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We all like to enjoy our pets when we walk in the park with them, but we also want them to be protected when they are having fun. For this, we can count on a product that guarantees that the fun never ends: flea collars.

Flea collars are an accessory that helps dogs and cats to prevent infections caused by fleas and other insects that may be in the environment. These collars are made of plastic and are impregnated with a chemical substance that penetrates the animal's skin to protect it at all times.

The most important thing

  • Flea collars are accessories made of resistant plastic containing an insecticide that protects the pet from fleas when it is in green spaces. The insecticide penetrates the skin and fur of the animal to make it immune to the bite of these annoying insects.
  • The use of flea collars offers great advantages for our pets as well as being economical for the consumer. But in addition to these devices, we can also find others such as flea pipettes and flea sprays that offer another degree of protection for our pets.
  • Knowing what size or weight your pet is, the extra benefits, the duration of the chemical compound or whether or not it suffers from evaporation are fundamental criteria for acquiring a good flea collar for your pet.

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Buying Guide: What you need to know about flea collars

Many may think that buying a flea collar is a no-brainer, but in reality there are certain factors to consider in order to get the best product for your pet. You need to consider what additional benefits it has in addition to insect protection, how inexpensive it can be and what models are available.

Knowing that your pet is flea-free when playing outside the house helps when remembering if it got on the sofa or bed.
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What is a flea collar and what are its advantages?

Within the pet product market, flea collars are one of the most widely used by pet lovers. They help to protect both dogs and cats from parasites and insects that may be in the environment, such as fleas, ticks and worms.

Flea collars are made of a tough plastic that is able to withstand the rough play that our pet can do. Inside it, a mixture of different insecticides is incorporated; each one focused on eliminating and protecting against the attack of different insects.

Once the flea collar is placed on the dog or cat, it acts by spreading the fluids over the skin and coat of the animal, acting from the neck to all parts of the body. Depending on the manufacturer, flea collars can last from 3 months to 8 months.

  • They are easy to use
  • They are able to resist water
  • They can eliminate more than one type of insect
  • The protection lasts for several months
  • They can generate allergic reactions
  • Some can affect the skin
  • Some collars are not biodegradable

Flea collars, pipettes and sprays - what should you look out for?

Today, the market for pet protection products has expanded and there are two alternatives to flea collars; these are flea collars, flea pipettes and flea sprays. Each offers multiple advantages for the care of your pet.

Flea collars. Flea collars are the protection mechanism par excellence as they are easy to put on and are more popular with buyers. They come in different sizes and can have different insecticides to attack not only fleas but also other insects.

Pipettes. This is one of the newest pet protection mechanisms. This consists of a liquid encapsulated in a plastic pipette that when broken, its contents are poured directly onto the skin of the dog or cat.

Sprays. These are liquids that are inside a container which has an apparatus which, when sprayed, covers the surface of the dog or cat's coat. One of their advantages is that the formula is usually lower, allowing them to be used on pets that are only weeks old.

Collar Anti pulgas Pipetas Sprays
Presentación Collar de Plástico Ampollas Frasco con dispensador
Implementación Se coloca en el cuello Se vierte sobre el cuello Se rocía sobre el pelaje
Protección Amplia Amplia Superficial
Recomendabe Adultos Adultos Adultos y cachorros

How much does a flea collar cost?

Flea collars are affordable products for any budget, but even if they were expensive, an animal lover would not skimp on the price to know that their dog or cat is protected against any infection from a flea, tick or other insect.

Generally, flea collars can be found in the range of MXN 800 to MXN 3,000 depending on the brand, protection factor and duration, if it is water resistant and depending on what type of pet it is intended for: cats or dogs.

Flea collars are not only for dogs. There are versions that are used by cats to protect them from fleas and other insects.
(Photo: Anna Yakimova /

Purchasing criteria

Throughout this article, we have seen that the use of flea collars is beneficial for pets as they have the power to protect them from infections caused by insects and parasites. But before you go out and buy one, you should know certain factors that will make your purchase safer.

Each of these factors will be developed in more depth so that you have a more precise and concise way what to look for when you want to buy a good flea collar for your dog or cat.

Size and Weight

Just as people are not the same, the same is true for pets. Each animal has different requirements and when choosing a good flea collar you should check whether you need one for small, medium or large breeds and depending on this, you should choose the model that best suits your pet.

Flea collars for small breeds: This model is used by breeds such as the Jack Russell, French Bulldog or Fox Terrier, among other breeds. Generally this collar has a small diameter and is recommended for animals weighing up to 5.1 kg.

Flea collars for medium breeds: The Dalmatian, Boxer, Pit Bull, English Bulldog or Chow Chow, among others, are part of what we know as medium breeds. For these breeds, collars are recommended for animals weighing between 5.1 kg and 15 kg.

Flea collars for large breeds: this classification includes breeds such as the German Shepherd, the Golden Retriever, the Great Dane, the Sambernard or the Rottweiler to name some of the best known. For this type of breeds, collars are recommended for weights between 15 kg and 40 kg.

There is a suitable flea collar for each breed and size of dog or cat. (Photo: Alexey Maximenko /

Multifunctional collars

When choosing a flea collar for your pet you should check if it has an additional attachment that provides added value. These will depend on the manufacturer, but among the most common we can find collars with extra protection or that are water resistant among the most common.

Flea collarswith extra protection: this model of flea collars have additional chemicals to eliminate the risk of other insects such as ticks, worms or parasites. Usually the major flea collar brands already offer the extra protection in their flea collars.

Anti-water collars: this model of flea collars have a water resistance so that when our pet gets wet the collar does not lose its protection against insects. This model is essential for those owners who like to go outdoors with their pets.


Another factor to consider when buying a flea collar is how long it will last. Depending on the manufacturer, they can last from 3 months to 8 months. Therefore, it is important that we check if the brand we are buying offers us the protection time we want.

Nowadays many brands are betting on flea collars that are environmentally friendly. (Photo: Wingedbull /

Avoid evaporation

Another vital factor to consider when buying a flea collar is to ensure that it does not evaporate after prolonged use in the sun. If a flea collar evaporates, it is detrimental to the pet's sense of smell and affects the protection factor. It also leaves an unpleasant smell in the home.

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