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Playing video games is both a casual and professional activity and doing it in a comfortable way has an impact on your performance in one way or another. That's why this time we come to introduce you to the best gamer chair that exists so you can spend hours playing without wear and tear.

Have you ever noticed that playing video games for several hours generates constant back pain? How is that possible if we are supposed to be sitting comfortably while playing? The answer is that we appear to be playing comfortably when we are not. Any static upright position puts stress on the back.

That's why we set out to review the best gaming chairs, to explain how they work and how they will help you avoid pain and fatigue when playing video games. Remember that we care that you are completely sure about your purchase and for that you need to be super informed, so let's get started.


  • The gamer chair is a seat designed for professional gamers who spend hours in front of a monitor and television playing video games. This chair is characterised by having a high backrest to rest the head and also by having both lumbar support and cervical support. They are a necessary accessory for comfortable gaming.
  • It is important not to confuse the gamer chair with an office chair as they are completely different. The gamer chair in addition to having supports and a high backrest also has 360º swivels to avoid any type of accident when playing with a VR for example.
  • The most important factors you need to consider when buying your gamer chair are the type of lumbar and cervical support included, the height control, the degrees of recline and the colour of your chair. These criteria will help you to have a chair that meets your needs and that you are satisfied with your purchase.

The Best Gaming Chair: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about gamer chairs

Now we'll explain what a gamer chair is, what it's for, and most importantly, what benefits you'll get from using one while gaming. It is important for you to know that this information was obtained from extensive product research.

The gamer chair is perfect for hours of fatigue-free gaming.
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What is a gamer chair?

The gamer chair, or as our gaming editor would say, the eighth wonder of the world, is nothing more than a seat designed for long-term use such as eight or more hours at a time. The gamer chair is a product that has become very popular in recent years, especially since the existence of "professional gamers".

This product is characterised by a high backrest, which in most cases is higher than head height. The gamer chair is also made with padded materials so that the user does not feel pain in the buttocks and thighs. The priority is to provide comfort for the user who spends many hours sitting still.

What are the advantages of the gamer chair?

The main advantage of a gamer chair is comfort. Have you ever been at school or travelling by bus and/or plane and there is a point where you can no longer sit down? Well, now imagine playing a video game for more than six hours without leaving your seat. The gamer chair will help you with this.

But it's not just about sitting comfort, having a gamer chair gives you health advantages. No matter how comfortable a chair is, it does not guarantee that you will have a good sitting posture, the gamer chair solves this with lumbar and cervical supports that will make sure your back is always in the right position.

  • Comfort when gaming for long hours
  • Good sitting posture
  • Decorates spaces
  • Rotational mobility
  • High price
  • Single function use
  • Weight = difficult to move

Gamer chair or office chair - what should you pay attention to?

A very important thing to know is that a gamer chair is not an office chair, nor does it have the same characteristics as an office chair. Many times you end up confusing these chairs and if you do, you will be buying something completely different. To avoid this we explain the main differences between the chairs.

Backrest. Just as you read it, gamer chairs are characterised by having a backrest so high that it even exceeds the user's head, while office chairs have a backrest that does not exceed the height of the neck. This makes gamer chairs much more comfortable for long periods of use.

Stands. Support is another unique feature of gamer chairs. There are two types of support, lumbar and cervical and both are designed to give extra comfort to the back in order to avoid early fatigue. In the case of the office chair, there is no support at all.

Recline. Finally, reclining is another feature of gamer chairs. These can usually recline from 120º to 180º, allowing you to see the monitor from almost any angle. Office chairs on the other hand also have a recline, but generally do not exceed 120º.

Gamer chair Office chair
Backrest More than 1 metre 30-40 cm
Supports Lumbar and cervical No
Recline Yes, up to 180º Yes, no more than 70º

How much does a gamer chair cost?

The most asked question, always... How much does a gamer chair cost? Well, the first thing you should know is that as with any product, the gamer chair has a range of prices, however, they tend to be relatively high. This depends on the material the base is made of, the shape of the supports and the amount of amenities.

These usually have basic features such as a high backrest and ergonomic shape. These chairs can recline up to 180º and even have leg, lumbar and cervical support. The most incredible thing is to know that there are people who buy it.

Buying criteria

Finally we are going to explain the different criteria and factors you need to consider before buying your gaming chair. This will help you to differentiate between existing models and buy based on your needs. Remember that a purchase will be satisfactory as long as the product fulfils what you need from it.

Type of bracket included

The type of stand is the most important factor to consider before making any gamer chair purchase. Why? Because it is what will make you feel comfortable after hours of gaming without hurting your back. Remember that this support helps your spine not to carry too much weight and always be relaxed.

Lumbar support. The most frequent pain suffered by professional gamers is, without a doubt, lower back pain. This is due to the fact that conventional chairs do not provide support and this part of the back ends up carrying a lot of weight. The lumbar support is accommodated by means of a cushion that lifts the lower back, eliminating pain.

Cervical support. The neck is another part of the body that feels pain when standing in the same position for hours at a time. As with the lumbar support, this comes in the form of a cushion that attaches to the chair and allows the neck to carry no more weight than it needs to. Believe us when we tell you that headaches disappear.

Leg support. There are some chairs that have a leg support to elevate your legs, similar to the leg rest on a TV chair. Although the legs do not suffer as much when playing video games, there are probably users who like to play semi-recumbent games and this support allows them to do so.

Degrees of rotation/rotation

Rotation is also a point to consider when making your purchase. Despite being a low mobility activity, playing video games is also counterproductive if one remains static for too long, a rigid chair is likely to hinder the user when making sudden movements during game play.

360° degrees. Chairs with the ability to turn 360° are very useful for playing the famous VR game as they allow for unparalleled mobility. You will be able to turn and turn without reaching the top, something that many people use just for fun or to take away some stress.

180° degrees. This type of chair is also extremely comfortable for movement, however, the difference lies in how much you will be able to turn and that depends on the user's taste. Think about the type of video games you play and based on that decide whether you need a lot or a little rotation.

Height control

The height control becomes relevant when you plan to play at a distance from your monitor or television and it is important to know from which position you have the best visibility of what is happening in your video game. It is therefore essential that you have a chair that can adjust to whatever height you need.

Fixed. Fixed control chairs are very stable when playing because they don't suffer from height changes. This comes in handy if you are a gamer who has previously installed the monitor at a predetermined height as the chair will not move at all.

Movable. Gamer chairs with adjustable height control have on average a maximum height of 1125 mm, although sometimes it can be higher or lower so that it is at the desired level. Also consider that if you are a very tall person, you may suffer from lack of circulation in your legs if you occupy the chair at low heights.

Degrees of recline

Recline is another point you need to consider. This is because there are users who like to be able to have space backwards when playing and do not like to play in an upright position because it is more tiring. There are many chairs with maximum degrees of recline but the maximum will always be 180º.

Less than 120°. Chairs with less than 120° do not allow you to play completely lying down but they do provide comfort for your back. Remember that this feature can also be used for watching movies or series so if you want to have a very comfortable evening you just need to recline the chair and have a marathon worthy of it.

More than 120°. Gamer chairs with more than 120° of recline are very comfortable for gaming on monitors that are very high off the floor. These chairs often go up to 180°, allowing the user to lie down as if it were a bed. If one of those and you start sleeping in your chair we can't be held responsible.


Finally there is the colour of the chair, and yes, this is also a factor to consider even if you don't believe it. Why? For pure aesthetics really, you can choose a colour that matches your house or room or you can choose it to match the LED lights of your gamer mouse and gamer keyboard. This way you will look a bit more professional.

Although it's a purely aesthetic factor it never hurts to know that the most common keyboard and mouse LED lights are blue, red, green and yellow. So you might want to think about a chair of a similar colour if you're interested. Here  we can't wait to see what your gaming room looks like.

In the meantime we say goodbye and hope this review has been helpful for your purchase. Until next time and happy shopping!

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