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In this opportunity we will be showing you which are the best fruit bowls you can access within the huge competition of a market that rarely pays attention to the promotion of a healthy life.

This product is nothing more than a container or bowl designed to hold fruit, whether artificial or real. The latter, although it has a certain relevance in the functionality of the product, is not very important as it fulfils a function almost exclusively as an ornament.

This is done by means of an informative ordering that prioritises what you can opt for and what your personal requirements may be when making such a purchasing decision.


  • A fruit platter is a large bowl in which fruit is placed. It is used for aesthetic purposes but it also gives quick access to various foods, thus supporting good eating habits.
  • The presence of a hook is a decisive factor in determining the final quality. On this hook more items can be placed and it gives the equipment better ornamental options.
  • Before purchasing a fruit bowl, it is essential to know how much space is available in the kitchen. In addition, you should take into account both the materials used and the base that can support its weight and the weight of the fruit.

The Best Fruit Platter: Our Picks

Buying guide: everything you need to know about the best fruit platter

Some may think that choosing one of these tools can be a simple matter. But once in the realm of detail that encompasses it, such as its correct spatial location, this is relativised and guidance is needed.

They offer great practicality by giving you a healthy diet while being presented in a visually pleasing way (Photo: Goran Bogicevic/

What is a fruit platter and what are its advantages?

A fruit platter is an ornament that has a practical function, i.e. it is not only something whose purpose is primarily visual, but also has a useful function. In this sense, we are talking about a large bowl in which fruit and vegetables fit and look good, and which are easily accessible for consumption.

The presence of this element in a given place will force the family that owns it to incorporate healthier things into their diet and meals, such as vegetables and other natural things. In addition, it contributes significantly to the visual improvement of spaces.

In this way, it becomes a double investment product, as it will improve the decorative and nutritional quality of all those who decide to buy it. Remember to choose the one that meets your personal expectations, as it will help you to quickly determine the right model for you or your family.

  • It is a long-lasting appliance
  • it does not require a lot of maintenance
  • it stimulates good eating habits
  • it makes spaces look better
  • Poor quality ones can bend easily
  • the most attractive designs can be expensive
  • they have few additional features
  • fruits may last less time because they are not refrigerated

Fruit platter with hook, without hook or with handle - what should you pay attention to?

A fruit platter should have a practical function beyond the aesthetic conditioning that often characterises its presence in the home. For this reason, there are a number of things that alter the quality and practicality of its existence. And how it can be moved is part of this.

Fruit platter with hook. This is perhaps the most important element of all that can be incorporated, because it adds a very important condition of volatility to the component. Vegetables, fruits can be placed on this hook or it can even be used to hang the object itself to a wall or a cupboard.

It adds an aesthetic variable and at the same time greater convenience in its use. However, it makes it slightly more difficult to move and is designed to leave the bowl immobile.

Fruit platter without hook. These are the most typical and are defined by the fact that they lack any type of handle that not only helps them to be placed in one place, but also to be moved from one space to another. As a favourable point, they are more versatile when it comes to their location, because they can be placed outdoors or indoors.

Fruit platter with handle. The handle is something that gives the object a more basket-like shape, as long as it is made of stitching. In other cases, its function goes from being visual to being extremely useful: they make it possible to move it easily, even when it is occupied.

With hook Without hook With handle
Material Mixed Mixed Fabric
Capacity Very high High High
Location Indoors Indoors and outdoors Outdoors

How much does a fruit platter cost?

Depending on the relationships between the manufacturers and the production of the good, the price can be ever changing. Thus one that is luxuriously adorned in glass can be copiously more expensive than one that is simply made under the traditional criteria of material mixed with some iron, or wood.

It must be agreed that there is not much difference between the more economically high end and low end equipment. Some of them are very attractive and easy to combine in one place at a fairly modest monetisation. As well as some that are much less visual, but expensive.

Following this idea, the highest end in this regard are those costing 70 GBP or more. Often based on glass or other details that make them considerably more expensive. In between you can find those that gravitate around 35 GBP, 250 GBP and as extremely accessible and interesting options there are those of 10 GBP or less.

Although they are designed for indoor use, the variety of fruits on them can make them optimal for outdoor use as well (Photo: serezniy /

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different fruit platter models

There are a number of things that should be considered when choosing to buy and consume something. What motivates you to make the purchase is as personal as any household decision. This implies that what is expected of the good is almost always up to the individual, but there are details that are universal and should be evaluated.

All these things can be considered as second level details given the nature of the item, which if anything is extremely pragmatic and seems to have few things that make its dysfunctionality sensible. But contrary to that, there are indeed data that should be taken into account in a fruit platter. Some of them are these:

  • Dimensions
  • Material
  • Base


Unlike other things, the dimensions in the case of this type of platter are directly proportional to how much it fits inside. One that has a rather small size will have less fruit on itself. In this sense, the correct standard would be 30 x 15 x 40 cm. Larger sizes are good, smaller sizes are bad.


Good material is the best guarantee that it will not get damaged or break down quickly. If it is made of iron or glass there is no problem, as these components are specially designed to prevent the element from bending or damage. But if the alloys are made of copper, zinc or something similar, they will withstand less and may bend.

Fruit platters with hooks are useful for the home, as they can be placed anywhere. (Photo: serezniy /


Many of these bowls stand on their own, because the dimensions of the bowl are sufficient to create the stand as such. But not all of them work this way. The more luxurious ones usually have a base that embellishes the rest, but should be taken into account when evaluating the product.

Circular stands and stands made of components such as iron are better, especially if they are made of stainless steel.