.
(Image source:

Heart rate and movements are analysed with the help of detectors. This allows the Fitbit tracker to tell you how long you slept and in which sleep phase. This gives you insights into your recovery and what positive consequences it had.

Sleep schedule

To help you get enough sleep, the Fitbit app helps you create a customised sleep plan. With alerts and your goal of how much sleep you want to get, your sleep quality should improve significantly.

Sleep insights

Fitbit has one of the largest sleep databases in the world. This can provide important clues to better sleep patterns and make comparisons with other people of the same age. This all happens based on the measurements that are tracked during sleep.

What are the alternatives to Fitbit sleep trackers?

In addition to Fitbit, there are other manufacturers on the market with similar sleep tracker offerings. One of them is the Chinese company Xiaomi. This offers a variety of other products, such as mobile phones and cases. At the moment, they only have a sleep tracker in their range.

The Polar company has a larger range of products. Just like Fitbit, they use an app to analyse the tracked data and present it as results.

The last company to be mentioned is Huawei. The major Chinese corporation with its European headquarters in Düsseldorf comes from the telecommunications sector. Besides sleep trackers, their product range also includes smartphones, tablets and audio accessories.

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and rate Fitbit sleep trackers


Weight plays an important role in comfort. Since Fitbit sleep trackers are worn on the wrist, too much weight can quickly become annoying. To give you a better picture, we would like to show you the weight of our favourites:

Product Weight
Fitbit Inspire HR 20 grams
Fitbit Charge 3 31.8 grams
Fitbit Versa 2 5 grams

Battery life

The battery life provides information about how long the sleep tracker can run before it needs to be recharged. A long battery life is very positive here, because the device also has to be switched on overnight. It also saves you the hassle of frequent recharging. Here, too, we would like to give you a guiding overview of the battery life of our favourites:

Product battery life
Fitbit Inspire HR up to 5 days
Fitbit Charge 3 up to 7 days
Fitbit Versa 2 at least 6 days


Depending on the product, a Fitbit sleep tracker may also have additional features that have nothing to do with sleep tracking. In most cases, these have to do with sports to help with fitness training. In the Fitbit shop, there is an overview of the possible functions for each product. There you should look around and weigh up which ones are important for you and which ones you might not necessarily need.

The more functions, the higher the price.


The material determines the stability and flexibility of the tracker. Fitbit uses robust materials such as elastomer. If you want to use your sleep tracker for a long time without it wearing out too quickly, choosing a robust material is very important.


Fitbit offers two different sizes, namely S (small) and L (large). Size S is suitable for people who have a wrist circumference of 140 mm to 180 mm. Size L is suitable for people with a wrist circumference of 180 mm to 220 mm. To be on the safe side, each lierfer circumference has both sizes so you can find the right size.

Nevertheless, it does not hurt to measure the circumference of your wrist in advance.

The size of the display, on the other hand, depends on the product. Fitbit has sleep trackers that have a wider display than others. On the other hand, these have a longer display. The size of the display is therefore a matter of taste and should be chosen according to what you personally like better. However, you should be aware that the smaller the display, the less information can be shown at the same time.

Facts worth knowing about Fitbit sleep trackers

What other products does Fitbit have?

Besides fitness trackers, sleep trackers or smartwatches, Fitbit does not have many other types of products. For these, Fitbit offers additional accessories in their shop. For example, different wristbands can be purchased for the fitness and sleep trackers. These are used to change the look as desired.

They also have scales in their range, which is true to their health concept. These scales can not only measure your weight, but have many different functions. For example, they can show your BMI or calculate your body fat percentage.

How popular are Fitbit sleep trackers?

Fitbit enjoys great popularity in the market. It is not without reason that they are one of the biggest wearable manufacturers and compete with other big companies. One reason for this popularity is certainly the ease of use and accuracy of the trackers.

Fitbit Schlaftracker-2

Fibit is one of the four largest wearable manufacturers, along with Apple, Xiaomi and Huawei.
(Image source: pixabay,com/torez e)

If you look around on the internet, you can also see that Fitbit products always have a lot of reviews and are usually very well rated.

What guarantees are there with a Fitbit sleep tracker?

If you decide to buy a Fitbit sleep tracker, Fitbit gives you the following guarantees:

  • Free shipping on orders over 50€
  • 45 days money back guarantee
  • Two year guarantee

With these guarantees, you have great peace of mind after the purchase. For example, if you are not satisfied with the product, you have up to 45 days to get your money back. Another guarantee is that you will have a functioning sleep tracker for at least two years. In addition, free shipping is guaranteed as all Fitbit sleep trackers cost over £50.

What to do if a Fitbit sleep tracker does not work ?

As can be read on the internet, some users had the problem that no accurate data was measured during sleep. There can be several reasons for this that do not have to do with a failure of the tracker. For example, the tracker may be worn too loosely, causing no tracking to take place. Also, the user may have slept in an awkward position and thus the heart rate could not be measured.

Another mistake that can be made is in the app. There, there is the option to click on "Sleep now". This should be avoided, as the device itself should notice when the user is asleep. There may also be problems recording data when the battery is very low.

If the problem persists, you should contact Fitbit's customer service for advice.

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