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Time is precious and should therefore not be wasted. However, unfortunately we cannot avoid tedious and time-consuming household chores. This is precisely why more and more people are turning to household gadgets to make our work easier.

One of these gadgets is the folding board, which is supposed to simplify the folding and pleating of T-shirts, shirts etc. by means of a folding technique. But is it really as useful and efficient as it sounds? To answer this and other questions, we have compared different models and variants and highlighted the most relevant features.


  • When buying folding boards, always make sure that the folding aid is compatible with your clothing size.
  • Folding boards are available in different price ranges, mostly differing in terms of application, size and design.
  • The use of folding boards is as simple as it is ingenious. This type of folding aid is therefore very easy to use in most cases.

The Best Folding Board: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for folding boards

To help you find the most suitable folding board for you, we have compiled a list of various evaluation criteria. These are important criteria that you should definitely consider when buying a folding board.

The criteria you can use to compare different folding boards are as follows:


The size of the folding board is the first important evaluation criterion we would like to present to you. Please note that some folding boards cannot be folded and therefore cannot be stored in a space-saving way.

If you do not have much storage space for such a gadget, you should urgently look at the dimensions of the respective folding boards and compare them.

Some folding boards even have special designs that are useful for storage. For example, there are folding boards with hooks for storage in the wardrobe or folding boards that can be folded especially small.


Before buying a folding board, it is advisable to consider the material. Because most folding boards are made of plastic, the folding aids can become cracked and brittle after some time. The folding board can then no longer be used properly and can cause damage to garments.

That's why we recommend using a model with particularly flexible material. This way you can use your folding aid for even longer.


The design of the folding board is usually only something for the eye, but it can also offer advantages when folding. You should make sure that the folding aid is perforated. This way, the garments can be straightened if they should slip in the folding board.

Suitability & Handling

To be able to use the folding board, it is important to know how a folding board works and what it can be used for. The most important thing to consider is compatibility with your own clothing size.

If the folding board is not compatible with your clothing size, you will hardly find any use for it.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about using and buying folding boards

In the following, we would like to answer the most important questions about folding boards. In this way, we want to give you a deeper insight into the topic.

What is a folding board and how does it work?

A folding board is a helpful household utensil that helps you to fold your clothes evenly, neatly and above all quickly. You place the garment on the folding aid and fold the movable sides of the folding board in a predefined sequence.

The folding board helps you fold your clothes quickly and neatly. (Image source: unsplash / Sarah Brown)

T-shirts, jumpers, shirts, jackets, coats, but also towels and blankets can be folded quickly and easily.

How efficient is a folding board compared to the traditional method of folding clothes?

How efficient a folding board can be depends, of course, on the person using it. If you can fold your clothes quickly without a folding aid, then you can do without a folding board. However, if you often have problems folding your clothes, a folding board can be a real blessing.

In addition, the folding board helps you to fold your clothes evenly, so that your wardrobe looks all the tidier. So if you value a well-organised wardrobe, you might consider buying a folding board.

How much does a folding board cost?

The general price range for folding boards is between 10 € and 20 €. The price usually depends on the size and material of the product.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (9 € - 12 €) Simple design, no further functions
Medium-priced (12 € - 15 €) Mostly size-adjustable for wider use
High-priced (from 15 €) Fancy design, size-adjustable, especially flexible material

Often you will find the function to adjust the size of the folding board, which can then also influence the price of the folding board. Therefore, we advise you to buy the folding board that meets your needs.


Folding boards are a great invention for those who don't have much time for chores, who have trouble folding clothes evenly, or for those who just want to add some variety to their household routine.

They are very easy to use and if you have any difficulties, you can find numerous videos and instructions on the internet.

When buying a folding board, however, the above-mentioned criteria should be taken into account so that nothing stands in the way of a tidy wardrobe.

(Cover photo: Pexels / Polina Tankile)

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