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If you are looking for an alternative seating option that brings you closer to the floor and exudes cosiness, then floor cushions are the solution for you. Their universal applicability and variable design make them a perfect fit for your living room. If you want to add the finishing touches to your designer flat or spice up your teenager's room, floor cushions are perfect for both.

In the following article, we would like to explain why floor cushions are the right thing for you. Whether in the children's room or as garden furniture, whether as a sofa alternative or storage option, the uses of seat cushions are great. For our product comparison, we have compared different floor cushions and worked out the most important criteria for you.


  • Floor cushions are seats that can be placed anywhere on the floor to create a cosy atmosphere. They can be used as a substitute for a chair or sofa, or as a tray to put your laptop on.
  • Floor cushions are very popular in many cultures, be it in Japan for tea ceremonies or in India for meditation. This trend has also arrived here for a long time and creates a special flair here as well.
  • Floor cushions are something for everyone. Both children and adults can use floor cushions. Floor cushions are suitable for a small sitting area in the day care centre, but also in your own living room.

The Best Floor Cushions: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for floor cushions

Since everyone has different ideas about their floor cushion, it is important to think about a few things before buying. You can find out which criteria are particularly important here. These are the following buying criteria:

In the following section you will learn more about the purchase criteria mentioned.


Depending on what you intend to do with your floor cushion, a certain size is necessary. Floor cushions range from very small, suitable for children to sit on, to XXL sizes that can replace a sofa.


Floor cushions are available in a variety of materials. When choosing, you should consider which cover best suits the style of your room or which can create a nice contrast.

  • Genuine leather: There are poufs made of genuine leather. Genuine leather is particularly breathable and individual. It adapts well to the temperature of your body. Genuine leather floor cushions are in the more expensive class, but they are long-lasting.
  • Imitation leather: Covers made of imitation leather are very easy to care for and less expensive than real leather. They still have a convincing leather look. Imitation leather covers are available in many different colours and shapes.
  • Cotton: Fabric bags with a cotton cover are very natural. They are particularly soft and skin-friendly. Covers made of cotton convince with a wide variety of patterns and looks and create a cosy ambience.
  • Polyester and nylon: Floor cushions with polyester or nylon covers are particularly weatherproof and are therefore also suitable for the garden or balcony. Thanks to their robustness and durability, they can withstand various weather conditions.

Each type of cover has different advantages, depending on the intended use, you can decide which one suits you best.


Whether you prefer simple colours in light or dark tones that perfectly match your living room or varied and colourful ornaments, floor cushions are available in all colours. If the room in which you want to place your floor cushion is decorated in a boho style or oriental style, then a seating area with a patterned floor cushion is the perfect match for your interior. If your room is more clean-lined, plain floor cushions are the perfect way to round off your style.


Seat and floor cushions are very important in many cultures. These cultures are also reflected in the design of the cushions. Seat cushions are particularly popular in Arab countries, Japan and India.

Indian seat cushions often have a mandala look, oriental seat cushions have typical occidental ornaments. In addition to these, there are also plainer floor cushions with a single-colour design. Floor cushions are available in round shapes, but also square and oval. This makes them perfectly adaptable to your ideas.


Floor cushions and seat cushions are available with many extras. One interesting extra is additional backrests. Some of the backrests are even adjustable. Other floor cushions are so large that you can use them as a substitute for a sofa. Still others have a sleep function and can be used as a guest bed.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about floor cushions answered in detail

Before you buy a floor cushion, you should know what is possible. Here we have answered the most important questions about floor cushions for you.

Who is a floor cushion suitable for?

A cosy sitting area with a floor cushion is suitable for everyone, be it for children in the play corner, in the modern office lounge or even for your dog. Thanks to their universal applicability, there is nothing you can't use floor cushions for. Floor cushions are particularly popular in kindergartens and with educators.

The proximity to the floor makes it easier for the adults to get at the same height as the children. This facilitates communication and playing together.


A seat cushion for the garden is also suitable for working outdoors.
(Image source: Unsplash / Unsplash)

Also, if you get tired of your regular office chair and need a little change of perspective, a floor cushion is a great way to let your creativity run wild.

What types of floor cushions are there?

Floor cushions come in a wide variety of shapes and colours, and there are also different types depending on their intended use. Floor cushions made of nylon or polyester are suitable for furniture on the balcony or in the garden. Thanks to their robust material, they can withstand wind and weather. The simplest floor cushions are those on which you can sit comfortably in a group and drink a coffee with your friends.

They are usually smaller and the perfect size to sit on comfortably. Larger floor cushions can be used as a sofa substitute or even as a guest bed. Due to their XXL format, there is room for several people. A special type of floor cushions are those with backrests. A backrest can provide additional comfort. Floor cushions with backrests are usually a little more rigid and resemble a small sofa.

What are floor cushions used for?

Floor cushions are a good alternative for different types of seating, such as stools, chairs or sofas. Because they are so easy to use, you can quickly put them down or stand them up anywhere. For example, you can shape beanbags with a loose filling into a lounger or armchair. Other floor cushions or poufs are suitable for putting your feet on or as a small tray to put things on. Floor cushions are often used in yoga or for meditation.

These cushions are called yoga cushions or meditation cushions. Floor cushions are ideal for traditional tea ceremonies such as those in Japan. They make sitting on the floor comfortable and pleasant. In addition, floor cushions can also be used for the balcony. Floor cushions made of waterproof and robust materials are particularly suitable for this purpose.

What does a floor cushion cost?

Floor cushions are available in different price ranges. These price classes differ mainly in the material and size of the cushions. Seat cushions made of higher-quality materials are more expensive than cushions made of simpler materials.
Price range available products
Low-priced (up to approx. 25 €) standard floor cushions of any shape and colour
Medium-priced(25 - 50 €) medium-sized cushions, good yoga cushions
High-priced (over 50 €) very large or very noble floor cushions

It is not possible to state the price of floor cushions exactly, as many different characteristics influence the price. For example, small floor cushions made of high-quality material can be more expensive than large beanbags made of less high-quality material. Depending on the intended use, medium-priced floor cushions are recommended for long durability.


Floor cushions can give your home a whole new look and can be used in many different ways. On the one hand, you can use them as a stool, sofa or for sleeping, but also as a shelf for your plate or laptop. There are also different models of floor and seat cushions for your garden or balcony that create a cosy ambience.

Whether for the modern living room, the children's room or the sitting area in the office, floor cushions can be used universally and are therefore suitable for every occasion. Their easy handling and space-saving volume make them a nice alternative for heavy and bulky furniture.

Image source: jafara / 123rf

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