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Welcome to our big foot roller test 2022. Here we present all the foot rollers that we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web. We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best foot roller for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a foot roller.


  • A foot roller is the right thing for you if you often suffer from tense feet, fatigue or circulatory problems in the legs.
  • A distinction is made between classic wooden foot rollers and electric foot rollers.
  • By stimulating the foot reflex zones, the massage with the foot roller has an effect on the entire organism.

The Best Foot Roller: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a foot roller

What is a foot roller?

A foot roller is a foot massage device that consists of a wooden frame with integrated rollers or massage rolls over which you roll the soles of your feet. Through the movement and the pressure, stimuli are delivered to your feet, your feet are better supplied with blood and the foot reflex zones are stimulated.

Massaging your feet with the foot roller will give your aching feet a rest. (Image source: / Imani Clovis)

Most of the time you have to move your feet with your own muscles, but there are also devices that work with electrical impulses and stimulate blood circulation, relieve pain and induce relaxation. A massage with the foot roller has a positive effect on the entire organism, as it releases tension throughout the body.

Stimulation of the foot reflex zones by the foot roller has a particularly positive effect on circulatory disorders in the legs, as well as on tension and signs of fatigue. Another plus point is the circulation-stimulating effect of the massage. The massage of the foot is a real benefit and is a central building block for your well-being.

Who is a foot roller suitable for?

A foot roller is suitable for anyone who often suffers from tired, tense feet or generally enjoys foot massages. A massage with the foot roller is also effective in cases of poor circulation and frequent fatigue, as well as circulatory problems in the legs. If you have an office job or have to stand for long periods of time at work, the foot roller massage will do you particular good.

How much do foot rollers cost?

Classic foot massage rollers range in price from around €10 to €20. The price varies depending on the quality and design of the device. Electric foot rollers cost around 50€ to 150€. Some premium products are even around 300€. The price differences are largely due to different functions and general quality differences.
Type Price
Classic wooden foot roller approx. 10-20€
Electric foot roller approx. 150€

What are the alternatives to a foot roller?

Foot roller

This is a plastic foot roller that consists of only one roller. It has the same effect as a conventional foot roller, but is more versatile as other parts of the body can also be massaged with the foot massage roller. In addition, the device often has nubs that stimulate the blood circulation even more. Another advantage is that foot massage rollers are super light and handy, so you can easily take them anywhere. They even fit in your handbag and can provide quick relief for aching feet when you're on the go.

Foot spa

You can think of a foot spa as a tub that has nubs around the soles of your feet. With higher-class tubs, you can choose between different massage functions, such as foot reflexology and vibration massage, but standard models also serve their purpose.

The warm water also stimulates the circulation in your feet. This way, tensions in your feet can be counteracted even faster. (Image source: / StockSnap)

To maximise comfort during the bath, the water is pleasantly heated. The warmth further supports the already circulation-promoting effect of the massage. Following the bath, it is also very good to have a pedicure or callus treatment. If you decide to use an electric footbath, you should be aware that you will need a permanent place for the device, as the baths are extremely difficult to transport once they are filled with water.

Also make sure that the device is designed for your shoe size. Another alternative to conventional foot rollers are so-called Shiatsu foot massagers or a standard massage stick. Shiatsu massage is intended to imitate a traditional Japanese finger pressure massage. The device works with rotating balls and with heat to optimally release tension and stimulate blood circulation.

Decision: What types of foot rollers are there and which one is right for you?

If you want to buy a foot roller, there are two alternatives you can choose between:

  • Wooden foot roller
  • Electric foot roller

Depending on the area of application, you can choose one of these two categories. The following sections will help you make your decision.

What distinguishes a wooden foot roller and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

When we talk about foot rollers, we mean the classic wooden ones. They consist of a frame with several rollers, which often also have massage nubs. The arch of the foot is placed on the rollers so that you can move the soles of your feet back and forth over the rotating rollers. The nubs also stimulate the foot. You can decide for yourself how intensive your massage should be, and apply stronger or gentler pressure on the rollers as required.

Keep in mind that with gentler massages, the reflex zones are only stimulated more lightly. The foot roller is suitable for most foot sizes, and is also inexpensive and does not involve follow-up costs. Furthermore, it is flexible and can therefore be used anywhere: so don't hesitate to take your foot roller to the office, for example, and give your feet a short break. Your health will thank you.

Another great advantage is that with a foot roller you are not dependent on a power source. Of course, the wooden foot roller also has disadvantages. You have to operate it under your own power, which many people find strenuous. In addition, compared to the alternatives, neither a switchable heat function nor a foot bath is included. The massage techniques are also rather limited, as you can only perform the massage by manually moving your feet.

  • Inexpensive
  • No follow-up costs
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Not dependent on power source
  • Must be operated with own power
  • Neither heat function nor integrated foot bath
  • Limited massage techniques

What distinguishes an electric foot roller and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Electric foot massage rollers are first of all characterised by the fact that they stimulate the feet at the touch of a button with the help of electric impulses and built-in electric rollers. This means that you do not need your own muscle power to use an electric foot massager. Furthermore, you can choose between different massage programmes and switch on a heat function if required.

The devices are usually easy to use and made of breathable materials. A disadvantage of the electric foot massager is the higher purchase price. You are also tied to a power source and the device is difficult to transport. You should also be aware of the fact that the electricity you need will incur follow-up costs.

  • Electric massage
  • Choice of massage programmes
  • Heat function
  • Higher initial cost
  • Reliant on power source
  • Not transportable

The two foot massagers presented also differ in their range of use under certain circumstances. The wooden foot roller assumes that you are still able to move your feet and legs independently. It is therefore mostly suitable for relaxation. However, if you can only move your legs and feet with pain, you should use an electric device, as you only have to place your feet in it and the massage is carried out automatically.

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and evaluate foot rollers

In the following, we will show you which aspects you can use to decide between the many possible foot rollers. The criteria you can use to compare the scooters with each other include:

  • Material
  • Number of castors
  • Dimensions
  • Two-footed use

In the following paragraphs, we will explain what the individual criteria are.


The material used for the production of foot scooters is wood, solid wood or plastic. Wooden equipment can be used for several years because it is very stable and wears out only slowly. Solid wood is particularly stable and therefore also particularly durable. The foot rollers already presented, which consist of only a single roller, are made of plastic. They are therefore extremely light and easy to handle.

Number of rollers

If you want to buy a foot massage roller, you should definitely also pay attention to the number of rollers. The more rollers your foot roller has, the more points on your feet are addressed, the higher the blood circulation and the more effective the massage is. A good foot massage roller should have at least 20 rollers, which are divided into several small rollers. This way, the foot reflex zones are ideally stimulated and you can achieve the best results.


When buying your foot roller, you should of course make sure that it fits your foot size. The number of axles is decisive for this. If you have a normal foot size, five axles per side are sufficient, i.e. a total of 10 axles. If you have larger feet, it is best to make sure that your device has six axles per side, i.e. 12 axles in total. Most electric foot massagers are suitable for feet up to shoe size 45. By the way, there are also special hand massagers. These are also very handy and fit in any pocket.

Two-footed use

Many foot massage rollers can be used with both feet at the same time. This is convenient and saves you a lot of time. However, as far as the effect is concerned, it makes no difference whether you treat both feet at the same time or alternately. To make it easy for you to move your feet back and forth, many foot rollers have an anatomical shape, which means that the models are adapted to the shape of your feet.

To ensure that you don't get in the way with both feet, a kind of separator bar is built into the middle of the device as standard. You can move your feet in parallel, but if you need a little variety, you can also try rolling your feet over the rollers in opposite directions.

Interesting facts about foot rollers

How do I clean a foot roller properly?

If you want to clean your foot roller, it is best to use a damp cloth. If simply cleaning with water is not enough, you can also use a special disinfectant that is especially suitable for cleaning wood.

How do I use a foot roller?

First of all, make sure that you place the foot roller on a non-slip surface. A carpet is very suitable for this. Next you need to decide whether you would prefer to do your foot massage standing up or sitting down - both are possible. Once you are in your starting position, start rolling your feet over the rollers with pressure. You can also use some massage oil. Whether you use gentle pressure or strong pressure is up to you and should be decided on the basis of how you feel and what ails you. You can leave your socks on if you choose a light massage. Otherwise, it is recommended to do the massage barefoot. You can also decide how long you want to use the foot roller.

What is the main idea behind the teaching of foot reflexology?

The foot massage is based on the teaching of the foot reflex zones. Therefore, we would now like to briefly explain what this is all about.

The foot reflex zone massage works with targeted pressure on certain points in your feet to release tension in the whole body. (Image source: / andreas160578)

The first important principle you should understand is that the teaching of foot reflexology is based on a holistic body image. It is believed that all parts of the body are interconnected. All the parts of the body that make up the human body are reflected in the foot, according to the teachings. It is therefore the case that the foot represents the ailments of the human body. Foot reflexology works on the principle that by applying targeted pressure massages to certain parts of the foot, physical and mental complaints in the rest of the body can be relieved.

Image source: / Rune Enstad