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Gaming notebooks are the mobile version of the gaming PC and are especially suitable for gaming due to their powerful technology. Various gaming notebooks are available in different price ranges. There is also a wide variety of designs.

With our big gaming notebook test 2022 we want to help you find the perfect gaming notebook for you. We have compared different gaming notebooks with each other and compiled the most important facts about the topic for you. We also show you the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of gaming notebooks. In this way, we want to help you make your purchase decision as simple and straightforward as possible.


  • Gaming notebooks are powerful notebooks designed specifically for gaming. Gaming notebooks are the mobile version of a gaming PC.
  • A basic distinction is made between gaming notebooks with a matt display and gaming notebooks with a glossy display, whereby both variants are available in different price classes.
  • Gaming notebooks with a matt display can also be used in bright light. Gaming notebooks with a glossy display stand out above all because of their excellent picture and display quality.

The Best Gaming Notebook: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for gaming notebooks

There are many different gaming notebooks. You can compare gaming notebooks with each other based on various factors. With the following listed aspects, we want to help you with your decision.

The criteria that you can use to compare gaming notebooks with each other include:


The processor is also called CPU (central processing unit) and is the central processing unit and, so to speak, the "heart" of the gaming notebook. It is responsible for processing commands.

We recommend a gaming notebook with a minimum clock speed of 2.5 gigahertz and 4 real cores / quad core.

Currently, the Intel Core i7 processor from Intel and the Lyzeen processor from AMD are market leaders. The majority of the most common gaming notebooks contain an Intel Core i7 processor. The slightly cheaper variant is the Intel Core i5. Depending on how much budget you have available, you can choose between the more expensive i7 or the cheaper i5.

Graphics card

The graphics card plays a very important role in gaming, as it is responsible for the reproduction of images and determines the image quality. The better your graphics card, the more detailed and vivid your image will be.

Get a powerful graphics card

For current games, you definitely need a powerful graphics card, otherwise it is almost impossible to play new games.

The graphics card determines a significant part of the final price. The market leader here is again AMD, as well as Nvidia.

Battery life

To make sure your gaming notebook doesn't shut down in the middle of a game, it's important to know how long the battery will last. The average battery life is about 4 hours. This time always depends on the processor and the graphics card, the more they perform, the faster the battery is drained.

For optimal gaming fun, you should have your power supply unit with you when you are out and about so that you can plug in your gaming notebook at any time.

Very expensive high-end gaming notebooks have a battery life of around twelve hours.

Main memory

The main memory is responsible for short-term data storage that the processor can access. If there is not enough space, there is a risk of a deterioration in performance and a delay in working speed.

The main memory (RAM) in a gaming notebook should be six or eight RAM. There are also twelve RAM or more, but these do not bring any improvement, they only increase the price.

Hard disk

The hard disk offers you space for storage. The operating system is also installed on the hard disk.

Most gaming notebooks from well-known manufacturers contain two hard disks, one HDD (hard disk drive) and one SSD (solid state drive).

These offer sufficient space for data, pictures, videos and various programmes.

For gaming notebooks in the lower price segment, you can find a storage capacity of 250 GB.

If you are not satisfied with your hard drive, you can easily replace and upgrade it.

Size & weight

If you want to take your gaming notebook with you often and use it on the go, then size and weight also play an important role.

Most gaming notebooks weigh between two and three kilograms. However, gaming notebooks can also weigh more. The weight always depends on which hardware components are installed.

Popular sizes for gaming notebooks are 15 inches, 17 inches or 19 inches. At 13 inches, the gaming experience is not so great and can be a bit uncomfortable. You will hardly find a gaming notebook on the market that is larger than 19 inches.


To save on size and weight, most gaming notebooks do not have their own (DVD) drive.

A microphone and webcam, on the other hand, are usually built in. For a modern design, many gaming notebooks have a keyboard light.

Decision: What types of gaming notebooks are there and which is the right one for you?

If you want to buy a gaming notebook, there are basically two different types of products you can choose between:

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Gaming notebook with matte display gaming possible in bright light colours are less intense
Gaming notebook with glossy display better picture quality unsuitable for travelling and in bright light

If you would like to learn more about the individual types of gaming notebooks, you can read more about them in the following two sections.

Gaming Notebook mit mattem Display

Gaming notebook with a matte display

A gaming notebook with a matte display is produced with a matte display. Then it is not anti-reflective with a film. This means that the light is reflected poorly. This makes it possible to play games on the gaming notebook even if the display is exposed to a lot of light.

A gaming notebook with a matte display also has HD resolution, but the colours are not as intense due to the matte display surface. However, this does not affect gaming on the gaming notebook.

Dust, dirt and fingerprints do not adhere well to the matte surface. Therefore, you do not have to clean a gaming notebook with a matte display as often as gaming notebooks with a glossy display.

  • Gaming possible outdoors and on the go
  • less susceptible to dust and dirt
  • Colours less intense
  • less detailed

If you are often on the move or like to play games outdoors, a gaming notebook with a matt display is extremely practical.

Gaming Notebook mit glänzendem Display

Gaming notebook with glossy display

Typically, most gaming notebooks have a glossy display.

The difference to a gaming notebook with a matt display is only the display quality of the content. The colours of a gaming notebook with a glossy display are richer in contrast and intensity and the content is displayed in greater detail. Therefore, the picture quality of a gaming notebook with a glossy display is better than that of a gaming notebook with a matte display.

A gaming notebook with a glossy display is less suitable for outdoor use or for playing games in direct light. For an optimal gaming experience, you need to avoid direct light exposure with this type of gaming notebook.

Dust collects more easily on the glossy display and fingerprints and dirt adhere better to the surface. Therefore, you need to clean your gaming notebook with a glossy display regularly and more often than a matte display.

  • Better picture quality
  • higher contrast and more intense colours
  • unsuitable in bright light
  • dirt sticks easily to the display

If you want to use your gaming notebook mainly at home and not on the road or outdoors, a gaming notebook with a glossy display would be a good choice.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about gaming notebooks answered in detail

Before you buy a gaming notebook, you probably have a few questions. In the following guide, you will find the most frequently asked questions from customers, which we have answered for you. We want to help you find the right gaming notebook for you. After you have read through our guide, you will have all the necessary information and background regarding gaming notebooks.

What exactly is a gaming notebook?

A gaming notebook is a powerful notebook that has been specially optimised for gaming.

Gaming Notebook-1

With a gaming notebook you can enjoy your games on the go.
(Image source: Daniel Josef / unsplash)

It is, so to speak, the mobile version of a gaming PC. A gaming notebook allows you to play games anywhere.

Who is a gaming notebook suitable for?

A gaming notebook is particularly suitable for real gamers who don't want to miss out on games while on the move. But gaming notebooks are also suitable for everyday work because they usually have a powerful processor.

What does a gaming notebook cost?

There is a wide price range between the different gaming notebooks. The price always depends on the built-in technology, the performance and the brand.

The price range can go from around 450 euros to 5,000 euros.

What alternatives are there to a gaming notebook?

There are various alternatives to gaming notebooks. We have listed and summarised a few for you here:

  • Gaming PC: Probably the best alternative to a gaming notebook is a gaming PC. A gaming PC consists of a desktop PC and a monitor. A gaming PC usually has more functions and storage space than a gaming notebook, but it is stationary and cannot be used on the move.
  • conventional notebooks / laptops: You can also gamble with conventional notebooks. Normal notebooks are usually cheaper than gaming notebooks, but not as powerful. If you only want to play a game now and then, a conventional laptop should be sufficient. For real gamers, of course, a gaming notebook is recommended.
  • Tablets: Since accessories such as keyboard and mouse are available for tablets, many games can also be played on a tablet. A tablet is an inexpensive alternative, although it cannot compete with a gaming notebook or gaming PC.

Are there special gaming notebooks for image editing and music production?

There are no gaming notebooks specifically for image editing and music production. However, you can of course download various programmes onto your gaming notebook.

If you want to use your gaming notebook for image editing and music production, we recommend that you consider the following factors:

Tool Description
Processor All important processes converge on the processor. You should therefore choose a strong processor with high computing power.
Hard disk Pictures, videos, sound files and various programmes require a lot of storage space. We therefore recommend a hard drive with at least one terabyte of memory.
Working memory To ensure that all programmes run smoothly and do not crash, your working memory should have at least 16 gigabytes.

The sound card also plays an important role in music production. You should pay attention to this, especially with demanding music programmes.

Gaming Notebook-2

You can also use your gaming notebook for image processing and music production.
(Image source: Brooke Cagle / unsplash)

If the sound card of this gaming notebook is not sufficient, you can also buy a sound interface.

What accessories are available for a gaming notebook?

There is a wide range of accessories for gaming notebooks. Here we have listed some of the gaming notebook accessories:

  • Mouse
  • Headset / headphones
  • extra keyboard
  • Cooling pad
  • Bag
  • etc.

We recommend that you buy an extra mouse for gaming. Gambling on the touchpad of your gaming notebook can otherwise prove difficult.

Tip: Get a mouse to go with your gaming notebook

A mouse allows you to move over a larger area than a touchpad, which can be essential for some games.

Other accessories can be purchased according to your individual preferences and needs.

Can I also do conventional work on my gaming notebook?

Of course, you can also work normally with a gaming notebook. You can create documents, design presentations, save pictures and videos and much more.

Gaming Notebook-3

For an optimal gaming experience on your gaming notebook, you should get a mouse.
(Image source: Rica Naypa / unsplash)

A gaming notebook can also be used for all everyday tasks. Only the best hardware components for high-end gaming are built into a gaming notebook, which allows you to get the maximum gaming fun out of it.

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