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How many times have you used the wrong tool to reach higher? Think about it, maybe it's a few, right? Luckily, you don't have to keep doing it. A folding ladder will allow you to perform any task that requires safe lifting. And enjoy easy transport and storage on top of that.

At ReviewBox we like to share quality content about our users' favourite products. So in this installment on folding ladders you will get authentic information that will help you make an excellent buying decision. Stick around to read everything you need to know about these stability tools.


  • In our buying guide you will have the opportunity to clear up your concerns. Later on, you will learn first-hand the assertive answers to the common doubts of the general public. Don't miss out on every aspect covered in this segment.
  • You will get stepladders and telescopic folding ladders. Depending on the functions you have in mind, you should purchase one of these variables. Analyse in depth the benefits that each one offers you and based on that make your final decision.
  • Turn to one of the most important segments of our edition: we refer to the purchasing factors at the end of the text. Compare the structured information to optimise your selection process. This step is essential before deciding on an alternative.

The Best Folding Ladder: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about folding ladders

It is essential to have equipment to reach various heights, which folds into a position that is easy to transport and store. But before deciding on a specific model, we recommend you pay attention to the common doubts raised by people who are looking for a folding ladder.

Equip your home with a ladder that helps you reach the highest part of the walls. (Photo: Dmytro Sidelnikov/

What is a folding ladder?

A folding ladder is a vertical or diagonal structure, consisting of a set number of steps, intended to enable an individual to climb up or down as he or she performs structural work or moves to surfaces on different levels. It is also equipped with safety systems designed to prevent accidents.

Folding ladders are applicable to domestic and professional tasks. It is worth noting that they are portable and can be stored on shelves, in garages, under the bed and behind a door, for example. They are usually made of sturdy elements that extend their lifespan.

Folding stepladder or telescopic ladder - what should you look out for?

Any ladder that can be folded deserves your attention. However, the options vary in terms of design and functionality. These are understood as differentiating factors, which can influence the final choice. To get a clear picture before you buy, we invite you to read this segment.

Scissors. Its deployment is similar to that of a scissors, but on a large scale. It usually has wide rungs that guarantee the user's safety and it is the ideal ally for housework. It is usually folded without much effort, and then stored under the bed, on a shelf or in the garage.

Telescopic. This variable stretches out like a telescope, hence its name. It reaches between 4 and 10 metres in height outdoors. It differs from the previous ones because it comes in bulky designs, its steps are usually smaller and narrower, and it is made of aluminium, fibreglass and wood.

Scissor Telescopic
Reach Between 1.5 - 3.5 metres Between 4 - 10 metres
Rungs 3 - 9 7 - 14
Anti-slip Yes No
Project tray Yes No
Materials Steel, aluminium, fibreglass, wood Aluminium, fibreglass, wood

How to use a folding ladder?

Working safely with this tool is a priority. Before use, check that the floor is flat, without any unevenness. Position the ladder at an angle that allows you to grasp the side rails without much effort. Now check that each rung is horizontal, not vertical.

If it comes with a project tray, place your work tools there

Then step onto it. If it comes with a project tray, place your work tools there. The same applies for those with different sized pockets to store everything you need. Avoid bending over when you are using them, just climb up and down the steps to prevent falls.

Carry one with anti-slip steps that make you feel safe. (Photo: TheDigitalWay /

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to buy and rate different models of folding ladders

There are a number of important benefits to investing in ladders. Before accessing suppliers, consider the factors associated with the purchase and choose the model that suits you best. To find out the ins and outs of each one, focus on the related information shared below.

  • Materials
  • Scope
  • Security
  • Folding


Take some time to think about the elements that will make your staircase more durable. Why? Depending on the materials selected in its manufacture, you will be able to use it for specific purposes that we will clearly exemplify during the development of our criteria.

Wood. If you are looking for a simple folding stepladder, this is your best indoor option. Take it with you on a budget, easily adjustable to your ability to pay. Just keep in mind that it doesn't have safety certifications because most of them are older models.

Steel. Unlike the previous case, to obtain a variable scissor lift in this material you must have a considerable amount of money. Its manufacture extends its useful life, even if it is exposed to inclement weather. So it is an ideal alternative for use indoors or outdoors.

Fibreglass. Take telescopic ladders made of fibreglass to enjoy the benefits of structural strength, and the ease of transporting it from one place to another thanks to its manageable weight. For example, it is a good alternative if you want to implement it as a height tool to reach roofs outdoors.

Aluminium: Do you want a rust-resistant product? An aluminium telescopic version is definitely what you are looking for. It will serve you well in construction, interior and exterior remodelling. Please do not exceed the manufacturer's load rating as it may bend.


This is directly related to the use of the object. Not everyone needs very long or short ladders, right? With this in mind, before you make your online purchase, stop and think about how far you want to go. In a nutshell: how high do you want to get in order to accomplish your activity.

1.5 - 3.5 metres. A stepladder with these dimensions is perfect for household tasks. Choose examples up to 2 m for indoor work. Those up to 3.5 m will be indispensable for pruning trees, repairing roofs and everything related to the outside of the house.

4 - 10 metres. We advise you to opt for telescopic products with a length of up to 6 metres. They will come in handy for professional electrical and construction work, to name but a few. Remember to buy it in strong materials that can withstand the heavy structure.

Did you know that the end of the 19th century is considered the golden age of futuristic-looking ladders?


Falling off a ladder can have fatal consequences for the user's body. First of all, checking the safety guarantee should be one of the first aspects to take into account when you decide to opt for this type of equipment. Let's take a look at the integrated systems that will protect you from injury.

Safety standards. Check if the chosen instrument complies with Mexican safety regulations for workplaces. Especially if you will be using it as climbing equipment in buildings and commercial facilities. This will prevent people from taking unnecessary risks when using it.

Slip-resistant. See if the tool you like has an anti-slip surface on all steps. It will prevent your feet from slipping, allowing you to feel comfortable when going up, down and working on a particular step. This recommendation applies to both variables we have addressed in the text.

Handrails with anti-slip. You may have your feet firmly on the step, but sometimes accidents happen due to slipping on smooth handrails. Faced with this scenario, we recommend investing in folding ladders, whose steps are covered with anti-slip, so you won't have to worry about unforeseen events.


At first glance we often think that folding the ladder is a simple task. However, it's something that could mean extra effort. You see, it all depends on the size. Opening and refolding certain instruments involves a combination of mixing and technique. Want to know more? See what we mean.

Two-handed. You alone are capable of unfolding a small to medium-sized specimen of between 1.5 and 3.5 m. Select a scissor folding system that is easy to open and close. This way you will not need the help of a companion to stay by your side when using the climbing aid.

Four-handed. If the product is up to 10 metres high and has up to 14 steps, our suggestion is that before you buy it, think about who could help you operate it. Making this purchase without taking the necessary precautions can turn into a headache, and go against your overall safety.

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