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Using a fragrance lamp to vaporise essential oils is one of the simplest and most popular methods. The warm light and pleasant fragrances create a harmonious atmosphere. In addition, it increases the sense of well-being and eliminates unpleasant odours. A pleasant scent remains in the room.

In our article you will learn everything about the topic of fragrance lamps. We have compared different models for you and worked out the most important aspects.


  • Fragrance lamps create a feel-good atmosphere in your own four walls in no time at all. For this reason, they are also particularly suitable for aromatherapy.
  • Essential oils and waxes can be used for the fragrance lamp. Otherwise, both fragrances can also be mixed.
  • Nowadays, fragrance lamps are offered in every conceivable size, shape and colour. There is definitely something for every taste.

The Best Fragrance Lamp: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for fragrance lamps

In order to find the ideal fragrance lamp, we have formulated some buying criteria. You should take these into account when making your purchase. First and foremost, these buying criteria should make it easier for you to compare different models so that you can find the ideal product for you.

Our buying criteria for comparing fragrance lamps include:


Fragrance lamps are generally divided into three types: the classic, the electric and the catalysed fragrance lamp. The classic fragrance lamp is usually operated with a tea light.

In contrast, the catalysed fragrance lamp is operated with a flame and a tea light is not necessary. Only the wick of the catalysed fragrance lamp is lit. For the electric fragrance lamp a power source is necessary.

Colour and material

There is a wide range of colours and materials available for fragrance lamps. The common materials for a classic fragrance lamp are bamboo, ceramic, glass, wood and porcelain. In general, transparent glass is preferred for catalytic models.

Fragrance - wax or oil?

Depending on preference, essential oils or waxes, so-called fragrance melts, can be used for the classic fragrance lamp. In contrast to oil, scented melts do not require water for dilution. Scented melts are usually a little more expensive than essential oils.


Besides the classic models of a fragrance lamp, there are numerous shapes, sizes and styles - all a matter of taste.


Experience has shown that only the classic fragrance lamp requires special cleaning. However, this cleaning is relatively easy due to the removable drip tray: a short rinse or the use of a damp cloth should be sufficient.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about the fragrance lamp answered in detail

In the following, we would like to answer the most important questions about fragrance lamps. We hope to give you a deeper understanding of the topic.

Who is a fragrance lamp suitable for?

Fragrance lamps are ideal for changing the room climate with soothing essential fragrances. Furthermore, fragrance lamps are an important part of aromatherapy. This type of treatment can be used for people of all ages and increases well-being.

When using a diffuser, fine delicately scented mist is produced. This conjures up a cosy atmosphere in any room. (Image source: Jopeel Quimpo / Unsplash)

In principle, the application on animals is possible. However, when using it on animals, you should pay closer attention to the dosage. Animals perceive and absorb odours differently than humans.

What is the difference to a diffuser?

Aroma diffusers emit the scent through a fine mist in the room. Fragrance lamps, on the other hand, emit their fragrance by heating.

How do I dose the fragrance lamp correctly?

The dosage varies depending on the application. But usually 10-15 drops of essential oil are enough for one application. The rule of thumb here: Less is more!

In order to optimally adapt the intensity of the fragrance to your needs, it is recommended to carry out a few test runs. To do this, vary the ratio of essential oil and water. If the scent is too strong, it can be softened by adding water. Instead, the intensity can be increased by adding a few drops of oil.

How much does a fragrance lamp cost?

The price of a fragrance lamp depends greatly on which type you prefer.

Price range product types
Low-priced (50 - 90 €) classic fragrance lamp with tea light
Medium-priced (90 - 150 €) electric fragrance lamp in a set
High-priced (150 € and more) high-quality electric fragrance lamps of well-known brands


A fragrance lamp is helpful in increasing the sense of well-being within your own four walls. There is a suitable fragrance lamp for every requirement. It doesn't matter whether it is classic or electric. You should consider what you want to use the fragrance lamp for and how much you want to invest. Good models are already available for 20 €.

The most important thing about the fragrance lamp is: less is more! Be careful with the dosage of fragrances. The use of scented melts or essential oils is ultimately a matter of taste.

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