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Welcome to the Wellness Guide, the best product review site on the internet. Today we are going to talk about the Flemish cap and help you choose the best model to show off your passion for your club.

With the largest fan base in Brazil, a good part of the club's revenue comes from the sale of its licensed products, such as caps, shirts and a range of other products. Check out our article for more information.

First things first

  • Unfortunately, there are many cases of piracy in sporting goods, so to ensure the quality of the product and help your team, it is important to always buy original products.
  • Although it is a very common habit, bending the brim of the cap can cause damage to the product.
  • Excessive use of the cap may cause an increase in hair grease and lead to dandruff.

The Best Flemish Cap: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Brazil is the land of football and Flamengo is there to prove that passion transcends borders, with fans in every corner of the country. To help you choose which cap suits you best and avoid buying a counterfeit product, take a look at our Buying Guide with everything you need to know.

Homem vestindo um boné todo preto

Launched in 2012, Starter is always looking for the best partnerships for its products, producing high quality caps for Flamengo. (Source: Ales Utouka / 123rf)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Flemish cap ?

Flamengo caps have their advantages, allowing you to show your love for your team while keeping your head protected from the sun during matches or on a daily basis.

Furthermore, by purchasing a licensed item, you help raise funds. However, you need to be aware of some disadvantages. For example, they are only suitable for Flamengo fans. And, like all original and licensed products, they cost more than traditional caps.

  • Allows you to show love for your team
  • Helps to protect your head from the sun during matches or on a daily basis
  • By purchasing a licensed item, you help the team's fundraising
  • They are only for Flamengo fans
  • Original and licensed products cost more

What are the different types of Flemish cap?

Flamengo offers various styles of caps. The straight brim caps, for example, are suitable for rounder faces, but with their popularity, they are among the most expensive on the market.

More traditional, the curved brim caps are ideal for those with thinner faces, and are also among the cheapest models. And finally, we have the trucker, with the bottom screened, perfect for all types of faces and that can be found in an intermediate price range.

Straight brim Curved brim Trucker
Style Suitable for rounder faces Ideal for thinner faces Perfect for all types of faces
Price Are among the most expensive on the market Are the most common, costing less Are found in an intermediate price range

Imagem de homem tocando violão com uma camisa do Flamengo

In addition to the caps, Flamengo has a great income from the sale of official shirts. (Source: ValeriaRodrigues /

Buying Criteria: What to consider before buying a Flemish cap

Fans will do anything to show their love for their favourite club, especially when they can say they are part of the biggest fan club in the country and one of the biggest in the world. However, to choose a good cap, it is necessary to pay attention to some criteria. Here are the most important ones we have selected for you.

  • Material
  • Size
  • Fastening system
  • Original product

After reading each one of these topics carefully, you will be more than ready to choose the model that best fits your style.


One of the critical factors when choosing a cap is always paying attention to the material. Today most models are made of cotton, polyester or a mixture of both. It is also common to find leather models.

The question here is to find a material that is resistant, but that does not heat up your head too much. Breathable materials are the most indicated for people who suffer with excessive sweating.

Imagem de boné preto e vermelho do Flamengo

Legend: Many people count until today the amount of lines on the brim of the cap, which was once considered proof of an original product. (Source: Divulgação / Flamengo)


Nobody deserves a cap squeezing the head, or too wide, slipping and falling on the face. That's why it's so important to choose the right size. Check our table for more details.

Head contour in cm Cap Size
53 XS - PP
54 S - P
55/56 S/M - P/M
57 M
58 L - G
59 L - G
60 XL - GG
61 XL - GG
62 XXL - GGG
63 XXL - GGG

Closing system

Currently, caps use two main types of closure. In the strapback, it is fastened by a band made of leather, fabric, plastic or the same fabric as the structure, usually fastened by a buckle system.

The snapback system is considered the most vintage nowadays, produced in plastic or silicone, being even today the most popular. Whichever model you prefer, make sure there is a good fit to prevent the cap from coming off.

Original product

Unfortunately, as with other products involving big brands and famous football teams, piracy is a constant concern, offering inferior quality products and without any warranty. In the case of Flemish cap, which are licensed products, it is important to always check the labels and origin of the product to avoid falling into a trap. If the price is too low, be suspicious.

In addition to offering caps of the highest quality, part of the revenue is passed on to the club, so when you buy an original product, you are not only opting for more quality, but also helping the team of your heart.

(Source of the highlighted image: andersonrise /

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